i've neglected the blogosphere for other adventures that don't require as much thought or energy (twitter) or that take me far away from the keyboard (family, work), however, i currently have an entire week to myself and i have NO IDEA what to do with it!


that was a lie, i know EXACTLY what i'm planning to do with it, and how much of that gets done really does rely on how much work needs me this week, and whether or not the studio computer plays fair. the studio pc has been playing silly buggers lately with cubase (it is almost 5 years old, so that may be a factor) and pots has had to reinstall it twice in about as many weeks. mind, there has also been the issue of the malfunctioning second external soundcard, which COULD, and this is a stretch here, COULD have been a rather major factor in the f.u.b.a.r-y-ness of the whole situation.

anyways! the plan this week is thus (and this is in no particular order, unless otherwise stated):

1. record guitar and vocal tracks
2. perform on the valley mall on saturday 18 july
3. have dinner with friends
4. record flute/recorder tracks
5. record vague attempts at lead guitar (so basic they may as well have been played by my 14 month old!)
6. sleep.
7. work.
8. this is usually the part where i would state a random drunken/sexual adventure i plan to have.
9. this is then the part where i would negate the aforementioned random drunken/sexual adventure i plan to have.
10. go for a ride on the back of my mates bike. i've never been on a racer before and he owns one and has promised me a ride for almost a year, but we've both been either too busy or drunk.

in amongst all of that shenanigans i have to slave for my weekly wage and re-train my body clock into being up late at night and not early morning - again. but it's nothing i haven't done before, so methinks it'll be fine.

til next....
in the latest saga to try and get more tunes down into something solid, i installed adobe audition onto the laptop. the main reason for choosing this program is simply because i can't get cubase to run, or soundforge, so i went with a simpler program. i'm not keen on the userability (mainly because it's version 1.5, which is about a trillion years old), but given time, i'm sure i could get used to it. this means that the quality of the recordings isn't going to be grand because there is only one audio input jack on the lappy, so i'll be focusing on creating demos of my tunes in the hopes that i can improve them with awesomeness in the future sometime.

the one thing that's annoying is the fact that my midi keyboard hasn't arrived yet. it should have arrived by now as it's only being shipped from melbourne, and i got an email last week announcing it's postal. i've emailed the company i bought it from to try and source its location and hopefully work something out: i do not want to lose more than $300 on something i've taken a great deal of care selecting and finally choosing. but it was free money...NOT the point! argh! should the item ever arrive, then i'll be able to make some fuller sounding recordings, and finally get started on my new musical project. i'm going to remain tight lipped on the project for now until i know that it's fully underway, but if it does get its feet off the ground in time, then i may a gig set up! again, it's all relying on this damned keyboard!

along with my music, i'm looking to improve my skills as an actor. to do this, i am attempting to build a collection of acting learnering books to read and, well, learn from. in particular i'm looking for cicely berry's "the voice and the actor" and "the actor and the text". also, any texts regarding linklater or lessac techniques would also be favoured. if anyone has anything they are willing to give up, i will offer monies for the exchange, or a coffee or even a beer for pointing me in the right direction wherein i am able to locate them with expediency. any other suggested readings are also welcomed with open arms and cranial space. i've reached an impasse and i want climb out of this gully before it gets too deep. as i am fiscally limited, attending workshops is so ridiculously out of the question it's a pain in the proverbial. i may even be looking for a mentor in the near future, if anyone has suggestions or offers :)

til next....
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( Feb. 13th, 2008 11:57 am)
i have a pair of brand new shinys. i'm using the the first, and have been listening to the second.
i've come to the conclusion that sony vaio is AWESOME, and acer is some kind of mutated and malformed devil spawn that has yet to figure out how to spit, or drool for that matter. the new laptop shits all over the old one, even in appearance! [ makes love to new laptop ]

