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( Aug. 30th, 2007 02:08 pm)
so... after being so busy i couldn't find my own arse with a torch, a map and a sherpa to guide me, i've discovered that the colour of the car is 'immaterial' to the infringement. that's fair enough, i didn't actually think it would be 'material', but wanted to ask and get clarification. what i don't like is that the issuing officer is too stupid to read a registration sticker very clearly and chose to 'interpret' the colour of the car rather than restate the registration description. [ sigh ]. add to that the dubious circumstances surrounding the issuing of said infringement...

well... i probably shouldn't be procrastinating on here (though i've procrastinated much more on facebook lately, that evil and yet so addictive place...) as i have a film to edit and burn PLUS an exam to study for.

i've also got erotic fiction to finish.

and a three gigs to rehearse for.

AND an rsvp to make.

toooooooo much stuff....

til next....
~Kits~ (overworked and underpaid)
ooh. birthday greetings to [ profile] jagwire. have an awesome day, and don't let too many of the stupids get in your way :)

in other news:
  • i'm back from three weeks in smokey victoria, where the weather started off kind (cool and requiring jumpers) and ended with much hatred (stinking hot with blackouts and lots of ick). overall the time was good. there will be pictures soon.

  • my first shift back at work was busy with excellent news: i've been asked to go permanent! knowing the advantages (and the disadvantages) i said yes.

  • pots music career seems to have hit the ground running. he's got two gigs this weekend which is teh cool and teh bad. but at least it's money.

  • the monkey has his second birthday tomorrow. sort of hard to believe it's been two years. i've done a lot of things in that time, and a lot of nothing. unfortunately for me, it's the nothing that shows.

i was going to gripe about a few things, but have chosen to do that another time. it's far to hot right now despite it being 1am (in the morning, for redundancy) and i really can't be bothered. the heat and work have taken away most of the energies i require to really express my dissatisfaction and annoyance at a thing or two. plus, it's unlikely that it'll affect anyone, it's more of a 'gotta get it out' kind of thing. you know how rants are :)

til next....
~Kits~ (if only butterflies could wield machetes, the world would be a much more interesting place)
Bruce Flegg is quite a slimey person in real life. i preferred it when i'd only ever seen his bumbling self on telly. however, watching him trying to not fall asleep and snore too loudly while the choir was singing on sunday arvo was BLOODY HILARIOUS! if i hadn't been sitting on stage with my guitar at the ready, being all professional and stuff, i'd have had me a private little chuckle at his expense.

but when he came and chatted to us at our table during the buffet lunch, it took a lot of effort not to laugh in his face. he is just a slimey, slimey (with a touch of icky smarm) man. I mean, check out that smile! those eyes couldn't be deader could they?

anyhoo... enough about my 'encounter' with the Queensland Liberal 'Leader'. i have to caffinate then go play guitar for the choir again. this time for the elderly out at Brookfield.

til next....
oh please kill me now.

tonights rehearsal is going to be *great*.
attempting to play guitar while hacking parts of lung and throat onto everyone.
and not be able to apologise for it because it would appear that my vocal chords were coughed out at some point yesterday afternoon.

could this week get any worse?
yes, it probably could.
we'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

til next....
~Kits~ (cold coffee even hurt, not the swallowing, the liquid itself)
birthday greetings to [ profile] skinheadskippy hope it's smashing!

i've just completed a flashy new cover and disc design for my very own live DVD!!!!

the Kitsunegari experience can be felt by anyone wishing a copy of either one of my live DVDs.

the first is me performing O'Leary's Open Mic and my first paid gig at the PY HY

the second is me performing at the Golden Hills Motel in Bendigo, Victoria in early January this year.

give me a heads up if you'd like one by emailing me and we'll organise it.

til next....
~Kits~ (not expecting emails, but will warn of a demo cd in the near future)
well, open mic didn't happen last night because the owner had a last minute emergency and couldn't open the pub. thusly, i was without hosting-ness. apologies to anyone who went along to find the pub closed and dark.

