birthday greetings to [ profile] skinheadskippy hope it's smashing!

i've just completed a flashy new cover and disc design for my very own live DVD!!!!

the Kitsunegari experience can be felt by anyone wishing a copy of either one of my live DVDs.

the first is me performing O'Leary's Open Mic and my first paid gig at the PY HY

the second is me performing at the Golden Hills Motel in Bendigo, Victoria in early January this year.

give me a heads up if you'd like one by emailing me and we'll organise it.

til next....
~Kits~ (not expecting emails, but will warn of a demo cd in the near future)
as of one and eleven or so hours and minutes ago, o'learys called its last drinks.

but i shouldn't be upset. it was just a pub...right?

til next....
~Kits~ (lost for expression)
today is a day of mourning.

today a friend is lost.

today memories will begin to fade.

today O'learys opens for the last time (well, actually tonight).

i never thought i'd be upset about a pub closing.

but it's the place where i've honed my performance skills.

it's the place my music was given an outlet, and now i don't know where to go.

friendships were forged there.

my relationship began there.

my son was virtually conceived there!

so, to anyone who's ever shared a drink or ten there, come along and say goodbye to the cosy atmosphere that was once known as O'Learys, that will soon be known as Kitty O'Sheas. Grrrrr....

I'll be there around 7, so feel free to wander on up and sink a schooner or two with us as we celebrate the hilarious moments that have happened at O'Learys Bar and Restaurant.

til next....
~Kits~ (now my membership card is more useless than it was before)
gobsmacked that the people voted for Burning fucking Fanny as their top artist for the Triple J Hottest 100. the deaf fucks.

other news....

O'learys is closing.
my haunt and musical outlet ceases to exist as of this weekend.

so, for those of you who care, this saturday shall be the Last Ever Time O'learys Will Be Open Ever. not too long after that it shall be known as Kitty O'sheas, which we don't like, but which is going to happen anyway.
come and get drunk and laugh til you vomit as we remember EVERYTHING...

so much for spending Valentines at the venue Patrick and I met.

i shall miss the place much.
it feels like i'm losing a really good friend.

so many friendships have been made in that place.
so many memories.
so long mate.

til next....
~Kits~ (mourning a lost friend)


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