in a spot of sheer laziness and lack of brain cell function due to stupidly busy days and not much sleep in between while packing to go on holiday, i give you "something i prepared earlier":

season's greetings to all.

whether you celebrate or no, i'm wishing you all a safe and happy time during this "festive" season.

as for me, i'm not big on the whole affair. i kind of lost interest in christmas when i returned from scotland in my late teens, and having kids just hasn't helped to 'rekindle the spirit' so to speak. that said, i still partake in the going to family thing that tends to happen at this time of year, and as a consequence, a well earned holiday and road trip is in the traps for yet another season.

since i was a child, road trips have been a part of my life. i was born in brisbane and my father's family lives here, but when he joined the RAAF, he was posted down to laverton in the western suburbs of melbourne and that's where i spent my formative years. so, each christmas my brother and i would get out of school a week early, we'd pack up the car (whether it be the gemini we had for the first two trips or the urvan we had for the remainder) and hit the road for the "three day drive of doom".

one year we were caught in a massive storm outside of moree in northern new south wales and the car broke down. so there we were, on the side of the newell highway, visibility is limited because of the downpour, there are semi-trailers speeding past and dad's out under the bonnet of the gemini (in the pelting rain) trying to figure out what was wrong with the car. turned out to be a loose earth wire (or something mechanich speech like that). all kind of exciting and scary when you're only seven years old!

when dad retired from the RAAF, we moved back to brisbane and had little reason to do that road trip again...that was until i met my pots. pots' family live in central victoria and we live here in brisbane, so, if you're capable of doing the math...that's right! ROAD TRIP!

once again the annual road trip is a factor in my life, though this time it is in reverse. i love getting in the car and just driving. road trips are beyond awesome, and now that i have my own family, my kids get to experience the same exhileration of getting in the car, driving to somewhere you've never been before and putting up a tent.

anyways, as of this weekend i'm outta town for a few weeks. hitting the road with family, camping at whatever locations we end up in and probably not showering for upwards of a week! i'm going to have a smelly christmas this year i think :)

til next....
~Kits~ (gonna be without easy access internets for about a month or so)
ooh. birthday greetings to [ profile] jagwire. have an awesome day, and don't let too many of the stupids get in your way :)

in other news:
  • i'm back from three weeks in smokey victoria, where the weather started off kind (cool and requiring jumpers) and ended with much hatred (stinking hot with blackouts and lots of ick). overall the time was good. there will be pictures soon.

  • my first shift back at work was busy with excellent news: i've been asked to go permanent! knowing the advantages (and the disadvantages) i said yes.

  • pots music career seems to have hit the ground running. he's got two gigs this weekend which is teh cool and teh bad. but at least it's money.

  • the monkey has his second birthday tomorrow. sort of hard to believe it's been two years. i've done a lot of things in that time, and a lot of nothing. unfortunately for me, it's the nothing that shows.

i was going to gripe about a few things, but have chosen to do that another time. it's far to hot right now despite it being 1am (in the morning, for redundancy) and i really can't be bothered. the heat and work have taken away most of the energies i require to really express my dissatisfaction and annoyance at a thing or two. plus, it's unlikely that it'll affect anyone, it's more of a 'gotta get it out' kind of thing. you know how rants are :)

til next....
~Kits~ (if only butterflies could wield machetes, the world would be a much more interesting place)
dear santa

i've been thinking about this whole thing. this whole, christmas thing. and quite frankly: i couldn't give a toss.
i don't care in the slightest if you leave me a lump of coal, refuse to bring me a thing, or simply fly past my house.
i just simply don't get it.

all that i've been lead to believe about this time of year seems based on some kind of religious event.
so, i ask: where do you fit in? how did you become a figure so revered?

i'm not a person of faith, so why should i make believe that i am?

it vexes me that such... such reverence is placed on such a creation of imagination (more so than not).
i'm not saying that you are pure imagination (i'm sure there is truth embedded in there somewhere, it's simply hidden),it's just that, in the form i've been subject to over these modern years, appears as nothing more than creation of a fertile mind.

and the idea of you creeping into my house at night, in these dark days, is far more frightening than any ghost story i've ever heard around a camp fire.

so, i'm not writing to you to ask for something i neither need, want nor desire. instead, i'm writing to express to you my thoughts and notions.
to question you as i question many things. perhpas, then, that is the gift i seek. it is not something i desire, or need, or want, it's merely a curiosty that requires quenching.

would you do that for me?
could you do that for me?
will you do that for me?


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( Jul. 4th, 2006 05:23 pm)
what is there to update about when all i'm doing is pretending i care enough to entertain a group of people who'd much rather be elsewhere.
i think we'd get more reaction from a corpse.
i'd prolly have more fun performing to a morgue in fact.

Patrick and Sebastian fly to Victoria tomorrow afternoon.
I am to be a 'free agent' from then until the 19th.

i mean it when i say "Let's Hang"

til next....
i'm torn between spending money to fly to victoria for two weeks in july or staying here and auditioning for a show i've wanted to be a part of for a few years now which would be teching during the aforementioned holiday.

which would you choose: a holiday or a chance to be nude for arts sake?

til next....
~Kits~ (has already had the nudist beach idea thrown at her)
got back last night from the wet victorian low-lands to the stinkingly humid queensland hot-lands.
i decided that it was about time i got drunk on a plane, so i bought 2 bottles of wine. they serve the cutest little bottles of wine on planes. i wanted to take it home, but i thought "hmm, already got a big pile of crap at home, probably shouldn't add to it", so i sent it to the garbage box. didn't get drunk, but i was pleasantly pleasant.

patrick had his job search network 'appointment' (read: fill in this piece of paper and we'll call you in three months) and his phone call from cunterlink. i presume we'll eventually see some money in the next century at the speed this is going. his next cunterlink appointment is at 8am on the 23rd! That's TWO WEEKS away. in the meantime, we're living off bread crumbs and the pittance of an income i receive at the moment until things are sorted out. fucking fabulous! welcome to poorsville! here's hoping that the giving of my resume to [ profile] kat_in_a_hat will be of some help in the finding of some employment, which would help to ease the pain of having no money and a family to support! stupid government and their lack of any sense or ability to care.

so, while i swelter in that 'wonderful' queensland way, i must digest government questionairre garbage in order to get some extra money. bloody beaurocrats! and i really don't care if i've not spelt it right. in fact i don't care about any kind of correct english at all right now. i just want to think!


ok, i think i'm alright now. just hot and sweaty and pissed off at the slow pace in which things are going. i hate society. if the government doesn't want people on welfare due to unemployment, then they should penalise employers for sacking people/not renewing contracts/not employing a person due to a funny thing on their face, etc. it's fucked that people can be left with no way of surviving while the bumbling beaurocrats sit on their high leather chairs sipping exensive imported tea out of a gold leaf tea cup, ordering 1000% pay increases and one million dollar bonuses for themselves.

please stop me now before i hurt someone.

til next....
~Kits~ (in desparate need of some sanity)
I'm off to Victoria for Christmas! tix have been booked and we fly Virgin for $99 EACH WAY! three whole weeks away from my parents!

we'll have joy, we'll have fun
we'll have more baby luggage to pack than our own

til next....
~Kits~ (discovering hours in the day she'd gladly like to forget)


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