i've neglected the blogosphere for other adventures that don't require as much thought or energy (twitter) or that take me far away from the keyboard (family, work), however, i currently have an entire week to myself and i have NO IDEA what to do with it!


that was a lie, i know EXACTLY what i'm planning to do with it, and how much of that gets done really does rely on how much work needs me this week, and whether or not the studio computer plays fair. the studio pc has been playing silly buggers lately with cubase (it is almost 5 years old, so that may be a factor) and pots has had to reinstall it twice in about as many weeks. mind, there has also been the issue of the malfunctioning second external soundcard, which COULD, and this is a stretch here, COULD have been a rather major factor in the f.u.b.a.r-y-ness of the whole situation.

anyways! the plan this week is thus (and this is in no particular order, unless otherwise stated):

1. record guitar and vocal tracks
2. perform on the valley mall on saturday 18 july
3. have dinner with friends
4. record flute/recorder tracks
5. record vague attempts at lead guitar (so basic they may as well have been played by my 14 month old!)
6. sleep.
7. work.
8. this is usually the part where i would state a random drunken/sexual adventure i plan to have.
9. this is then the part where i would negate the aforementioned random drunken/sexual adventure i plan to have.
10. go for a ride on the back of my mates bike. i've never been on a racer before and he owns one and has promised me a ride for almost a year, but we've both been either too busy or drunk.

in amongst all of that shenanigans i have to slave for my weekly wage and re-train my body clock into being up late at night and not early morning - again. but it's nothing i haven't done before, so methinks it'll be fine.

til next....
cretinlink is on my back again. claiming things i know to be untrue but which i can't prove because it involved a series of phone conversations over a period of months two years ago. the whole thing is munted. [ sigh ]
so while they go on the hunt for information i can't provide personally, i can't help but feel a little attacked/insulted/annoyed.

i'm not going to bother with that shit. it's just going to make me even more pissed off than i am, and i really don't want to get that pissed off.

minging and munted. munted. munted. ming. ming.


in other news:
i hate ipod. can't restore the bloody thing because of unknown errors that keep popping up. google troubleshooters. attempt EVERY SINGLE FECKING ONE OF THEM. decide i have a nice and shiny, useless piece of apple shit that would suffice as nothing more than a paper weight. it was free, i suppose i should have suspected something was a-miss there. [ sigh ]

currently looking for a FUNCTIONAL ipod. 20gb preferred.

i hate apple.

til next....
~Kits~ (stupids)
not all the much to write about today. have had a decidedly lazy day, with a hint of creativity. the creativity refers to the song i've just finished writing. i'm in the midst of tiding up the composition and cementing the structure, but i like how it sounds. it's fun and kind of boppy. of course the content is generally of a slightly opposite nature, but that's just me. if you wanna read it it's over at [livejournal.com profile] git_phuqd.

actually, i'm reminded now of the fact that i don't have a wall charger for that damned ipod of mine. yeah, i scored it for free i know, but that doesn't mean i can't whinge about the fact that i don't have a wall charger. i didn't need one until last night when i was "restoring factory settings" and itunes said to me "please plug your ipod into the ac madoobiewhacker to complete the task". at that moment i swore, quietly so the monkey wouldn't hear, but i swore none the less. i've already tried a couple of people i know who don't actually have a use for theirs for whatever reason (theft of product mainly), but they don't seem to know where it is, nor do they care. so hopefully tonight i'll be able to stumble across one while in jbhifi or somewhere similar. and i just worked out how to get the tracks off the bloody thing too! i'm also looking for an fm car cradle/power pack for usage as a car player. and i don't wanna have to rely on having to charge it externally of the car all the time as well, but ebay won't tell me if any of the car cradle things are suitable for 2nd gen or not.

you know, the one good thing i can think about relating to ipod is the fact that there are accessories for it coming out of my eyeballs. everywhere i look, there's an accessory for an ipod. from cases, to chargers to cables to small monkeys on a wheel used as a portable charging device! iriver: i've managed to find one of those car cigarette lighter fm tuner things so i can listen to it in my car. i don't have a case for it. the accessories on the website are all for THE LATEST IN IRIVER FASHION, ie. everything except the h10 20gb. i'm mostly over looking for stuff for it.

i'm hovering between napping and having a glass of red. but i'm supposed to be able to drive. poo. oh, and i have to renew my license tomorrow or i'm not allowed to drive after saturday until i do. stupid rules.

