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( Oct. 23rd, 2006 11:39 am)
i just called bryan nason to alert him of my interest in the workshops he's hosting in December...



he once again gushed about my audition and how my singing was lovely etc, and how he'd been thinking about how he could use me as part of the Troupe.

many squeeable moments indeed. he also wanted to come a see a show i was performing in, but i had to tell him i wasn't performing at the moment, and hadn't any plans to for a bit. that was a bit sad, but i'm really excited about his excitement about me.

til next....
~Kits~ (wherever that may be...)
Grin and Tonic audition happened about 1 hour ago.

Bryan Nason said the following (and i paraphrase here): "I think you're great. You're wonderful. We'd love to (have you, do something with you) but I'm not sure what. Here's a leaflet for some workshops we're doing at the end of the year. We're not giving those out to just anyone. Seriously consider it. That's a beautiful picture (referring to my headshot). You're fabulous."

Nadine (one of the group who was there) - as i was leaving: "Make sure you come to the workshops."

if that's not positive feedback, then I don't know what the hell it is!



there was a lot of jokes about how studying the craft isn't a good thing and about the Arts Theatre, but, I made a great impression on them, and that's what counts.

it was also a REALLY good idea to use the Tamora piece, as they recently did Titus themselves and were curious to see this interpretation.

i'm still buzzing from it all.

now i just have to decide when would be best to call about the workshops...after the 19th (which is when auditions run til)?

til next....
~Kits~ (feeling appreciated and HAWT!)
i've finally decided on my two monologues for the Grin and Tonic audition.

Lady Bracknell Her speech is under this cut )


Tamora Her guilt trip is behind THIS cut )

all i have to do now is organise my time into learning them, while i work night shift next week. oh the gasm! AND then i have to decide which song i'm going to sing for them. and since i'm allowed to bring my guitar (they like their actors to show off their versatility), i'm thinking it should be one of my own, but i'm not sure which one... oh dear me. auditions are FAR TOO MUCH HARD WORK FOR THEIR OWN GOOD! but hell, it'd be nice to work professionally in the field that's been a hobby for so long.

[ profile] willxkemp, does Friday sound good to you? i think it's a safe bet that i'll be slightly recovered from the hells of the night shift by then, AND Pots'll be home to babysit the Sprog.I'm thinking Roma Street Parklands, or somewhere similar, followed by beer.

til next....
~Kits~ (its too early to be confused)
i am so tired. this stupid job. i don't mind it so much, it's mindless and i can mostly turn my brain off in order to do it, which is nice, but it's the insane hours! getting home in the wee hours is not exactly my idea of a fulfilling day at work, nor is the getting to sleep at hours near dawn only to be awoken by the Sprog at an hour or so past dawn (it feels like an hour or so past dawn, but it's usually around 8am). I'm currently existing on about 5 or 6 hours of sleep per night, doing stuff during the day (rarely getting the chance to nana nap) and then working between 3 and 6 hour shifts at night EVERY night unless i tell them otherwise.

i'm so sick of this not getting enough sleep thing, that i've started applying for new jobs that are available DURING THE DAY! So if anyone out there has or knows of any decent paying ($18.50ph minimum) part time jobs, could you point them in my direction. upsell me like there's no tomorrow. tell them they HAVE to have me or else they'll go bankrupt, or something. just tell them i'm neccessary to their existence and that they barely survived before they employed me.

in other not so 'grrrr' news. i've been looking at my study options for next year. i've missed the first round of early year enrolments, and doubt i'll have had enough time to seriously decide which path to take in order to apply for second round, so i'm looking at mid year enrolments in a BSc. Finally (yes, an uppercase 'F'). deciding which subjects to study (with at least 2 of them almost guranteeing Pots being my tutor) is sooo difficult. i can't decide between getting involved in something i know i can get paid bucket loads for post doc, or something i know i can get paid a pretty damn decent amount for. do i want to be a geneticist or a pathologist? that is the question. i know the geneticist part is due mainly to the influence of Pots (who is a geneticist and statistician), and i've always had some kind of macabre interest in pathology. the whole cutting up things and dealing with goop is quite appealing. then there's the whole 'research' aspect of science (which tends to be where the 'bucket loads of money' part is). i'd like to be earning a slightly more than comfortable income in the future, and i want to be able to provide Monkey with a more than comfortable future (as well as a juicy trust fund), but i know i shouldn't make the dollars my main motivation for choosing my major. i still can't decide between the two. and when it comes to genetics, there are so many different aspects to that as well.

