well, as i suspected, i really should have just had the accountant transfer my entire return to my mechanic. the good thing being that it should run a lot better than it had been, and probably even save me money on fuel - not that it was a guzzler before hand. at the recent prices it's cost me around $50 a month to FILL the tank =D

however, until the problems are fixed, i am carless until tuesday or wednesday, which is cool. i live inner city, i can walk wherever i need to go, and if i have to go any further, there are buses and trains, and beyond that, pots has a car i can use. so i'm hardly stranded. it just means i'm kind of commited to keeping this car for a bit longer than i had hoped because the repairs are costing about half the price i paid for it.

[ distraction ]

OMG! i don't watch rovelive, for obvious reasons, but i stumbled across this video. chas (from the chaser) defiled himself! i can't believe it! that crazy, crazy little italian boy. [ shakes head ]
i also thought that the 'break down' blog was a bit lame, but then, it is rove. [ shrugs ]

well, i'm officially distracted from whatever it was i was trying to say - no, i haven't bothered to read back :P

i think i'll go and make some marinated chicken burger type things and drink a beer.

til next....
~kits~ (it is friday after all)
my car is seeing the doctor today.
it's having some ankle surgery done, and hopefully that'll mean the clunking and squeeking will cease, and there may be a slight improvement in the handling.

it's also heading in for a minor checkup.
this is the bit that worries me most.
the car is, lemme think...13 years old, has over 200k on the clock (as of about september 25 this year), and i just KNOW it's gonna need a huge pile of stuff fixed/replaced/burned/raped/pillaged.

now, i can thank "uncle tax man" for my juicy end of tax year bonus for getting the car as far as the mechanics today, but i'm not certain how far uncky's dollars are going to go. the surgery alone is going to cost (quoted) $500...so i might be able to get a few other things done, if they're cheap enough.

i hate having a car. they're such a liability. a huge, annoying, smelly liability.

what would make this a little bit easier on my bank balance: if i knew more about the mechanics of the darn thing, then i could get in there, spy the issue and fix it myself. but no! i can tell you where my air (non functional) air conditioning unit is, point to the radiator, the battery and i could probably change the oil myself should i ever need to. oh! and i'm capable enough to change a car tyre, but that's about it. and, i probably would have replaced my car stereo by now if it didn't have an incompatibility issue with the new one that needs a little bit more knowlege of electrical wiring than i currently have (which is zero. anything greater than that is considered "hero worthy" and "worshipful").

this brings me to my second though: five thirty ay em. when did that occur? see, i've been recently informed that it's been around "forever, it's when you go home", but i don't think that actually counts because i've not been asleep yet. who else agrees with me?

and my final thought for this 'fine' morning: andre rieu. he performed at lang park these past two nights. got rained out unexpectedly on wednesday, and had time to prepare for yesterday's stormy weather. well, i'm assuming he performed. there was the usual "there's an event at lang park - get the smeg away" shenanigans that usually goes on when there's something going down there. police officers on motorbikes, flashing lights, taxi's everywhere, parking fines, the lot! the only thing that was missing from an event such as a "concert" was the noise. this would have to have been the quietest concert in the history of stadium performance! i think i heard some bagpipes last night, and a crowd cheer comparable to that of a golf crowd, but where was the orchestra? where was andre's mad violin skills? i heard none of it. i was expecting to hear some awesomely amplified classical tuneage coming from a place that's well known for it's bogan-esque qualities, and i was left bitterly, bitterly disappointed.

i also don't believe that andre rieu really has the pull for a stadium show either. i honestly think there are more attendees at a kiddies football game than at the 'concert'. even the a-league in it's foundation year were pulling bigger crowds. they should have just stuck him in the lyric. he would have been perfect for the lyric. but i'll bet it was one of those "but i have a HUGE stage set up, i must have a HUGE space in which to put it" ego bee ess things that tends to happen with musos. just cuz he's HUGE in europe, doesn't mean it's going to translate that well out here. someone should tell his promoters.

anyways. i must dash off and find some clothes and jump into my car. i hope i've had enough coffee.

til next....
urban dictionary meme )

in other news:
i've scored myself some part time work for the next few weeks. many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] 0412_883_845.
it feels good to be able to say that actually, it's been about 13 months since i last worked, so being able to do some actual real work should be good. and from what i've heard about the job, it's lots of work, and lots of fun.
not really much else to say.