til next....
~Kits~ (contemplating stuff)
i'm in the process of doing at the least, two things. the first of which is typing this entry. the second being that i'm consuming my second small glass of wine in celebration of senator barack obama winning, not only his place in the whitehouse as the american president, but also his spot in history as the first BLACK american president. i spent pretty much the entire day watching my cnn interactive map and sweating anxiously at the numbers. in fact, i'm still watching that map and telling indiana and north carolina to hurry their lazy arses up and call it. how hard can it be to say (at almost 100% reported) who has clinched it? fer feck's sake, florida finally had the nads to turn blue at 95% reported (i think it was), as did virginia, why the smeg can't you? the coolest moment, was after yelling "he's got virginia!" i refreshed the page, not one minute later to see the entire west coast turn from light grey (still voting) to blue (democrat) and catapault obama into the majority! i was quite literally jumping around and yelling "victory". it was a fabulous day and reminded me of my excitement at watching our very own elections this time last year. i'm hoping the change really is for the good.

the third thing i'm doing is attempting to transfer my music from my laptop onto my newly acquired ipod. however, either itunes hates me more than it used to, or the bloody device is fubar. reckons it can't read or write from it, so i'm having to scan it for "bad sectors" and the like. i'm not keen to reformat just yet as i want to get the songs on it, off it first. that way, i don't lose the ones i actually want to keep and can dump the rest. i've already dumped about 2000 of the files on it. mainly language things, and i'm not in a mad rush to learn italian at this stage, i'm still faultering through my french studies. and i mean "faultering" ;) with luck i can do the swapsies and all will work out fine and dandy. otherwise i might be a little bit sad. of course, all is not lost, i still have my iriver of awesome, so it's not all sour grapes.

well, once i've finished this, my second glass of wine, i am kind of obligated to have a third. the reason being that i'm drinking for others who are only able to intoxicate themselves vicariously through others due to ailments or work duties or plain and simple abstinence. that is fine by me, i feel like it's not that bad a thing to do, and they're only half glasses anyway. plus, i'm celebrating a victorious, uh, victory, an historic victory of awesomeness. i'm soooo pleased that usania voted the way it did, i don't want to think of what might have been had it gone the 'other way'.

i could hear the collective sigh of relief from my usanian friends when everything turned blue.

til next....
~Kits~ (i gotta work on closure)
i am in a state of utter utter amazement...
i'm practically speechless in amazement, that is how amazed i am.

i have just pulled (well, it actually fell) out of the washing machine a pen drive. a simple 512mb pen drive of portable storage wonder.


it still works!

hence my amazement!
it's been through a full wash cycle and survived. technology fills me with random wonder on a daily basis, but never with the "wow" power of this little gadget. any money my 1gb sony flash drive would have upped and died on me had it gone through the same shocking situation. i'm curious now to know how much longer this particular device will last... which just adds emphasis onto the fact that i don't have the fundage to get pots a flash drive for his birthday! bah!

meh. i'll do some shopping...he doesn't need 8gb of portable storage.

til next....
~Kits~ (in wonderment)
kitsunegari: (Default)
( Jun. 10th, 2008 11:59 am)
i hate computers. moreso, i hate computers that come preinstalled with an OS i didn't really want but have come to not dislike as much as i did. i also hate computers that come preinstalled with anything and then provide nothing more than a massive folder full of essential items i'm expected to figure out how to back up and use for future situations such as the one i am currently encountering. i also hate the fact that the makers of the OS can't be bothered giving people who buy a new computer with the preinstalled software a hard copy of the software for their personal private use just to make life easier for those of us who aren't as tech savvy as others.

let me clarify:

my beautiful Sony VAIO laptop (preinstalled with Vista Home Premium) has taken to refusing to boot up. why? well, you'll have to ask it that, because i ain't got a clue. windows update attempted to install the SP1 the day before yesterday, but couldn't and reverted everything back to normal; computer ran fine for the rest of the day. today i get the following error code:
File:   ataport.SYS

Status:   0xc0000098

Info:   Windows failed to load because a required file is missing, or corrupt.
i'm being requested to insert my "windows installation disc" in order to repair. this wouldn't normally be a problem, but i don't have a damn install disc, because it was preinstalled and i hadn't figured out how to make a 9GB folder into a bootable installation disc.

i'm taking a long winded approach here, but is there anyone out there who may be able to help me out with this problem of mine? is there even a slim possibility that there is someone out there with a Vista disc I could borrow for the repair?

til next....
~Kits~ (worried)
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( Mar. 11th, 2008 01:25 pm)
finally! and despite the fact that i have to go and reduce the quality of all the images on the site because they're taking too long to load, i finally have a home page!


