i'm not sure how many of you know, but the brisbane city council (bcc) has separated the water bill from the rates bill. when i first read this was going to happen, i rolled my eyes and cringed: it meant more money was going to be raped from us.

i was right.

our recent rates "notice" (read: bill) came in, with the newly separated water usage "notice". somehow, splitting the rates and water usage bills into two separte entities managed to reduce our quarterly rates bill by only $80, i don't understand how that is possible given the following:

our water usage bill is $181.

how is it the water usage bill is more than $100 greater than the reduction on our quarterly rates bill?

i'll break it down for you:

our water usage for that time came to a little bit over the staggering price of $13. that's right, for an entire quarter, we only used about $13 worth of water. the council then threw a ~$25 "tarif charge": that's about 200% (a little under, but whatever) of the usage fee. we then get thwacked by access charges to the town supply and the sewerage: ~$38 and a whopping $104 resepectively. so, out of the total bill charge, ~$168 of it was council/state governmentl charges and taxes.

and yet, they only managed to reduce our rates by a mere $80... which means they're making an extra $88 (or there abouts) each quarter from us care of our "new bill". and let's not neglect the fact that our rates will increase again soon due to "property value increases" and other such wankery.

so, even if we were to reduce our water usage (which we have - again), we're still getting robbed by all these "surcharges" the state government feels the need to thrust upon us.

anyone who says the council/state government are not theives, don't own a house.
whilst my techno knowledge has returned with awesometudity©, adobe premier has decided to chuck a hissy fit and cease to function. that's right folks, it's "attempting to edit production footage time" again!

without fail, whenever i have to edit footage of a production, or anything for that matter, something always manages to intervene and make it the less than desirable experience i would prefer it to be. usually it's adobe hanging itself because it's fed up with the world, or the upload connection betwixt 'puter and camera fails to get along, or there is a myriad of "post edit" fiascos involving, but not limited to: hair pulling, gnashing of teeth, yelling at and bashing things, printer meltdowns and empty ink cartidges. so, of course, this latest editing adventure is truly turning out to be one of the most exciting.

i've used two completely different cameras this time. one has a harddrive and the other is miniDV and uses tapes (which is annoying, but you get used to it). i didn't think this was going to be a major problem once i worked out where the files were on the harddrive camera (which i'll call HDC), i figured i could just import them into my ever so awesome* editing software and away i go! no such luck. turns out they're in an annoyingly stupid HD format my software doesn't recognise because i haven't updated it for the blueray awesomeness it can create, and so i had to use my googlefu in order to find a converter program so i can convert them into easily readable files my ever so awesome* editing software can read. here it is, nearly 4 hours later, and of the 9 files it needs to convert and process, it's completed exactly two. TWO! in FOUR HOURS! i had hoped to have the majority of the editing done today so i only had to do add in a few extras i needed to record tonight and then do the titles, render it and burn it tomorrow. clearly, this was never meant to be.

had i not been violently ill earlier in the week, this would not have been such a major catastrophe.

i apologise to everyone who was hoping to get their grubby little hands on my hot hot product tomorrow night, but it's looking likely that i'll be working on this thing for at least a week before it's ready to be distributed. do not fret however, as i will be in email contact with you all (assuming i can find your contact details, they're around here...somewhere) to inform you when they're ready and how the EXCHANGE shall be taking place. i also believe there is to be a screening of the footage after it's completion - which would be fabulous!

now i must return to the hell i have been living this morning and see if i can make any use of it.

til next....

*no it's not. not at all.