lots of pouting went on and general feeling of upset-ed-ness, but it was all fine and good after getting to gilhooleys to see the secret santa patrol supping on guinness and good times. i got a llama! and it was briefly the mascot of the gilhooleys bar while i was in attendance. his name (the llama) is Jerry.

a loverly chat with the scottish bar tender about glasgow and the like and giggles with the south african bar tender (both of whom did not bat an eyelid when i asked for lime juice to be added to my pint of guinnes. which EVERYONE must try (excluding those who have already), it's yummy!) added bonus fun to the evening.

many a head appeared to turn in my direction as i wandered past people last night as well. it may have had something to do with the skin tight pvc denim pants i was wearing which showed off my rather 'athletic' (read: pouty post-preggers) butt! in fact, when i caught the bus into the city, the bus driver gave me the up-and-down and proceeded to give me a discounted ticket! i ain't gonna make any complaints about that!

ah, well, i suppose it means i don't need to feel bad about the way i look (not that i've ever had a particular problem with it).

sometimes it feels good to be noticed.

til next....
~Kits~ (*squidge*)

that's right! this monday, january 16 2006, i, kits (and patrick) shall be the fill in hosts of Open Mic Nite at O'learys! it's only taken 5 years, but i've finally been asked by the regular host to fill in for him! w00t-tastic!

so, for those who weren't already coming along, pop along tomorrow night from any time after 7:30pm til midnight and watch a bunch of amateurs take control of a bunch of amateurs!

for the regular attenders, it means that I'll only be playing at the beginning (and possible close) of the night to make way for the other non host performers.

til next....
~Kits~ (wondering where this year is going to take her musically)
last night went off!
there was a great crowd and my set sounded awesome (according to several people who spoke to me after)
the boys were sounding pretty good as well, and the ambience was enhanced with their new 'aqua light'....
all the stoners were just staring in amazement at its shimmeryness.

Bas had a good time as well, read all about it at his new look blog.

Have been doing flash tutorials in an attempt to learn how to use it. seems like it'll be a lot of fun (assuming I can sit at the computer long enough without distractions). and have been tweaking Bas' blog (links above) to make it look prettier and to showcase the fact that I learned something new in photoshop.

i probably should have spent today reading my script and learning lines for Scripts Down Monday, but i just couldn't be bothered. it was more fun to play guitar and then on the internet and then off the internet and then back on the internet. *sigh* might take a look tomorrow.

til next....
Saturday night sees me at the Py HY Espresso Bar yet again.
so people who wish to come along and support a couple of local musicians, then pack up your wallet and wander on over for an evening of original acoustic tunes from a couple of original acoustic guitarists (and some congas).

5 Day Camel are playing supported by none other than ME!
Even if you don't know who 5 Day Camel are, at least come along and help me out as I fledge my way into the Brisbane music scene with the help of the fun loving lads (Ben and co whose name escapes me right now).

The atmosphere is cosy, the beer is average price (all bottled), they serve food AND coffee, the people are generally happy and fun.

Starts at 8pm, first performer (me!) should be on at about 8:30pm

come along and have some fun (I could really use the support - no i am not begging)

til next....
~Kits~ (i've even been practising!)
*is chuffed* just figured out (finally) how to import images via layers in photoshop. not that i'd actually bothered previously.

Saturday went off! i even had a brief percussionist (that sounds funny if said aloud). Thanks to [ profile] kymebrown and [ profile] tahitianlime for coming along and supporting. You guys rock!

Next gig is October 8.

*giggles school girlishly* i'm a semi-pro muso.... it's great!

til next....
~Kits~ (soon to work on a more regular gigging schedule)
Yay. Two songs in one week! Needs refining, but has the essentials - like lyrics and a melody.