i am now very tired from doing all that, and shall work out the tweaking bits later. right now, i think i'll go and collapse into a small pile of goo somewhere... assuming the monkey will allow it.

til next...
~Kits~ (needs to find lights for a film she's making sometime in the next week or two)
after much annoyance and grr and argh and poobumcrap, i've managed to get the wireless on my new shiny thing to work!

i'm currently in the dining room writing this while the router sits in another part of the house being all helpful to my wirelessness.

oh, i should introduce you to my shiny. his name is quincy and he looks like this. everyone, please say hello to quincy.

in other news, i'm about to kill all things adobe for being crapper than crap and ruining my life! adobe encore 1.5 has decided to kill itself in the middle of a project and i've now been forced to hunt down version 2.0 in lieu of getting our hands on premier pro cs3.

in other other news, i feel like crap. icky gut and a swore throat makes kits a less than pleasant person to be around. i've had to call in sick for theatre in the hope i can be well enough for work tonight. i've not earned any sick leave yet and thusly cannot take the night off to be sick and sorry for myself. this is NOT going to be fun.

also. pan auditions on sunday and i'm 100% NOT prepared.

the embassy gig on april 22 has been canned because the embassy sucks.

til next....
~Kits~ (in need of a holiday)
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( Feb. 8th, 2007 10:49 pm)
i am now the very proud owner of a NOKIA 6288 mobile phone unit.
it's shiny and black and shiny and plays music and shiny and i can choose mp3s as a ringtone and did i mention it was shiny?

muchly in love with new shiny phone. pots likes it even more now he knows i've got one of his songs as my ringtone *grin*
i've never paid for a phone before, so this is very novel.
it's technically the first phone i've ever owned in the whole time (almost ten years) i've been carrying one around.

i can even get a 2gig memory card for it so i can hold lots of songs and pictures and such other stuff if i want to.
i shall stop gushing over my new shiny thing now.

til next....
i hate it when my brain goes all melty and refuses to function.
i think this may have something to do with the night shifts i've done this week. cleaning stupid fridges, getting stupid frostbite. stupid. the only good thing about it is the penalty rates.

anyway, back to brain melty.

i'm building Pots a new website (go me), and i'm having an issue figuring out what i want to do. are there perhaps a nerdy bunch of you out there willing to help me?

i'm trying to figure out how to get the text to scroll over the page while the background remains fixed. does that make sense? if i'm scrolling text (using the scroll bar or mouse scroller) i want the text to move but not the background. i know it can be done, i'm just having issues getting it to happen (mostly due sleep deprived brain function reduction). i'd really appreciate it if someone could give me a heads up on how to code it or whatever. there's a present in it for whoever lends me their expertise.*

perhaps i should just leave it for now and concentrate on getting more sleep. yeah, that'll be nice....

til next....
~Kits~ (ten hours of penalties does strange things to the mind)

*present may not actually exist
after lots of lazing around and creative nothingness, Kitsunegari now has her own space.

it's still being worked on and will prolly going through a series of changes as my mind changes, but it's there.

i've even created a bio. wow. i feel sucked of creative juices right now.

i know of a lot of problems with it, but any others you spot....

til next....
~Kits~ (finally on the intarweb!)
computers shit me more than words can say.

despite the fact that the recent rainy weather has been a more than welcome change and much needed, it's played havoc with our technology department here at Camp Ward. both the pcs have needed surgery in some way shape or form. the multimedia pc chicked a hissy and decided that it didn't like the new age of empires and hung windows: dead. repair didn't work, so a complete reinstall without reformatting occurred, which was fine til we tried reinstalling all the video and audio drivers. so, major back up session of c: drive occurred, and we're STILL stuck with 65G of stuff that can't be moved over to d: because we've alread filled the 200G it can hold.
i now laugh at patrick for saying "No" to the 1.24TERABYTE raid system he COULD have bought instead (despite the fact that it meant an extra $3000 more than what we finally paid and a huge pile of extra software).

i don't know what the final outcome of that situation was, but the 'Net pc has been a MEGA BITCH. crashing before loading, not transmitting video to the monitor but loading fine. not bothering to load, freezing just after load. we blame server 2003, so we went back to XP which made no difference. though, it does appear to have sorted itself out for now. of course, the reinstall of XP meant the deletion of our linux grub boot loader thingy (my jargon is quite crap) and we now don't have access to Ubuntu (that I can see).

anyway, it's working now, it's loaded Age of Empires III, and i'm hoping that when i'm finished here I can have a play.