til next....
~Kits~ (have fun with the meme)

kitsunegari: (Default)
( Feb. 25th, 2008 03:20 pm)
brisbane city bloody council workers really need to have their eyes checked!
i've just opened a letter lovingly entitled "Notice of Intention to File a Default Certificate" that relates to an alleged parking fine i received while i was on holiday. the funny thing about this is this: the parking fine refers to parking longer than permitted in an 'official parking' area - namely: lang park. this is funny because: I LIVE IN THE LANG PARK TRAFFIC AREA! of course i'm going to park there you idiots!

even more annoying is the fact that my car has, and ALWAYS does, display a RESIDENTS PARKING PERMIT quite brazenly on my dashboard. oh, the gall! so (and even the lovely lady i spoke to on the phone doesn't understand this), how does a LEGALLY parked RESIDENT get fined for parking LEGALLY in FRONT OF THEIR HOUSE!??!!??!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!@!

i must now jump through a great big pile of hoops and negotiate steaming piles of poo in order to disptue the infringement and hopefully have the fine waived. i should NOT have to do this if the damn council employees would just DO THEIR SMEGGING JOB CORRECTLY!

maybe they should consider giving these parking attendants a night vision test before hiring them, it's obvious to me the bastards can't see in the bloody dark! the permit in my car is BRIGHT ORANGE!

[ flails madly like an insane muppet on ice(the drug, not the solid water stuff) ]

til next....
~Kits~ (mumble moan gripe cuss [ sigh ])
kitsunegari: (Default)
( Jul. 26th, 2007 04:37 pm)
why is it i find myself wanting things i know i can't have? [ sigh ]

in other things:

i lost my iriver at uni yesterday. this morning the lecture room i believe it to have been lost in (as i only have one lecture room) has a sign stating the loss of an iriver the same colour as mine. i call the number out of curiosity and the person on the other end claims to have lost their iriver last semester. i inform them the sign was not there yesterday. they don't understand that part of the story, but stick to the statement. fair enough.

i'm annoyed at losing the damn thing, but it's not my biggest worry. i can always get another one if i choose to. i'm more pissed at the fact that it looks to have been lifted out of my bag while i was focusing on the content of the lecture. even more pissed at the fact the person who did it had to delve underneath my seat a fair way (my bag was between my legs) in order to get it. i shall also be pissed at my own stupidity if it turns out i managed to knock it out of my bag and just left it behind.

i don't see how the damn thing could be useful to the person who now has it. all the peripherals are here in my house. unless you already own one and are looking for a spare, the only way this thing could be of any use to you is if you're planning to sell it on ebay. i'd like to know who would buy an iRiver H10 20gb mp3 player WITHOUT charger and usb cable?

that thing has caused me nothing but problems since i bought it! it spent 6 weeks in melbourne getting repaired (and then there was the huge stuff around!) because the slider quit working after 2 months of ownership. the receipt/warranty went missing 1 month after ownership. i've had to reset the damn thing a million times because its favourite past-time was 'freeze'. i'm almost glad to be rid of it! but at the same time, that was around $400 i worked my arse off to earn to treat myself to it.

well, i'm just glad it wasn't my bike. or my calculator. or my wallet. or my house keys.

til next....
~Kits~ (just because i'm studying math doesn't mean my common sense is going to improve)
timon of athens was fun.
final show began with rain and we had to move the audience from the back yard (which is MASSIVE) to the main room of the house (also MASSIVE) for the first scene. then the rain stopped and we relocated to the back yard and went the full distance of the play.

am hobbling around like a lame horse thanks to a botched entrance on my behalf. rather than leaping over a wall on cue as i was meant to, i lost my footing and tumbled (rather cat like in nature) 8-12 feet to the ground, before leaping, frog like, back up the wall in order to make my entrance. i must thank paul sherman for extending his cue line to give me time to make my entrance (finally). i think i've pulled a few glute muscles and strained a hamstring and possible some tendon damage in there as well. it didn't help that in my brilliant drunken state on saturday night, i felt it would be perfectly alright to WALK home. from CLAYFIELD to PADDINGTON! i blame andrew, nadine and rob for it all :P

i probably should have taken bryan up on his offer to crash on the floor beneath a pile of costumes. oh well, i did play a fool in the production, perhaps i hadn't quite removed myself from the character.

next month sees me bit parting in pericles, with eugene gilfedder among others, on the kookaburra queen (allegedly. there's nothing mentioned on the events page, but according to the poster...). i'm looking forward to it, and i know i've at least got one more show with the troupe after that. we'll see how things look in the future post winter's tale.

