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( Dec. 9th, 2008 03:54 pm)
new writings over at [ profile] git_phuqd, the demo video version can be found on the tube of you.

no embed, and i'm not sorry :P

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~Kits~ (gotsa go do stuff now)
well, as i suspected, i really should have just had the accountant transfer my entire return to my mechanic. the good thing being that it should run a lot better than it had been, and probably even save me money on fuel - not that it was a guzzler before hand. at the recent prices it's cost me around $50 a month to FILL the tank =D

however, until the problems are fixed, i am carless until tuesday or wednesday, which is cool. i live inner city, i can walk wherever i need to go, and if i have to go any further, there are buses and trains, and beyond that, pots has a car i can use. so i'm hardly stranded. it just means i'm kind of commited to keeping this car for a bit longer than i had hoped because the repairs are costing about half the price i paid for it.

[ distraction ]

OMG! i don't watch rovelive, for obvious reasons, but i stumbled across this video. chas (from the chaser) defiled himself! i can't believe it! that crazy, crazy little italian boy. [ shakes head ]
i also thought that the 'break down' blog was a bit lame, but then, it is rove. [ shrugs ]

well, i'm officially distracted from whatever it was i was trying to say - no, i haven't bothered to read back :P

i think i'll go and make some marinated chicken burger type things and drink a beer.

til next....
~kits~ (it is friday after all)
i love rain, i really really do. this may have something to do with my scottish background, it may not, whatever the reason: i love rain.

in a relation to my previous post about the weather, i hate that folk around brisbane like to bitch regardless of the weather. "oh noes, it's too hots". "poo with this rain, can't it just feck off?" "brrrrrr, it's tooo cold!" (though it be mid teens!) there's no satisfying these people. there are times when they're worse than poms! and it's common knowledge that poms like to whinge, i know many (the "being a brit" think helps there ;) ).

the worst part of it at the moment is the fact that we're in a severe water shortage. so, the more rain we get (and preferably in catchment areas) the better! but that doesn't stop people from having a cry when there is even the first sign of a hint of drizzle. as soon as the sky goes grey brisbane folk are grabbing for their car keys and clogging the roadways because it might rain. nine times out of ten it doesn't: that's essentially a fact. this doesn't stop the morons of my home town being tools.

in relation to the "severe water shortage", am i the only person in this "gosh darn it"* city who thinks the relaxation of water restrictions was fucking daft? just because we hit 40% total storage for THREE (count them, THREE) dams doesn't mean we should be allowed to start 'being silly' with the water again. all that means is that the 'reserves' are going to be used up quicker. is bligh really that much of fuck wit? i'm still more annoyed that the "recycled water plant" is servicing a fucking POWER STATION!!! and not the dams! WTF does a POWER STATION need with RECYCLED water? SFA as far as i'm concerned, that water should be for us to consume as water consumers; from drinking to cooking et al...but NO! they feed it to the hydro plant. STUPIDEST IDEA EVAR! (and that's merely my opinion).

anyways, i'm more than pleased that it's raining, even if i am going to be heading out in it very shortly, umbrella in hand. i still love the rain!

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~Kits~ (quite clearly likes the rain)
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( Nov. 9th, 2008 03:46 pm)
i've been trying to figure out a way to post the rough demo recording of my new song into this here blog, but for some strange and unknown reason my brain is malfunctioning and i can't figure it out...right now. perhaps a little more sleep, a decent feed and some pampering i'll be able to get it done tomorrow.

just taking it easy today. had an unexpectedly big night last night that culminated in the consumption of far too much suntory yamazaki. i've made a mental note to only consume that stuff in small doses and to never mix it with anything other than good food. plopping it down on top of a gut load of other alchohols is not recommended. especially when that shit costs in excess of $100 a bottle! tastes nice though.

i woke up with a serious case of vomit mouth. not because i had or wanted to vomit, but because the rye-ness (even though it's not a rye) of the suntory just wouldn't go away. horrible and sweet. and despite coffee and toothpaste, my breath smells a-kin to a cats bum.

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~Kits~ (a sucker for punishment)
i think this video clip would have to be the bizarrest one i have seen this week. i spied it while have a pint at the tin billy on my way home from queensland transport to get my shiny new license - more on that when i can be bothered, have more time, or aren't waiting for jamming partner's to get off the phone so's i can bang my drum (on which the laptop is resting) and just totally "music out".