more about non nerd related things at a more sober and rested time.

til next....
~Kits~ (counting back how many hours since she woke)
I can finally relax right?
wrong. it's sunday, puss wrapped up yesterday (NOT bad boy bubby style *giggles*) i've had 6 hours sleep, done some washing BY HAND because of broken machine, and I've helped a friend record a really rough demo cd for his girlfriend. theres still more domesticity to happen! not to mention packing....
oh, and the laptop has decided to pack it in as well. a loverly beeping noise accompanied by a lack of booting up...

i'm really thankful that tuesday evening from 6pm begins 3 weeks of not thinking about anything. I'm going to need it. though, i'm kind of annoyed that we can't get the laptop to function presently. we were going to set up the ISP on it to have slightly better net access, but that idea is thwarted by stupidness.

so tired.

many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] c4c and her mum and grandma for the loverly evening of wine and cards. and I will always have a soft spot for that guitar :)

tonight it's dinner with [livejournal.com profile] frazicus and [livejournal.com profile] ahbuggerit, which should be fabulous. [livejournal.com profile] frazicus is making apricot chicken! yummy! this means I'll only need to worry about how to make what we have remaining in the fridge into one meal instead of two.

more thanks to [livejournal.com profile] champas and his mum for coming along yesterday to watch the penultimate performance of Puss 'n Boots. it was good to see you there, and from what you've told me you had a blast. and once again thanks for the compliments *ego boost*

i had planned to make a slighty more prose-y entry, but my brain can't seem to focus (nor can my eyes actually) so i didn't bother. and i'm already an article behind in The Guide. That damn show has sapped me of all energies. I'm more than glad it's over. But that's a whole other entry :)

til next....
~Kits~ (the sweet sounds of an electric drill)
Is there anyone out there who can help me with how to add a URL icon (you know the one that shows up in the URL box, left of the address?). I'm curious to know how to do it, but can't seem to find the right literature online. I'll also note that I use Firefox.

til next....
~Kits~ (just used the word client, in reference to her mate's band)
last night went off!
there was a great crowd and my set sounded awesome (according to several people who spoke to me after)
the boys were sounding pretty good as well, and the ambience was enhanced with their new 'aqua light'....
all the stoners were just staring in amazement at its shimmeryness.

Bas had a good time as well, read all about it at his new look blog.

Have been doing flash tutorials in an attempt to learn how to use it. seems like it'll be a lot of fun (assuming I can sit at the computer long enough without distractions). and have been tweaking Bas' blog (links above) to make it look prettier and to showcase the fact that I learned something new in photoshop.

i probably should have spent today reading my script and learning lines for Scripts Down Monday, but i just couldn't be bothered. it was more fun to play guitar and then on the internet and then off the internet and then back on the internet. *sigh* might take a look tomorrow.

til next....
*sigh* for all my nerdy goodness yesterday with the whole getting Linux working, it actually doesn't work very well at all... *sigh* stupid ancient version of Red hat....
nothing i've downloaded feels like installing because it's a) annoyingly stupid or b) missing vital packages and I don't know where to look to find them.
SSSSSSO, I'm going for a trial of Redhat Enterprise (hopefully better than the tv show *giggle*) to see how that goes, and if as good as it claims, will have to make some kind of effort to get a full version....

in the mean time i'm annoyed and but creating a rather pretty looking invitation for my Christmas luncheon in mid November. hopefully I'll have them ready by the weekend and I can start to distribute them....

til next....
I just managed to figure out how to get the net working on Redhat.... it's only taken us three days....
but now I can use Linux instead of Wondoze!!!!
*dances the dance of nerdliness*

now to find Linux complient LJ client....

*struts away like a cat with a kill*

til next....
am trialing the DEEPEST SENDER client for LJ atm. is...*interesting* methinks I prefer Semagic.... but it's kinda cute in it's whateverness....

oh well... doesn't really hurt to try something new every once in a while.
does it?

til next....
*is chuffed* just figured out (finally) how to import images via layers in photoshop. not that i'd actually bothered previously.

Saturday went off! i even had a brief percussionist (that sounds funny if said aloud). Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kymebrown and [livejournal.com profile] tahitianlime for coming along and supporting. You guys rock!

Next gig is October 8.

*giggles school girlishly* i'm a semi-pro muso.... it's great!

til next....
~Kits~ (soon to work on a more regular gigging schedule)
Oh. My. God.
It's Google. It's geeky. Yes, the peeps @ Google have Klingonified everyones favorite search engine.

What next? No, really.




til next....


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