til next....
~Kits~ (finally profiting from a life long hobby)
phone calls that wake you from a wonderful sleep at nine o'clock in the morning are never usually a good thing, unless said phone call is about you're new job!

and when it is closely followed by a phone call from your current job to congratulate you and confirm that it's true, then you know for absolute certainty that the transfer is going to happen this time!

this shall be no Queen's Plaza debacle, no. this time around, i HAVE the confirmation from TWO sources. it's a pity really, because i'm giving up the opportunity for a mini promotion at work in order to get away from my boss and night fill. is that wrong? should i just take his crap and screw the day job that'll work better around uni? nah, fuck that. i want a day job, plain and simple. i want the opportunity to go to parties or dinner with friends. or even start going out to the cinema again with pots!

this means i must track down some day care facility who will be able to take care of the monkey on my days at work... oh gods, this is going to be painfully expensive. even with the bloody rebate Captain Costello has so 'generously' given us.

actually, that reminds me. i should probably tottle off and have a look at this shiny new budget the Captain has brought down upon us and see what's in it for me to cry about.

in the mean time, i shall continue with my "I-HAVE-A-DAY-JOB" dance.

til next....
~Kits~ (oh yeah, look at these moves!)  
so my boss is giving me the run around at work regarding my permanency. so far it's taken 5 weeks, if it does eventuate when he says it will, that'll be about 2 months. he's full of utter shite so far, and annoyingly, i'll be getting a great deal fewer hours than i requested.
the only upside to this whole thing, and the main reason i've not throttled the lazy mumbling [insert profanity here], is because i've been told i'll be getting trained to run the fill shift every now and again. whenever the fill in charge, the 2ic or the 3ic are sick or on holidays, i'll get the job of organising the load and the staff. that's pretty sweet (though the 'extra' money for the role isn't worth the added responsibility and work load). essentially, i've been given a promotion! go me!

i've also just completed the first step into a possible service assistant job at the new mt gravatt store opening up. things seem to be travelling a little but differently to the coles central fiasco, and with luck, i'll be able to do the night fill AS WELL as whatever service assistant job i score at mt gravatt. i - WE - could use the extra money.

i'm not getting my hopes up too high for anything. i'm over relying on management to get it right. that's why i've been looking for new jobs. if he doesn't come through with it in the next 3 or 4 weeks, and i get the job at mt gravatt, then i'm telling him where to stick his part time shift and find himself another pleb. if he really thinks i'm good enough for the promotion, maybe he'll pull his finger out of his arse.

the working two jobs part time thing is almost appealing, even if somewhat ridiculously time consuming and horrendously tiring.

til next....
~Kits~ (whatever will the future hold?)
got chatting to the boss about my permenancy the other day: acted like he didn't know and told to me ask my line manager.
i told him that kevin had already asked me: three weeks ago, and that i'd like to know when it was all going to be done.
it's funny how a swift kick up the bum can get things moving.
unless he gets slothful on me again, i should get my permanent roster either next week or the week after.

the good and the bad )

i probably should think about going to bed now.
all the fun i've had on [livejournal.com profile] stupid_free has exhausted me.. oh, and yay, i win the intartubens(tm). wow, i lurk on most comms, but the moment i decide to comment, i get all kinds... it's fun. someone even attacked me for the bad poetry i put in my bio...

til next....
~Kits~ (apparently it's this bit that's the bad part)
well, i've managed to score myself an uncomfortable case of tendinitis in my left wrist. this leaves me wrapped in a brace, rubbing goo all over it and eating nurofen for the inflammation. it also means i have the most boring job at work. ugh.
on an up note, i don't have to pay for any of the medical or medicinal expenses :) even the klms spent to get to and from the doctor next week are paid for :) i almost love coles.

i don't know what this is going to mean for the future of my nightfill 'career', perhpas it gives me a decent case to argue a transfer to a daytime department where the workload is less heavy lifting and more something else. think i might wait until my permanent part-time status is actually put through (that's a complicated scenario that is) before i start making those sorts of waves. until then, i have to try and not aggravate this stupid wrist tendon. ugh.

why couldn't it have been my knee, or my ankle, or a piece of my torso or face threatening to decompose and fall of? why my bloody wrist? i NEED that wrist. thats my fretboard hand, and i need the flexibility. yeah. things are looking oh so fabulous for my music now. not that they were looking particulalry brilliant to start with...