"...and as the sun went down over the cold wet sand, theresa sighed, wrapped her cardigan tighter around her body, turned and walked back toward her future."

ah, young theresa. she's gone through many incarnations over the years, mostly inside my head, and on random occasions she's attemtped to escape onto the page of a notebook or the keyboard of my various computers. she's only ever been a name, as her visage changes with every visit, not quite unlike myself really - but she is not a fictional representation of myself, that i can assure you of. i'm thinking, that with a few more hours of time appearing up my sleeves in the coming weeks, i might try bringing her to life again.

for the record: i am NOT participating in NaNoWriMo, but that is the reason why she's been floating about my head a lot more recently.

it smacks of effort and motivation, but i've been able to motivate myself in the past, so who knows.

to get off tangent: banana milkshake.

til next....
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( Sep. 24th, 2009 03:03 pm)
one year ago on this date (and approximately this time - couldn't get much more exact than that could i...?), i met up with someone i consider to be Completely Awesome©. it was a whirlwind engagement, lasting less than two whole days, but they were overflowing with good times. i think this can be best explained by the following video:

my plan for the rest of the day is to celebrate quietly. i'll treat it like any other day, but i'll have a glass or two of wine and tip it in memory of the laughs, the curiosities, the "coulda-woulda-shouldas" and i will smile.

so, if i appear a little bit distraced for the next few days, this is why. i suspect it (our being in the same place at the same time) will never happen again, i am resigned to this, but that doesn't mean i can't remember it and enjoy the Good Times©.

til next....
~kits~ (i'm almost certain you're reading this: thanks for the fun. :) )
in the wake of my "top ten songs of all time", i bring you "15 books i think are awesome". this is not my "favourite books of all time", but merely a list of books i just think are awesome for a variety of reasons. some are books from my childhood, others aren't. to be honest, i haven't been able to read for pleasure since my humanites degree at uni, but i have been attempting to remedy that by weaning myself very slowly back to the world of the novel.

1. lolita - vladimir nabokov
(beautifully written story. took me only a couple of hours to complete. made me forget that english is this man's third language. given the content of the story, i was surprised by the subtelty by which it was mentioned. having seen the movie first (the jeremy irons version kicks kubrick's versions arse!) i falsely believed the book was more profane than it actually is. it is just so beautifully written and manages to leave you feeling sympathetic towards the "perpetrator" rather than the "victim", which makes you want to question your own morals. a MUST read for anybody who's ever picked up a book.)

2. the dark half - stephen king
(i enjoy all of SK's work - except a couple which aren't up to standard - but this one always sticks out in my mind as my fave, and his best. i can still hear the sound of the cops testicles slapping against his thighs after stark slashed him between the legs. it was with SK that i was able to develop a full 5.1 soundtrack to the images from the words on the page inside my head.)

3. the first chronicles of thomas covenant - stephen donaldson
(lord foul's bane is the best of these books, and as a collection this is the best of them all - mind, i haven't bothered with the third chronicles yet, and haven't decided if i will. a protagonist/hero with a physical disability is cool, but his pissy whining all the time and "woe is me" attitude is grating and annoying by the end. also, the connection with the real world and "the land" was something i'd not come across before and seemed unique and intriging to me.)

4. the scavenger trilogy - kj parker
(the one and only time i've randomly purchased books simply because of the cover! BEST RANDOM PURCHASE EVER! tightly woven narrative that hints on religious allegory but without the wankery of, say, the chronicles of narnia. and it features my favourite feathered creature: the crow. what more could i ask for really?)

5. lord of the rings - jrr tolkein
(i was a late starter with this series of UTTER AWESOME!, but i'm pleased i waited until i was older before reading it. i think this allowed me to better understand what the smeg was happening! the world tolkein created is just real. the effort made in it's creation is so clearly evident, from the histories of the people and the world itself, to the detailed and complete languages of the elves, you just can't help but become immersed in it. the strength of mateship and honour that is prevalent and the friendships that are forged, take you on this fantastic journey that delves into the realms of understanding human nature through fantasy. of course, there is the rumour of commentary relating to wwii, but i don't see it personally (but i've also spent very little time studying any of the wars). there is so much to take away from this series of books that you can't pinpoint any one specific thing. i think it's far more subjective than a lot of people believe it to be, but that's my personal opinion.)

