a little help (i'll blag about ELTON JOHN [squee!!!!] later)

i'm looking to find information about the law and suicide (to do with some recent readings i have done. i know of may two others who know what i'm talking about).
it's FAR to early/late to do the research now: but what are the laws on suicide? all i can find is information about how bad ASSISTED suicide is. but if you're NOT ASSISTED?

it's also been a quibble in my head for a long time. it'd be nice to let it rest.

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~Kits~ (eager to learn new things. mostly because its fun)
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( Sep. 28th, 2006 04:16 pm)
in a fit of culinary creativity, i've decided to make pikelets.

i've never done this before, and so far things are wonderfully brilliant!

the first one is cooking away merrily.

i like cooking.


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~Kits~ (housewench extraordinairre!)
pots, monkey and myself went to sultan's kitchen in paddington for dinner.

i think we ate enough curry, pakora, somasa and naan bread to feed a small village (and there were only 2 of us - two and a half if you include monkey)!

it honestly didn't look like much at all when it arrived, but, by gumbo, were we mistaken!

the food is great, but the service and atmosphere is a little something less.
i don't mind it so much, but i'm not too keen on going back.
i think it's mainly to do with their main inability to deal with a toddler and a high chair.
i don't want to be thrust into an entrance way simply because i've got a small person who requires their own seat.
the most obnoxious thing of all: it wasn't a huge encumberance at all, as they tried to make out. we could in fact have sat ANYWHERE in the restaurant.
we were begrudged a table against the wall because it was 'for four people' despite the fact that the table they were originally seating us at was also for four people.

i think we'll just stick to take away from them from now on (if that).

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~Kits~ (hmmmm)
the best thing about winter is the making and the eating of yummy soups.

i just created out of thin air a creamy chicken and pasta broth with root vegetables, sour cream, milk, lemon juice, salt, pepper and coriander.

cor blimey it was DELISH on OH SO FILLING.

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The Whitlams:

Arrived early to get in line and then waited til the doors opened. Sound check for the support band was in full swing when I got there, and seeing as there was a lot of traffic, I'm impressed that I was able to hear much of anything at all. The line up for the band's opening night was small but mostly pleasant. There was an air of impatience when the doors didn't open EXACTLY at eight, but what can you do? There were a couple of air heads in front of me in the line (who are unlikely to know who Whitlam is aside from the name of the band) being all "OMG THE WHITLAMS". When the doors did finally open, we were let in in small groups so the door chick wouldn't be overwhelmed by the masses of mostly older (late 20s plus with random foetuses scattered about the place) well behaved people. ID check and a The ZOO stamp upon entry. My ticket was especially well looked after by the door chick upon her witnessing the bright blue TIM FREEDMAN signature scrawled across the front. Kudos to her! Up the stairs a toddled and straight to the bar for a soothing glass of Lindemans (blech) Shiraz and hobbled over to a window wot had a chair. This was my chair for the rest of the night.

The crowd mingled quietly, with the hardcore teeny FOW (Friends Of the Whitlams) crowd jamming themselves as close to the stage as they could, and patiently waited for the festivities to begin. THE BOAT PEOPLE donnered onto the stage and began to play. I was impressed. Having never heard them in my life before, I was very impressed. Incredibly professional boys with a really tight and well rehearsed sound. Very interesting and vaguely ecclectic 80s rock sound with creative and ocassionally humourous lyrics. Amusing stories about stretch Humvees and how great it was to be using the FEEDS (TIM FREEDMAN) podium complimented the energetic performance. The audience received them with polite applause. They left the stage with their gear in tow and were quickly forgotten by the antsy WHITLAMS base literally champing at the bit for their piece of pie.