ugh. stupid negative thoughts. stupid cynic. stupid stupid. guh

til next....
~Kits~ (if you want me, i'll be in the corner ignoring the caffiene withdrawal)
after a week of dodgy internet connection, and several unsuccessful attempts to contact tech support during the day *breathe*, i've just managed to discover that our net is playing "silly buggers" (a direct quote) and requires a technician to have a look see. i'm more than convinced its their fault, as we've been back for the length of time it's been an issue and haven't touched the modem. so (and that is such a loaded word), we shouldn't be charged for any service or investigation that may need to be done (the guy mentioned the dog chewing the modem, we don't have a dog, and the modem rests well above the height of even the most daring cat). i've just got to try and be awake during the hours he's suppsed to be here... stupid early morning technician arrival. oh well, at least i'll be able to do other things while waiting... like wish i was asleep.

why won't this beer make me sleep like its supposed to?

til next....
~Kits~ (i gotta work tomorrow night *pout*)
ooh. birthday greetings to [livejournal.com profile] jagwire. have an awesome day, and don't let too many of the stupids get in your way :)

in other news:
  • i'm back from three weeks in smokey victoria, where the weather started off kind (cool and requiring jumpers) and ended with much hatred (stinking hot with blackouts and lots of ick). overall the time was good. there will be pictures soon.

  • my first shift back at work was busy with excellent news: i've been asked to go permanent! knowing the advantages (and the disadvantages) i said yes.

  • pots music career seems to have hit the ground running. he's got two gigs this weekend which is teh cool and teh bad. but at least it's money.

  • the monkey has his second birthday tomorrow. sort of hard to believe it's been two years. i've done a lot of things in that time, and a lot of nothing. unfortunately for me, it's the nothing that shows.

i was going to gripe about a few things, but have chosen to do that another time. it's far to hot right now despite it being 1am (in the morning, for redundancy) and i really can't be bothered. the heat and work have taken away most of the energies i require to really express my dissatisfaction and annoyance at a thing or two. plus, it's unlikely that it'll affect anyone, it's more of a 'gotta get it out' kind of thing. you know how rants are :)

til next....
~Kits~ (if only butterflies could wield machetes, the world would be a much more interesting place)
happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] kcdl. rawk it!

fucking beaurocrats!
cunterlink is messing with my payments AGAIN! i'm trying to be a good girl and tell them that i earn money each fortnight and how much money i have earned, right.
pots has been informing them as well and has been doing this NEIS training thing, and the contract of payments is due to come into effect today.
with me?

well, as it so happens, the NEIS people have been screwed around by cunterlink giving them an invalid contract (due to some printing error) to sign, which then meant an extended delay while they fixed up the mistake and got pots back in to sign it again. also, during this whole fiasco, there's been a communication breakdown between cunterlink, the NEIS people and his job network folk which has further messed up things (thankfully less so). now, it would appear, i'm being thrown into this mess. because of that whole being partnerd thing, so are our payments (despite the fact we don't actually live out of each others pockets like we're alleged [and expected, most likely] to do [however, we are often forced to thanks to this bullshit]) partnered.

ugh, now i've lost myself... ah yes, right. this stuff up has now caused my payment to be suspended, and is disallowing me from reporting to them that i, once again, have earned money for the fortnight that will affect how much money they are to pay me. i can't do anything until i get some stupid reference number from pots (that he is yet to receive despite the NEIS people saying they would send him a copy of his contract) BEFORE i can DO ANYTHING!

if i were NOT working and RELYING on this payment, i would be in a HUGE pile of finacial WOE brought on by their stupid bungling and red tape crap. and WHY do they CHOOSE to do this TWO WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! it's already THE WORST time of year for families because of financial stress. i DO NOT NEED THIS ON TOP OF WORK STRESS.

why can't things just ease up for us for once? why the smeg can't pots just publish his smegging papers and get a real smegging job! guh!

that's a whole 'nother story.

til next....
~Kits~ (pissed off and supposed to be getting barded up!)