For the almost caring and pseudo interested. I'm off to the Py Hy in west end tomorrow night. I'm rocking up about 8, and all plans be as they are, I'll be twanging a few guitar strings and singing a few tunes by about 8.30. Come along, if not to listen to me, then to add to the atmosphere for FiveDaysCamel and sink a few drinks at the same time. The Py Hy is a great place.

til next....
So the gig....

It was fun. It was mostly for the kids, which was cool. They were running around on little sugar highs with their glow sticks having a good time. We were drinking beer and playing music and having a good time.

I felt the performance went well. We started off kinda rough, which was to be expected for a first set, but we were scheduled for four so we weren't stressed. The second set was the best and most pumping set we did all night. Third set was okay, but I think we were getting tired. Fourth set was the clean up set. Basically, we played a couple of tunes to pack up the chairs and tables by, and close the night officially. We did random songs from our heads and simply did a jam, completely unrehearsed, and it went really well.

Best song for the night would have to be Boots. It was the only song in the list we didn't rehearse, and it ROCKED THE HOUSE! So, Jessica Simpson can eat shit, die and be torn to pieces by ravenous vultures, vomited into a fire pit and burned. Because she has not only killed an AWESOME song, but she's forced millions worldwide to hear her do so. She's a damn murderer people! She should be tried as such and then be subjected to torture by 16th century Christians before being burned at the stake for being a witch.

*cough* sorry, back to the gig....

The recordings....*sigh* No offence to our tech boys, but they suck. Actually, not them, mainly their equipment, which chucked a hissy when we tried to export a number of different channels to the computer so we could record our gig on separate tracks in order to mix it later. Not only that, but the guys didn't even pan anything. It's all located in the centre. Basically, the sound that went into the computer was shit. Worse than shit, it was horrendous. The lads are obviously used to the ambience of the hall, it's their school, and they play in the box all the time - get your minds out of the gutter people - and because of the that the front of house (FOH) mix was excellent. Could have been better, but was good none the less. This meant that the levels that went into the computer were everywhere (for some strange and bizarre reason). I think they've never had to do something like this before. During sound check, the stuff that went into the computer was fine. Better than fine,it was great. But it would appear that as soon as we started performing, they cranked the master or whatever, and so we got this horribly distorted audio file that cuts out because it's too loud. *gah!*

The video is better. You can hear the FOH mix quite clearly and it makes us sound better than we actually were. Our camera operator had a panash for close ups and so some of my shenanigans were missed. I did some interpretive dance numbers to pick up my dropped drumsticks at one or two points, it was humorous. Some of the kids would stand at the stage and watch me to see what I did next. They (camera operator) also thought it would be nice to film some of the kiddies as they ran around the hall like sugared up maniacs, which was fine, but didn't really help us with judging our performance (the main reason for filming it, the other was because this was the first, and possibly, last time Patrick and I would be seen playing together).

On the whole, the night was a success. The kids had fun, and most of the adults did as well. We were praised by many different people that night, including the host (who was the most important person to impress) who even paid us a little bit more than we'd quoted. It was a successful night all round.

The host of the night, Wendy, has apparently lodged a possible request for The Hired Act to return in early December for a Christmas affair for the kids. We get to play anything we want, but I suspect we'll need to learn a few carols. We'll also be asking for standard rates (which is twice what we quoted for the bush dance, but that was a fund raiser). So, we'll have to wait and see. Patrick and I are cool with it, but Gooli doesn't seem all that keen, which is daft considering he had fun, made some money, and isn't doing anything else. Oh well. We'll see.

til next....
egads... only three days til our first gig and we're *still* adding songs....
at least though, we're pretty tight (well tight enough, not brilliant, but listenable), and are able to adapt to the changes pretty quickly.

we've been given four half hour sets as well, which is AWESOME! and really easy to do. AND we get beer! i was thinking it was going to be a dry even where we have to drink water or coffee or something like that, but nope, the organiser has asked if we drink beer. This is good, but what's the bet that it'll be VB throwies?