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~Kits~ (thanking feck it's friday and wishing for a storm but knows it's not going to happen)
today was melbourne cup day. for those who don't know anything about it, you're not really missing much. it's a horse race. that's right. a race involving horses. better still, if you happen to be victorian, the state in which melbourne is the capital, you get the day off work to bet on the ponies, sip champagne, nibble on canapes and, if you're a "lady", walk around in the most bizarre head wear this side of a scifi or anime convention! here's a wiki on it, because i'm mostly too lazy and non caring to bother giving you a proper - thing - on it.

now, in my most traditional of traditions relating to this "big race", i forgot it was on until i checked facebook and everyone's status messages were about their fancy duds and gambling debts and neglected to watch/listen/care about the race itself, choosing instead to cut my hair and have a shower. however, i did indulge a little bit of the old "crackers and cheese" in a mid afternoon capacity. not because i had neither won nor lost anything, but because i was hungry and it was all i could find in the fridge. as you can see, i have a great interest in the "biggest of all pony stampedes".

though, you've got to love the names racing horses have.

the ponies from 2004. couldn't find the list from this year... not that i've really tried all that hard )

i shall draw you're attention to horse number 8 (this list is in finishing positions). quite clearly, this horse does not live up to its' name. i believe some thought should be put into names such as this one. perhaps if it was a consistant winner, then a name like that would be appropriate, however, i don't know enough about the horse to be able to make much of a judgment on it. not that this shall stop me from doing so. hence, i'm suggesting a name along the lines shouldhavetriedharder or ithinkican as a replacement for the poorly named catchmeifyoucan.

so, there you have it. that's my "run down" of a race i stopped caring about in primary school when we used to have a classroom pool. the kiddies would pull horses names out of a hat, and stick them onto a poster on the wall of the classroom. then when we returned to school on wednesday, we'd see who the winners and losers were. i don't recall ever winning anything at all, but there were many years in a row where i scored the trifecta. would have been nice to know what all that meant when i was seven years old, i might not have had to worry too much about anything at all. oh well, i suppose there's always next year...but i doubt it.

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~kits~ (displaying her "hardcore" sporting knowledge)
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( Oct. 6th, 2008 02:05 pm)
dude stabs self with toothbrush - on a plane

you know this is going to mean that we won't be allowed to take toothbrushes onto planes, and they'll no longer supply you with the 'complimentary' oral hygiene gear.
stupid people are stupid.

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~Kits~ (full of snot)
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( Mar. 15th, 2008 11:49 am)

according to THIS ARTICLE, everything that we have learned  about pregnancy is wrong.

i am now curious to know HOW alcohol causes pregnancy. anyone care to explain? :P

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~Kits~ (understands what the article is saying, just thinks that perhaps they could have used better phrasing)
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( Mar. 11th, 2008 01:25 pm)
finally! and despite the fact that i have to go and reduce the quality of all the images on the site because they're taking too long to load, i finally have a home page!


i am now very tired from doing all that, and shall work out the tweaking bits later. right now, i think i'll go and collapse into a small pile of goo somewhere... assuming the monkey will allow it.

til next...
~Kits~ (needs to find lights for a film she's making sometime in the next week or two)
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( Feb. 18th, 2008 05:47 pm)
in a fit of domestic cooking excitment, i went out and bought myself a hand mixer, a latex baking dish, some missing ingredients and have just pulled out of the oven what i hope to be a tasty tasty chocolate cake. i was bored, and hungry, and well, that combination never bodes well for the kitchen :)

i've also been adding a few new songs to myspace. a few of the songs that are to appear on my up and coming EP bootpolish&babies can now be found (in their unmastered glory) over here. take a wee trip over and sample the goods of the as yet to be completed recording, i hope you won't be disappointed :)

now i must go back to the kitchen and cook real food. for some reason chocolate cake is not considered a legitimate dinner time meal. go figure!

til next....
~Kits~ (domestic wench and singy person)
had i not been 'too ill' to work on saturday night i would not have been able to FINALLY catch an episode of "The Sideshow"

had i not caught sight of this program i would not have reignited my 'muse'.

damn that man.

his 'muse'-ness disappeared many years ago, but last saturday's show brought it back when i happened across this song which was the basis to my own song "Reflection". after hearing him perform it live with GUD (a couple of my friends out there  know the show i'm talking about; looking at [profile] cool_boof and [personal profile] debs7 *coughbootlegcough*), i taught myself to play it on guitar.