my other new shiny is the unmastered mixdown of my EP. it's oh so very shiny. even if it is unmastered. i think it could make me famous! or at least sucessfully help me to pay back the studio for helping me record it. oh, on that note, for those who don't know: as of February 7, 2008 at approximately 4:30pm, i was signed to independent record label Lempicka Records. that's right folks, i'm a signed recording artist! it's kind of exciting, and i know for a fact that i wouldn't have the freedom i've got with these guys had it been some larger label. but i'm happy that we came to an agreement that suits both parties, and helps me retain the intellectual property rights of all the recordings! there's no way sony, or emi or warner would let me do that as a nobody...or a somebody at that rate. but yay! [ makes love to new EP and strokes record label affectionately ]

for any and all folks interested in their copy of the EP when it's released, let me know, either by leaving a comment here or emailing me, or attacking me in the street by sticking your tongue in my ear (preferably NOT the latter, unless we've got some kind of agreement related to the exchange of bodily fluids :P), with your email details (i'll screen comments) and i'll create a little mailing list of sorts to keep you updated on a release date and what not. there's rumour of an EP launch at some stage, but i'm not entirely sure. i shall keep you posted.

i should be thinking about doing something productive, or sleeping, but i'm too tired to do that, so i'll just sit here in my easy chair (which may not actually be an easy chair) and vegetate until i get an idea what i'm going to do next. or at least until the monkey or pots pokes me with a stick or a spit covered fist.

til next....
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( Jan. 28th, 2008 03:25 pm)
for those of you who will find this remotely interesting:

it's not 100% solid, as i've not signed anything yet (mainly because we're still nutting out the finer details of the documentation to ensure both sides are satisfied and looked after), but, i have, for the past week, been negotiating the terms and conditions and all sundries therein of a miniature record deal with an independant record label. that's right, a 'record deal'. it's termed "miniature" because it will only cover the production of my debut EP, but if all goes well, both parties may wish to extend the relationship. tomorrow sees me heading over to the studio to begin the recording process.

this is all kind of exciting. i've managed to keep this quiet for weeks, and now with it only days away from being solid and official, i feel i can let it be known to all!  i've been so busy this week trying to work out the arrangements for the songs i plan to record, how i plan to record them, what equipment does the studio have that i could utilise and do i need to bring any of my own, that i've forgotten pretty much anything else i may have had to do. it's because of this that i went out and bought a diary!

despite the tight schedule, there are some small plans afoot to have the EP finished and due for release at The Globe gig on February 9, but we're not aiming to rush the process in order for that to happen. if it happens that it is finished and available on time, i'll consider that a bonus. it may be a case of just placing an order sheet on the merch table for anyone wishing to purchase a copy. whatever the outcome, it should be completed before the end of February. stay tuned here for more information about it's release date and the like!

til next....
~Kits~ (will pimp the gig another day)
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( Oct. 21st, 2007 11:06 pm)
i had me a free form creative moment about 10 minutes ago.  it's over at [profile] git_phuqd.

i have blisters on my fingers from playing guitar. this is a novel situation for me, as it has never happened before, but fuck, it was a good couple of nights! i miss just playing and singing all the time. i gotta me right back into it.

motivate! motivate! motivate!

now to find the right music to go with the Aftermath... [ toddles off to attempt further creativity ]

til next....
~Kits~ (should get her butt back into recording again)
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( Jul. 18th, 2007 09:07 pm)
been in the recording 'studio' for most of today. some decent progress has been made.

began work on a new song i've not bothered to record before "The Violin". unfortunately, until i can get hold of a violin and perhaps someone who can play it well and is able to create a great violin part by ear (as i don't write, nor can i read, music), i'll have to make do with my dodgy keyboard wank. sounds alright so far (the song); despite only working on it for, perhaps an hour at most.

spent the majority of this evening adding to one of my faves. it's a track called "Johnny Says" and was written a couple of new years ago at pots' mates house in melbourne. it amuses me that this collaboration has such an ecclectic range of musicians. there's pots: who's a country guitarist, with roots in johnny cash, merle travis and chet atkins; tt slim: who's a hardcore muddy waters blues kinda guy, with some country colour in the shape of johnny cash and hank williams; and then there's me: the folk popstress with a bizarre list of influences that range from tupac and eminem, to elton john, cat stevens(aka yusuf islam), the scissor sisters and panic! at the disco (just to name a few). so, for a song that is essentially an ode to Johnny Cash, i was the least likely to actually go anywhere with it, but as fate would have it, i'm the only one of us who has bothered to put this thing to tape. so we've got this folk/pop ode to The Man in Black, which sounds kinda awesome, and yet totally bizarre. there is still a great deal of work to be done on it, and tonight i managed to squeeze out some decent harmonies, before i started tiring.