Click the image to read more about it :)

i must now hope to whatever deities exist that i can survive today on approximately 90minutes sleep.
no thanks to another night shift (stupid cricket. if the ashes weren't on now, my boss would still be at work. grr) and the fact that Pots has a Seminar of Doom(TM) plus five million meetings AND a fancy dinner at the Tibetan Kitchen Monkey and I WERE NOT invited to today, all BEFORE his job interview TOMORROW. oh, and they're all related. i've never heard of someone needing to put in so much effort to get a job before. but i suppose, they are looking to work with the person for five years, so making sure they're up to the task, can perform to tight schedules and are easy to get along with prior to the actual Interview of Horrors(TM) is all beneficial? a 'try before you buy' sort of thing. makes sense to me.

i'll be glad when my escapades to the mechanic are able to die down to a bi annual event. by the time i'm finished, i'll have spent more than the cost of the car just to make sure it doesn't fall apart on me. i'm now more wary of getting things 'checked'. turns out the 'check' cost me $500 in replaced brake discs, and will cost a further (minimum)$1000 in shocks replacements as well. lets NOT talk about the engine whine that appeared oh so very suddenly last sunday afternoon on our return drive from Somerset Dam. i'll admit to having been lucky with my mechanics thus far, in that they've been nice and not annoying and treating me like a 'silly female they can take advantage of'. and it is my own fault for buying a Cheap As All Buggery car. and the repairs and the costs were not at all unexpected, in fact it's EXACTLY what we had imagined (ignoring the broken ignition. who's ever heard of a broken ignition? stupid cheap korean cars). so i shouldn't complain all that much, but i will anyway. all my hard earned overtime i was supposed to be using for my holiday in january is being eaten by the fucking car. at this rate, the car'll be going on holiday and i'll be stuck here. AGAIN! i seriously hope Pots gets this job, that way i won't have to stress too much about being the sole bread winner (and on my inconsistent wage, this is NOT A GOOD THING), and could perhaps look at a slight reductuction in my weekly working hours. i'm also hoping that come the new year i'd have transferred to the new store and be working days and being less frazzled by sleep deprivation. but, i'm not the kind of person who expects miracles, so i'm not going to.

by the way: no thanks to any of you out there for forewarning me about the dangers of car ownership. it's all well and good to inform me of their esper like qualities AFTER i get the bloody thing, but it's all a bit moot then isn't it? *sigh* and at the rate the car is eating my money, i'll be 30 before i can even afford to get my license! so i guess i've got three years to start a piggy bank for 'the day i get my license'.

all the car nonsense aside: i'm in my late 20's as of monday, but it is Sunday wot is more speshol. ELTON JOHN AT BEC!!!! much squeeing continues. i still think it would have been much more fun to see him when he was younger, in better voice and a hell of a lot less fat, oh, and less old man musicky, BUT beggars can't be choosers when it comes to seeing artists whose carrers began while your parents were in primary school (well, dad was in highschool, but who cares?). so i'm looking forward to a very good night, despite the fact i doubt i'll be able to afford any concert memorabilia thanks to said vehicular horrors. and i'm sure i'll actually FEEL more excited come sunday afternoon when i've had a chance to sleep. right now all i can feel is...well, i'm not sure exactly...something.

til next....
~Kits~ (could the cheese stick men please raise their hands)
i don't really think i'm built for all of this night shift work.
or at least, the fact that i have a (suddenly) bratty almost 2 year old isn't helping the situation any.
finshing at around 3am every night, and not getting to sleep til about 5, then being woken at 8-ish by the Monkey doesn't make for a very pleasant Kits.

saturday was blissful though. i slept right through until 3pm!
i was still deathly tired when i woke, but managed to stay awake for about 6 hours before becoming unconcious again until 7am sunday.

i'm feeling quite refreshed today though...just in time for a nice night shift....
oh well, at least the money will be handy.
christmas is coming, we're hoping to go to victoria in january, and i've got to get the car serviced, and the air con checked.

hopefully somewhere in there is the time to get to editing the santa spell dvd as well.
i've still got to film it once more as well. ugh.
stupid work.

til next....
~Kits~ (either kill me or make me rich)
kitsunegari: (Default)
( Nov. 6th, 2006 11:52 am)
i have a shiny new ignition with a shiny new key to match!

and it cost a lot less than the rough quote made out on saturday, which is good. still painfully expensive, but not as painful as it could have been.
i'm actually happy.

i'm also happy that i have a nice mechanic. even patrick, who tends towards the seriously pessimistic end of the cynicism scale thinks he's a nice mechanic. i like my mechanic.

now to save up for the next thing... *sigh*

til next....
~Kits~ (i'm only working for the money to fix the car now, i HAVE sold my SOUL)
kitsunegari: (Default)
( Nov. 4th, 2006 02:46 pm)
ouch. so the damage for the repairs could be more than i expected, but at the same time it may not be.