i understand now why pots dislikes him so much. this guy has been my number one man for far too long. it's hard to give up something that brings so much. but paul only brings inspiration, pots brings more, though he is still jealous. i would have thought that a man with pots' intelligence would have worked out what it is i see in mcderbrain is merely the creativity i see in myself. still, inspiration is a lot, and i suppose pots is jealous that he doesn't provide as much creative inspiration as the angry dwarf. i've not even mentioned him my journal since something like, 2002.

fuck. i've missed that man. i cried when i heard the first chords being played by cameron; i knew instantly what the song was and i travelled. once again paul showcases himself as a wonderful wordsmith. i am soooo jealous.

thank you ABC.  thank you GNWTV. and thank YOU, TED ROBINSON!

i feel more wonderful writings coming up in the future (assuming pots allows me to watch the show again. well, he never watched "The Big Gig", so he just doesn't get it).

til next....
~Kits~ (oh gods. the 'issues' are going to start again, aren't they? *stares imploringly at [profile] c4c*)

ps: i'm sure i'm also the only one to have written GUD slash. or at least the first to. i should find that story... i find it amusing.

pps: i should think about sleeping sometime within the next 8 hours as well. i think i'm becoming stupidly delerious (more so than ususal). though, in the past, this has boosted creative output, not necessarily for the best, but certainly for the volume - i tend to ramble.
can i just quickly say: that despite the fact i have rarely, if ever, had a personal experience with sexism, is it at all possible to get someone to proof read the grammar in the opener of this website regarding Blog Against Sexism Day? it hurts my brain.

surely when talking about a person you are meant to use 'who' as opposed to 'that', correct?


til next....
~Kits~ (adding to her list of pet hates everyday)
got chatting to the boss about my permenancy the other day: acted like he didn't know and told to me ask my line manager.
i told him that kevin had already asked me: three weeks ago, and that i'd like to know when it was all going to be done.
it's funny how a swift kick up the bum can get things moving.
unless he gets slothful on me again, i should get my permanent roster either next week or the week after.

the good and the bad )

i probably should think about going to bed now.
all the fun i've had on [ profile] stupid_free has exhausted me.. oh, and yay, i win the intartubens(tm). wow, i lurk on most comms, but the moment i decide to comment, i get all kinds... it's fun. someone even attacked me for the bad poetry i put in my bio...

til next....
~Kits~ (apparently it's this bit that's the bad part)
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( Feb. 4th, 2007 01:08 pm)
Behind this link is a slideshow of some of the photos i took at the scissor sisters signing.

the stupid slideshow code wouldn't work with my lj, so i did this instead.
go browse and be excited, or whatever you choose to do :)

til next....
~Kits~ (they're all sooo adorabubble)
Vale Gerald Ford

how many does that make for the season?

til next....
~Kits~ (does the Turkmenistani leader guy count?)

Click the image to read more about it :)

i must now hope to whatever deities exist that i can survive today on approximately 90minutes sleep.
no thanks to another night shift (stupid cricket. if the ashes weren't on now, my boss would still be at work. grr) and the fact that Pots has a Seminar of Doom(TM) plus five million meetings AND a fancy dinner at the Tibetan Kitchen Monkey and I WERE NOT invited to today, all BEFORE his job interview TOMORROW. oh, and they're all related. i've never heard of someone needing to put in so much effort to get a job before. but i suppose, they are looking to work with the person for five years, so making sure they're up to the task, can perform to tight schedules and are easy to get along with prior to the actual Interview of Horrors(TM) is all beneficial? a 'try before you buy' sort of thing. makes sense to me.

i'll be glad when my escapades to the mechanic are able to die down to a bi annual event. by the time i'm finished, i'll have spent more than the cost of the car just to make sure it doesn't fall apart on me. i'm now more wary of getting things 'checked'. turns out the 'check' cost me $500 in replaced brake discs, and will cost a further (minimum)$1000 in shocks replacements as well. lets NOT talk about the engine whine that appeared oh so very suddenly last sunday afternoon on our return drive from Somerset Dam. i'll admit to having been lucky with my mechanics thus far, in that they've been nice and not annoying and treating me like a 'silly female they can take advantage of'. and it is my own fault for buying a Cheap As All Buggery car. and the repairs and the costs were not at all unexpected, in fact it's EXACTLY what we had imagined (ignoring the broken ignition. who's ever heard of a broken ignition? stupid cheap korean cars). so i shouldn't complain all that much, but i will anyway. all my hard earned overtime i was supposed to be using for my holiday in january is being eaten by the fucking car. at this rate, the car'll be going on holiday and i'll be stuck here. AGAIN! i seriously hope Pots gets this job, that way i won't have to stress too much about being the sole bread winner (and on my inconsistent wage, this is NOT A GOOD THING), and could perhaps look at a slight reductuction in my weekly working hours. i'm also hoping that come the new year i'd have transferred to the new store and be working days and being less frazzled by sleep deprivation. but, i'm not the kind of person who expects miracles, so i'm not going to.