when pots returns from holiday, he's going to start a-tweaking it and adding his own little bits to it. i'm going to get him to tidy up my bass line as a beginning. i'm no bassist (and it shows), but i'm still kinda proud that i made this up all on my own and that it almost sounds good.

anyone wanting a small taste of the unmastered, unharmonised, completely raw version, wander on over to my myspace profile and check it out. while you're there, have a listen to "Gollum's Lament" and tell me what you think.

if you clicked and listened and liked, then why not have a shot at watching me do them live?


Platform T (upstairs at the Trans)

Wednesday July 25

from 4:30 pm

performing an all originals set

until then, i must be off to bed so i can get up in the morning and toddle off to work. just wainting on the hot water bottle.

hope i to see you on wednesday.

til next....
~Kits~ (cold, but soon to be warm again)
so, after a loverly chat and book recommendation, i managed to find a brief zone of recording time this arvo and redid a vocal track to one of my songs, and added some harmonies. i'd have continued, but the monkey awoke from his mid-day nap and it's very difficult to record anything when he's up and about, unless i specifically want the sounds of a frantic 2 year old hunting for fun about the house (which for the song i'm working on, doesn't work).

i must now make some dinner as i have to work tonight. poo to that.

til next....
~Kits~ (yes,i said poo)
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( Oct. 24th, 2006 03:07 pm)
i filmed the dress run for Santa Spell last night.
the show went really well, and the cast have helped us put together a pretty decent show.

i'm currently uploading the footage to the multimedia computer and it looks great, unfortunately there's a horrible hissing sound from the soundtrack thanks to the air conditioner in the theatre!

this is not as much of a problem as it sounds as i'll be filming the show a couple of more times for editing reasons,. and i'm sure i'll be able to use the soundtrack for one of the other shows, but it doesn't make it any less of a pain in the arse!

stupid cheap arse cameras! i can't wait to get a better camera, but at this rate, i doubt it'll happen before Sebastian has started highschool!!!!

in the mean time: i'm writing a letter to santa.

til next....
~Kits~ (no, really.)
i'm in a quandry...

do i follow the flock and get a myspace to showcase my music or do i do it my own way and just build a real website?

let it be known that i don't like myspace.

til next....
~Kits~ (i have a rough demo now. the refining process begins)
i hate cubase more than words can know.

things were all fine and dandy when i set everything up and tested it to record.

now that i'm ready to actually lay down the guitar track, the stupid smegging program has decided to ignore the fact that it was working only five minutes ago!

i REALLY hate cubase.

edit: turns out i'm a really big tool, and what i thought was a major issue, turned out to be me simply plugging the the lead into the wrong hole. output NOT input. oh dear, it's going to be a looooong day.

til next....
~Kits~ (ode to Colin Mochrie)
birthday greetings to [livejournal.com profile] skinheadskippy hope it's smashing!

i've just completed a flashy new cover and disc design for my very own live DVD!!!!

the Kitsunegari experience can be felt by anyone wishing a copy of either one of my live DVDs.

the first is me performing O'Leary's Open Mic and my first paid gig at the PY HY

the second is me performing at the Golden Hills Motel in Bendigo, Victoria in early January this year.

give me a heads up if you'd like one by emailing me and we'll organise it.

til next....
~Kits~ (not expecting emails, but will warn of a demo cd in the near future)
link spam

Safe sex commentary you'll never look at sex the same way again!

and Finally you can have a listen to my vocal warblings (with band attatchment) it's an incredibly rough recording, with a new vocal track to be recorded as well as a complete remastering, but it's listenable.

< edit > stupid here ripped the song in the wrong format and then had to go through the process of uploading it all over again. hopefully it works better now. *sigh*

til next....


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