6. mrs gronkwonk's post office tower - timothy hunkin
(one of my faves from my kidlinghood. it's essentially a story about a woman proving that she's just as good, if not better, at the same things men can do. my first piece of feminist literature in a way, and it was written by a man - assumingly)

7. the hobbit - jrr tolkein
(i remember picking this up in the newsagent while mum and dad were looking at stuff and reading about three or four chapters in the store. next thing i know i've been given it for my birthday - i was 8 or 9 at the time. i've read it so many times since i've lost count, and really need to get a new copy so i don't completely kill my original.)

8. the eleventh hour - graeme base
(do i really need to explain this? i used to pour over this every time we had library time at school when i was about seven. and i was even more awesomed when i worked at the science centre in brisbane and we had a graeme base art exhibit. i got to go in there and stare at his pictures for hours on end several days a week.)

9. where the wild things are - maurice sendak
(OMG!! such a fabulous fairy tale. i wish my imagination was this awesome when i was kid. instead it was a bit morbid, care of SK, but this story is just fabulous. i am SO looking forward to the movie when it's released.)

10. encyclopedia brown - donald j.sobol
(probably the first ever novel series i ever read. the most standout thing of my 'literary' childhood. a child detective, of sorts, who fascinated me to no end. i think i read the series two or three times, and was even inspired to try my hand at writing my own detective stories. chances are they're not as good as i remember them, but i would really love to get hold of this collection)

11. of mice and men - john steinbeck
(this book always makes me want to cry. the story is just so amazing. i always feel sorry for george, which i don't think is right, but, i don't know, i just do.)

12. the chronicles of narnia - cs lewis
(as a child i was one of the few kids who knew that the magicians nephew was written AFTER the lion, the witch and the wardrobe but preceded it. this, of course, made me feel even more intellectually superior than i already was and resulted in more bullying than i was already being subject to because i was smart [ iSigh ]. i also thought this was an amazing series of books. that said, it wasn't until i was about 18 and mum bought me the omnibus for my birthday and i was able to re-read them all, that i felt a little disillusioned. i didn't know much about cs lewis the author, other than the books i read with his name on them, but to discover a thinly veiled religious allegory in one of my favourite fantasy series of all time, really hurt. i still love the books and the characters, they're so colourful, but i could really have done without the jesus references that are so blatant.)

13. the carpet people - terry pratchett
(i don't know much pratchett (no, really, i don't), i've read a few discworld novels and enjoyed them, but i'm not going to write home to mum about them. i really enjoyed this book. i think this was one of the first books he ever wrote, and you can kinda tell, but i love it. it's almost a precursor to what eventually became "discworld"; this world in a tiny corner of the livingroom rug. i really enjoyed the simplicity of the story.)

14. animal farm - george orwell
(i can't remember how old i was when i first read this book, but i've always been fascinated by it. it would have to be my favourite of all the texts we had to study in highschool. i'd have to put this book up there with lord of the flies* as one of my fave books of all time in fact. there's just something about a bunch of animals representing a variety of sociopolitical factions and the commentary the story makes in relation to these factions that is just so amazing, and one i'm only just now beginning to understand - given my previous reluctance to care about politics of any kind in the past.)

15. magician - raymond e. feist
(raymond e. feist is an amazing fantasy writer. i've only read the first 3 books of this series, (not because i don't want to read anymore, but because i can never get hold of the books in the right order!), and i love every one of them. as a stand alone novel about an apprentice magician, it is amazing. as the first chapter of a whole world, it is wonderful. i've read it about three times and find it very hard to get hold of, otherwise i'd have read it many more times than that. i love feists' imagery and the development of the characters. i just love the whole thing.)

there you go, "15 book i think are awesome", with some background information on why i think they're awesome. hope you enjoyed.

til next....