Finally the time had arrived for the main attraction. Down went the stage lights, up came the intro music and off went the crowd. The band came on stage quietly in the dark with TIM last on stage to a rousing cat call from the mosh pit. End intro and straight into the first track (taken from the new album). Most of the set was taken from the new LITTLE CLOUD album, with a nice interspersal of all the old classics like NO APHRODESIAC (a loungy version), LOUIS BURDETTE (full of the rockin energy you'd expect it to have); a beautiful solo version of CHARLIE No 2 (which disappointed me because I was really hoping for the dancier version they usually perform), THANK YOU, BLOW UP THE POKIES and of course HAMBURGERS. A less than energetic performance overall from the band (unlike shows from the past), opting for a more sedate "We'll just sit here and play our favourite songs from the new album". Not to say that it wasn't enjoyable. TIM connected with his audience, laughed at them because he could, and played with the songs so they couldn't annoyingly sing along the way they do and drown him out.

LITTLE CLOUD (the album) is a nice and muzak-y collection of songs that are tightly produced, but sound HEAPS better live. There is energy and emotion that's not inherently apparent in the recorded versions which makes any WHITLAMS song sound amazing. The band's live sound is fabulous. TIM's voice is clear and well formed and (despite a somewhat scattered mix from the desk, what were those sound boys doing?) the general mix of sound is perfect. It's difficult to fault their performance other than it was a little dull. Even Jack (the guitarist) was lacking in stage play. Perhaps it was just first night whatever, but I've seen better performances from the lads and this kind of dampened the feel. That said, perhaps the sedate performance was to compliment the songs from their new album, which is sedater than their previous ones. Whatever the reason, Wednesday's performance was less than inspiring but still enjoyable and I can't wait for them to return.

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( May. 16th, 2006 02:00 pm)
there is nothing more satisfying than a slice of cheese topped with slices of tomato....

til next....
things i did today:

smooshed the loverly skink wots been livin in our barfroom for like aaaaaaages. it went crunch and it was all *ew*. i felt like i was going to throw up for about an hour after.

made a yummy two course dinner!
first course was an impromptu asian style noodle-y soup thing.
having discovered the main was really, well, small, i had to do something to beef up the total meal volume.
it was a shitake mushroom stock, with lots of shitake mushrooms, sliced carrot, carrot, buk choy, vermicilli noodles, lime juice, ginger, ground black pepper and fish sauce.

main was better than expected.
cubed roo fillet rolled in coriandre and ground black pepper shoved onto a stick, then grilled for about 5 minutes or something like that. anyways, it was cooked to a perfectly delectable medium well, with lots of tender juiciness apparently! *totally proud* served on a bed of pureed eggplant that's flavoured with lemon juice, natural yoghurt, hummous, garlic and salt.

i was informed the meal was of a restaurant quality. *ego trip*

that was pretty much it.
however, despite the fact the meal was superb (i substuted the roo for chicken for myself), it was still kinda hindered by the untimely demise of one of our reptilian house guests. and we hadn't even got around to naming him.

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~Kits~ (mourning)

Happy Valentines Day to those who bother to care about it.

I've just sorted out what I'm cooking for dinner. It involves Kangaroo fillet on a stick and eggplant. Sounds yummy. Hopefully tastes yummy, but as I don't eat red meat, I'll just have to take his word for it.

Now to sort out what I'm going to eat for dinner....

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~Kits~ (culinary genius or glorified kitchen wench?)
I need some help.

I know this seems a little early to be thinking about, but I need the time to organise (and clean) and what not...

I'm thinking of having a themed Easter party (along similar lines to my Christmas Luncheon), and I'd like some ideas thrown (softly please) at me.

I was initially going to go for a chocolate theme, before realising: I don't really like chocolate, and there'd be piles of it lying around the house for decades afterwards.

What I'm after is a theme for the food, and then a dress up theme that compliments the food.

Any suggestions?

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( Aug. 1st, 2005 01:37 pm)
cartilage when boiled has a consistency not unlike jelly (jello)

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~Kits~ (boiling body parts)
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( Aug. 1st, 2005 08:44 am)
WTF is "Green Onion" ????

are they referring to spring onion? or is it a whole breed of onion I've never heard of before?

damn Americans! why do they have to make cooking so annoyingly annoying?

on another note Epicurious is my new culinary friend. Look and be hungry!

til next....
~Kits~ (making soup an whole 'nother dimension)

EDIT: Never mind, I managed to find out for myself. I was right. They are spring onions.... *sigh* Wikipedia is now my other new best friend.


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