got chatting to the boss about my permenancy the other day: acted like he didn't know and told to me ask my line manager.
i told him that kevin had already asked me: three weeks ago, and that i'd like to know when it was all going to be done.
it's funny how a swift kick up the bum can get things moving.
unless he gets slothful on me again, i should get my permanent roster either next week or the week after.

the good and the bad )

i probably should think about going to bed now.
all the fun i've had on [ profile] stupid_free has exhausted me.. oh, and yay, i win the intartubens(tm). wow, i lurk on most comms, but the moment i decide to comment, i get all kinds... it's fun. someone even attacked me for the bad poetry i put in my bio...

til next....
~Kits~ (apparently it's this bit that's the bad part)
how do you say it?

so many times the moment has arrived and been let slip past for no other reason than cowardice.

strength could be the issue.

sobriety another.

personal belief.


and no i will not answer questions so don't bother asking (you know who you are).

you know, there are so many varied occasions when i wish i knew better how to express what i'm thinking to those close to me, or those i perceive as close.

this is one of many.

the opportunity arises and i falter.

this is normal?

for most?

a planned occasion was shot down in flames earlier.

nothing unusual there.

why is everything a struggle right now?

just fucking KISS ME GODDAMMIT!

make a fucking move!

stop messing with my fucking head.

i SHOULDN'T have these thoughts, but you were there before this.

and i've not moved on.

i should, it'll never be more than a fling.


just say it!

it'll eat you from the inside out if you don't

personal philosophy aside; just ASK!

stupid crossroads.

is it wrong to want someone to actually practice the words they spell out in something close to a promise?

i don't think i was built for this sort of existence.

where's the freedom?

til next....
~Kits~ (a partial thought leak)
an interesting fascination.
it's messing with my head, because i can't decipher where it stands in the scheme of my thoughts.
perhaps i've just grown attatched to my own work, you know, become really proud of what i've done.
i worked hard and created something jolly.
i took a small thing, and made it as big as it would go.
maybe that's it.
pride is doing it.
and i really am proud of the work i've done.
i think i deserve to be.


i've worked so hard to do everything, and most often been left unappreciated.
this time, i think it's different.
people are starting to appreciate the hard work and effort i put into things.
it's an odd sensation, pride.
i don't know how to handle it.
i'm taking it in my stride, and trying not to let it get the better of me.
i've seen what it can do to a lot of people, and i don't want to become an arrogant egotistical shit.
but i can't help but feel very proud when i stand back and look at my own work.

i was so moved by one moment that i was almost brought to tears.
that's quite a feat.
well done.
and thankyou.

til next....
~Kits~ (thoughts are a-dribblin')
i'm in a quandry.

i would love to have a combined birthday/christmas party similar to the one i had last year, but it appears as though everything is getting in the way of it.

if i did it on a saturday, i'd be forced to take the night off work AND miss a Santa Spell performance (which I'll prolly end up being LX op for - long story, or rather not so), but there is always the option of a sunday. and then I'd have to check out the games schedule with Lang Park (evil stare across the street).

i can't do it the weekend before my birthday as i've got a 21st and Elton John (squee!) to attend on consecutive nights, and my birthday is a monday so no one will want to go out for drinks. december is virtually a write-off because of work AND Grin and Tonic workshops.

so what do i do?

it's looking to me like i should just forget the whole thing, which kinda sucks, because last year was so very successful (it was the first real party i've ever had for myself), and i've got so many friends i'd like to share the occassion with...

oh well, yet another year where the birthday festivities include a quiet night at home with a dvd and a bottle of something...unless i can come up with something else that fits into my hectic end of year schedule.

when the hell did i become so smegging popular?

til next....
~Kits~ (verging on exhaustion, but somehow still gliding through)
kitsunegari: (Default)
( Oct. 24th, 2006 04:10 pm)
oh my goodness....

i've just received an email from Coles Myer Limited telling me i've reached the final one on one interview stage for their new store opening up in Queens Plaza in the CBD. this is kind of exciting, mainly because they actually want to interview me, but also because it means a DAY JOB if i get it.

so now i've got to go back and read the job description and what answers i gave to the questions in order to bluff my way to a customer service (checkout) job at Coles.

i tell you what though, How's this for some AWESOME wank? )

can i dribble shit, or can i dribble shit!
well, giving them what they want to hear is the point right?

now to start prepping for my interview on the 30th....

til next....
~Kits~ (oh crap, now i've got to get hold of 'business attire')

edit: [ profile] git_phuqd has struck again with a sweet letter to santa. for anyone with a twisted mind, it's not a sexual thing about wanting to get into santa's pants. it's about wanting to give santa a cuddle of appreciation.
Just like the rest of the flock, this monkey couldn't resist it's inner sheep )

could it be that i'm just being boring at the moment? i mean, i've done nothing noteworthy since the last update. not even a storm has graced us for me to attempt the danger of climbing the roof and risking being struck by lightning. all other hobbies have taken a back seat while I sit in a puddle of sweat and body parts that have melted off and fight with my inner demons (again).

til next....
~Kits~ (about as interested in updating as she is sweltering)
Yet another morning has come my way, a little earlier than usual: infants have their way of intervening your well practiced skill of extended sleep. So, up and out of bed I get, and once I've fed and changed the baby, before I do anything else I head to the kitchen and towards the pantry where the bitter gold is kept.

My morning coffee ritual is somewhat different to most people I know. Many simply grab a jar of their favourite instant brand, while others open up a vacuum bag of pre ground coffee beans. At Ward Lodge however, we're dedicated to our coffee. That is not to say we have a plantation in the backyard, though if you saw it (the backyard) you'd never tell either way. No, we have two separate rituals when it comes to preparing our wake up juice. For now, I'll just let you inside my personal ritual.

When I go to the pantry, I grab my jar of Bushells Turkish Coffee. A delicious pulverised coffee of Arabic nature. Next, I stretch down for the container of raw sugar. These items are then placed upon the kitchen bench, while I hunt out my coffee scoup and briki. For reference, a briki is pretty much a milk warmer with a fancy name. Once I've tracked down my two most important utensils (the cup comes later), I scoup up two scoups of coffee and dump it into the briki and follow that up with a single scoup of sugar. Water is poured over the top (approximately enough to fill my Vittoria Coffee thermal mug).

Over to the stove I toddle with my briki in hand. Light the flame (for those of us with gas. If it's an electric stove, then whatever is done to make it hot) and put the briki on the flame (or element). I have a tendency to wander away from the stove for a little too long when I'm doing this, and often have to clean up the spillage, but the idea is to watch for it to start boiling and then remove it from the heat. I boil it three times, as part of my personal ritual. I prefer the flavour of a triple boiled Turkish brew. Once boiled I pour it directly into my cup and allow it to settle and cool enough to begin drinking.

One thing to note about this coffee is the 'mud' or 'sediment' that settles at the bottom of the cup. I'm not a very big fan of this stuff, but I know a couple of people who like to stir it up and drink it. I say very loudly: ICK!

Well, that's my morning coffee ritual.

til next....
~Kits~ (developing ways to waste a morning that began far too early)


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