the ignition is well and truly broken. in fact, about 1cm of di-cast (or however you spell it) metal is the problem. the stupid rod decided to snap. lucky me!
at the most pessimistic it'll cost anywhere between $800 and $1000 to replace, if it requires that the WHOLE ignition block needs to be junked. however, if all that's needed is the barrel, then i'll be spared about half that. i'm seriously hoping for the latter, but i'm not going to expect a miracle. if i need to have the whole ignition block replaced, then so be it.

the guy who came to fix the car is cool though. we had a few laughs at a few silly silly things and he was generally nice and very helpful and not condescending towards me because i'm a woman. he'll be around on monday or at least early next week to replace what needs replacing and raping my bank account of it's funds.

and here i was hoping the first mechanical repair would be the brakes. how very wrong i was.

now excuse me while i go cry.

til next....
~Kits~ (fed up)
kitsunegari: (Default)
( Nov. 4th, 2006 12:26 pm)
well, i'm currently waiting on the loverly peoples at Lubemobile to have a look at my car problem.

after some thought and discussion with someone who knows what they're talking about: the words i was looking for were 'ignition' and 'starter' for my earlier post, but i was so stressed and angry i couldn't think, and it looks more likely the ignition is FUBAR. but i won't know that until the mechanic arrives (sooner than first quoted on the phone which is a fabulous bonus and tick for the Lubemobile guys!).

i'll know the damage within an hour or so i'm hoping, and with a $29 Saturday fee (ridiculous but what can you do?) to add on top, i'm REALLY hoping it's a simple problem that can be fixed with a screwdriver and perhaps some gaffer tape. :)

in the mean time, i managed to kill myself at 5:30 this morning simply becasue i couldn't stay awake any longer, and amd almost done with the burning of Act One of night watch. i need to go out and buy some yellow ink or else i'll never get the bloody things finished on time, and hopefully with the mechaninc coming soon, he'll make the car start again and i can then rush out to JB HI FI and pick up some spare cases because of some last minute orders i scored yesterday!

EDIT: mechanic arrived. ignition switch is stuffed. not sure what the damage is yet, but will know soon. until then, it's costing me abouit $160 just to have the guy look at my car for 45 minutes!

til next....
~Kits~ (i think next time i'll stick to my pushbike, it's a bugger load cheaper to fix cuz i can do it myself!)
okay. so act two of night watch is currently transcoding, which gives me a couple of hours to waste while it does.
act one has been done and looks and sounds fabulous.

i've just printed out the dvd covers and they look great!

have also just finished designing the dvd disc design, which isn't as brilliant as i would have liked, but what can you do with cheap equipment and the 'came with the printer' software?

overall, the project is coming along swimmingly and i'm less stressed than in the past in relation to these particular things i do.

i could almost go out and start a business in this sort of thing.

cheap ass dvds for you. you want low quality, pocket change memories? call me here at KiFF Productions and you'll get more than you bargained for!
hey, for a few extra cents we'll even throw in an extended deadline so you have to wait a little longer than we'd negotiated in the beginning!

nah, i'll admit that they're low quality images, but i've only got a handy cam, so i need to make do with that. if i was going to rent a high end cam, i'd have to charge more. as it is, any profits from these projects is going towards a return for the monies spent on the equipment used and on the future purchase of a 3ccd high end video camera. so, i'm trying to get at least $2000 here (and that's close to entry level, but at least the images are of a pretty spinky res!).

i shall stop rambling now. i must shower, eat, check the render, cut some dvd covers to fit and then go to work. at some point i'm going to attempt to have a few hours sleep.

til next....
~Kits~ (thinking of the entrepeneurialness of her ideas)
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( Oct. 24th, 2006 04:10 pm)
oh my goodness....

i've just received an email from Coles Myer Limited telling me i've reached the final one on one interview stage for their new store opening up in Queens Plaza in the CBD. this is kind of exciting, mainly because they actually want to interview me, but also because it means a DAY JOB if i get it.

so now i've got to go back and read the job description and what answers i gave to the questions in order to bluff my way to a customer service (checkout) job at Coles.

i tell you what though, How's this for some AWESOME wank? )

can i dribble shit, or can i dribble shit!
well, giving them what they want to hear is the point right?

now to start prepping for my interview on the 30th....

til next....
~Kits~ (oh crap, now i've got to get hold of 'business attire')

edit: [livejournal.com profile] git_phuqd has struck again with a sweet letter to santa. for anyone with a twisted mind, it's not a sexual thing about wanting to get into santa's pants. it's about wanting to give santa a cuddle of appreciation.


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