also, do i wanna just be a biol pleb and minion and be a lab tech or some such other menial position, or do i want to run a lab and be in charge of plebs doing research into all kinds of funky things. but really, do i want the pressure of writing grant applications?

do i even wanna go post grad? i don't really think there is much chocice there. if i want to be in a decent position, i need a PhD.

guh! i gotta stop looking at the big picture and refine my search somewhat: what subjects do i want to study. but first: what focus do i want to take? Genetics or Pathology.

i've also managed to refine my search for monologues down to three, with thanks to the inimitable [ profile] ghymoreid. I have Rumours monologue in Henry IV, Tamora's guilt trip from Titus Andronicus, and Lady Bracknells Algy monolgue from The Importance of Being Earnest(Oscar Wilde).

I'm now trying to decide whether i should do two Shakespeares of a contrasting nature (Rumour/Tamora), or if I should do one Shakespeare and one Wilde. If the latter be the case, then i have to decide which of the Bard pieces to use. I tell you what, things just don't like coming easy do they?

til next....
~Kits~ (brain melty)
at 1 pm on October 16, I shall be at a house in Clayfield, auditioning for Grin and Tonic.

i must now run away and start searching for two monologues of a contrasting nature. at least one MUST be shakespeare, both if i can handle it.

any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

i can't believe i even have this opportunity!

mucho thanks to [ profile] willxkemp for the heads up!

til next....
~Kits~ (suddenly nervous)

edit: I LOVE google books! it has helped me find scriptage of the Bard!

i'm in desparate need of help.

i need a professional headshot done.

i need to write my biography

i need to rewrite my cv and create a cover letter for qtc

and i need to have it done by October 31


why can't things ever be simple?

til next....
~Kits~ (now the shit's REALLY gonna get smelly)
so, i didn't get into parade, which was not exactly an unexpected outcome.

i am however quite pleased with the way the company organised itself, and DID in fact call REGARDLESS of outcome for roles.

i am also quite happy to hear that they did in fact ACTUALLY like me, and would love for me to audition for them again in the future for any one of their upcoming shows.

mild disappointment, but at least i've got my face out there now.

til next....
~Kits~ (toddling off to brisbane audtitions)


til next....
~Kits~ (frantically searching for sheet music)
5 hours 20 minutes til my audition

oh dear.

til next....
ok. i am now:
  • word perfect with my monologue.

  • i have chosen the characters i would like to audition for (though should prolly whittle a few out).

  • i have written my bio.

  • i just need to:
  • get a headshot together.

  • interpret my dialogue to get the best imagery possible from it. it's difficult when i can't find the script (or have time to read it). an out of context analysis could be a bad thing, then again, it may not.

  • figure out 32 bars of the two songs i have chosen. this shall be difficult when i have no working knowledge of music. i suspect that a verse and pre-chorus for Reflection and a verse and chorus of Forgotten shall be perfect.

  • i hate auditions.

    til next....
    ~Kits~ (dry mouthed and brain dead)
    i'm having a bitch of a time trying to write up my bio for monday.

    i've listed some of the shows i've done (my personal faves really), as well as a few of the solo music gigs i've had.
    i'm just wondering whether i should include open mic or not.

    and then there's the what to list under "special skills".
    i can sing, i play guitar, and can fake it with a flute and drums, but should i list them?
    the only dancing i've done extends as far as a box step from memory, and the production requires a fairly confident, nay. strong dancing ability. i can get jiggy wit it at a club, but that's different to choreographed movement.


    i've no formal training in anything i've done, just practical experience.


    til next....
    I just booked my audition for Parade.

    i now need to write a bio and get a headshot done by Monday night.


    til next....
    ~Kits~ (shit)


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