i'm running on a tight schedule to learn one more song and be confident enough with the other two (the new one i'm doing is an original, so i already know it *wink*), but I should be my usual brilliant self by the time Saturday rolls around. /modesty

i'm kinda seriously excited about this. the last band i was in was crap and was having in fights all the time, and broke up because they couldn't decide on a name. But this one seems to be working out really well. Who knows where it may take us.... BUT i'm not getting my hopes too high... i've got to focus on practising my originals and getting back into writing again so that I don't end up playing the same old shit at the PY HY....

speaking of the PY HY, I better call ben to find out when he's there next....
*gah* it's almost like i'm turning into a pro muso or something....

til next....
Go here

In the Search box in the upper right hand corner, enter the year you graduated from high school.
The first item returned should be the 100 songs from that year. Cut and paste them into your journal.

Bold the ones you like.
Underline your favourite.
Strike through the songs you loathe.
Italicize the ones you can't remember.
Leave it untagged if you're without an opinion.

baaaaaaaa )
This evenings little band rehearsal was a major success! We're tighter than we were on Wednesday (which really isn't all that hard considering we were consuming home made substances of intoxication), and have two more jams left before the Big Gig (*giggles* I made a reference). By Saturday we should be tighter than a cats arse (or as close to it as possible. Not that I'm all that keen on getting close to a cats arse). Who knows, this might turn into a regular thing and we could get gigs around town doing similar stuff or we might completely change our sound and be MOR like all the others.... who knows, but keep you're eyes peeled for The Hired Act... you never know....

til next....
good Saturday to ye.

Things I did:

  • Went to the Ekka (spent lots of money). Bought chutney, killed myself on the hottest chilli I've ever tasted, bought chilli (the muchly milder kind), bought some really yummy Bio Grape stuff, bought an air chair. There was even a chance to go on a ride and be completely non thrilled, but I went on it none the less. Next year: THE SLINGSHOT! Lots of walking was done as well. Sebastian was there.

  • Band rehearsal. it's now exactly one week before the show and I have to learn 3 songs (two on guitar), refine my flute solo for Gundegai, and tighten my drumming on ALL of the songs. of course, I'm very used to these tight deadlines (having worked at the arts theatre for so long) and I'm very confident that we'll do great on the night.

  • Renovations. Mostly sanding this time. but I tells ya, it's a lotta fun.all that vibraty goodness. but not in *that* way you dirty minded individuals. I mean in a nice soothing massaging kind of way.

---my arm is being chewed on. now it's soggy. ew.---

I'm sure there is more to be said, but, I'm tired and have a wriggly thing in my lap and i've got to go cook. *sigh*

til next....
my scrolling belt buckle is now working BRILLIANTLY!
I shall be wearing it at Open Mic tonight, for anyone willing to come along. I won't be there til a little after 9 though because of band practice.
I'll see you if you're there.

weekend was filled with drunken funness. thanks to [ profile] haruko_fixation for the heads up. Ended up the night dancing and being stupidly drunk with [ profile] cloisonne. Was much much fun.

stuff to be done now. whether it means i leave the computer is to be decided.

til next....
Open mic last night was huge!
great attendance and some decent performers.
no love however to the asshat who left the pub after one performance stating "Well, that's the end of the money show". eat shit and die c***scratch.

I'm incredibly impressed with my performance last night actually. Though, having not really practiced guitar for more than half an hour all week and doing absolutely no vocal warm up (or having a clue what I was going to play), I rocked the house. Literally. I had the pub singing along to the covers I did (What's Up and I Don't like Mondays), and had them dancing to my originals. No ones ever danced to my songs before. I'm very happy.

Also, a big thanks to [ profile] frazicus, [ profile] ahbuggerit, [ profile] anothername_bah and [ profile] tahitianlime for coming along and supporting and stuff. You guys rock!

My friends are awesome (yes you)!

til next....


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