by the way: no thanks to any of you out there for forewarning me about the dangers of car ownership. it's all well and good to inform me of their esper like qualities AFTER i get the bloody thing, but it's all a bit moot then isn't it? *sigh* and at the rate the car is eating my money, i'll be 30 before i can even afford to get my license! so i guess i've got three years to start a piggy bank for 'the day i get my license'.

all the car nonsense aside: i'm in my late 20's as of monday, but it is Sunday wot is more speshol. ELTON JOHN AT BEC!!!! much squeeing continues. i still think it would have been much more fun to see him when he was younger, in better voice and a hell of a lot less fat, oh, and less old man musicky, BUT beggars can't be choosers when it comes to seeing artists whose carrers began while your parents were in primary school (well, dad was in highschool, but who cares?). so i'm looking forward to a very good night, despite the fact i doubt i'll be able to afford any concert memorabilia thanks to said vehicular horrors. and i'm sure i'll actually FEEL more excited come sunday afternoon when i've had a chance to sleep. right now all i can feel is...well, i'm not sure exactly...something.

til next....
~Kits~ (could the cheese stick men please raise their hands)
A German doctor has been ordered to pay for a child that 'was not wanted' due to what appears to be a botched contraceptive implant procedure. what i find fascinating is that there was apparently NO EVIDENCE of the device found in the womans body.

i don't really know what to say. having gone through my very own 'unwanted pregnancy', but appearing to be dealing with it fairly well, and having been contemplating some sort of chemical contraception in order to prevent another 'accident', this kind of, i don't know, opens up a few doors of questioning? i've been disuaded in the past simply due to my own laziness and phobia of MDs. there have been some side effects to some of the devices that have been less than enticing also, and then there are those cases where there are people who have become pregnant while implanted (and the device clearly noted) BUT NOT pursuing some kind of retribution. i really don't know.

i know where some of my feelings lie, but i'm not of the kind who freely expresses this information, even after a post work wind down drink. but i do know that i can't understand this want or need to sue for EVERYTHING that goes wrong. is it not simply enough to understand that sometimes mistakes can happen, and that it may be a case of the doctor was NOT at fault (referring to the lack of implant found)? that perhaps her own body was fighting against her? it sounds like some kind of hocus pocus crap of sorts (and i know there are people out there who may think that), but what if this woman's body simply digested the implant? just because it's never previously been documented doesn't mean it can't happen. seriously, everything that is documented HAD to have a beginning. perhaps this is the beginning of something. perhaps there are other women out there whose bodies will absorb and discard the implant the way i imagine this womans body did. makes for some great sci-fi doesn't it?

i don't think i agree that the doctor should pay for the childs maintenance (as it seems the father is being compensated financially for this whole thing). it's setting a precendent now for other cases to go ahead in the 'oh no my contraceptive didn't work and i'm pregnant' scenarios. geez, it's almost the same as suing your local supermarket for selling you that packet of condoms that had one break during one of your 'experiences' and resulting in you becoming a parent. it's almost absurd! but then again, they are germans, and they don't tend towards doing things by halves now, do they?

i still don't know. it's mind boggling. and my brain has been mostly frazzled thanks to the past week or so of not finishing work til the not-so-wee hours of the morning. when people get back from their holidays i may be able to think more clearly, but then again, we are talking about ME. :P

til next....
~Kits~ (cor blimey its cold this morning)

THIS has to be THE MOST beautiful thing I've watched EVER!

so, who knows how i can get to Antarctica for a few months?

til next....
~Kts~ (damn you all at McMurdo!!!!)
after lots of lazing around and creative nothingness, Kitsunegari now has her own space.

it's still being worked on and will prolly going through a series of changes as my mind changes, but it's there.

i've even created a bio. wow. i feel sucked of creative juices right now.

i know of a lot of problems with it, but any others you spot....

til next....
~Kits~ (finally on the intarweb!)


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