*it wasn't until i was writing my little explanations of why these books are on this list that i remembered lord of the flies. i think it's an awesome book, but i just didn't think of it at the time of compiling my list.
it's taken me a very long time to finish this thing, but it's done. a lot few people had asked me what my top ten songs were and i had a lot of trouble answering the question (mostly due to a myriad of distractions), so i sat down and i composed the following list. enjoy.

in light of the triple j hottest 100 "of all time" and the ensuing "controversy" surrounding it, i've been trying to put together my "top ten songs of all time". Now, I, like the many thousands of others, attempted to make the deadline for the countdown, but I was too hung up on trying to remember songs I thought were awesome. The consequence being a half completed list that took somewhere in the vacinity of a week to produce, and, thusly, no entry from me.

For anyone unaware: triple j, a radio station that broadcasts nationally here in australia, hosted a “listeners poll” for the “hottest 100 songs of all time”. Now, this initially began way back in the early days of the station's life and became the fore-runner to the annual “hottest 100 ” countdown; a countdown of the 100 favourite songs of the year. Every 10 years, the station will then open up the voting for a “hottest 100 of all time” poll for the listeners to choose up to 10 of their “favourite” (note this) songs “of all time”.

The controversy surrounding this years countdown was the fact that out of the 100 favourites, not a single female artist was selected. Yes, there were representations where some of the bands may have had a female member or they were a guest vocalist on a song, but as an artist, the women were very clearly under-represented. There has been much speculation about this, and even lead to triple j's “hack” program, which is a half hour daily current affairs segment, to look at it and hunt for answers (with little success). It is this speculation that draws me to blog about my “top ten favourite songs of all time”.

Now, i'm not going to put them in any specific order. Given that my taste in music and artists is so fluid, i'm always finding a new “off all time” list. The following list, however, has been given a great deal of thought, and is the most solid representation of what I consider to be my personal “best songs of all time”.

1.cryingroy orbison. As a child, I listened to the “oldies” station, hearing songs from all the 'greats' such as “the big o”. I remember enjoying the sound of his voice and that pretty woman would grace the airwaves a LOT because of the movie of the same name, but this song reminds me more of the sadness I felt when I first heard about his death from a heart attack at... 56? I think (wiki now tells me he was 52). I don't know what it was that I was sad about as I was only 8, but I recall that I was taken aback. “in dreams” was the song that I recall more distinctly listening to as a child, but crying is the song I find wonderful.
2.Tupelonick cave and the bad seeds. This song has special significance to my life. A friend lent me a best of collection of nick cave on a cassette (how old school!) during one of the darkest periods of my life, and this is the standout song. It quite literally saved my life. Don't ask me how or why, just know that this song is so completely awesome you have no idea.
3.Levonelton john. It's simplicity draws me. The story is so simple and yet there is so much that could be found in them. The song also has a strong emotional connection to my first ever elton john concert, where he actually performed it. I did not expect to hear it. I was so overwhelmed by the experience and so happy that I could see my favourite artist live (something I never thought would happen in my lifetime) that I actually cried and sang every word loud and proud and full of so much awesome there are no words.
4.Dear mamatupac shakur. Tupac is an amazing wordsmith. Possibly one of the greatest wordmiths of the 20th century. He was writing awesome shit long before eminem came onto the scene and made “rap” “popular”. This beautiful ode to his mother proves that he was more than the gangster rapper he was touted to be at the time.
5.I touch myself – divinyls. I've loved this song for as long as I can remember! It wasn't until is was in my early teens that I discovered what the song was really talking about! I can generally not get enough of this song. Most recently seen on the “austin powers: international man of mystery” soundtrack...
6.bang bangnancy sinatra. It's such a beautifully tragic song. Mosy notably heard in kill bill. But listen to the lyrics. And the composition is so simple, so ghostly, so...amazing.
7.I will survivegloria gaynor. This song is just so awesome there are almost no words to describe it! There is a clear timeless quality to it, it's empowering (not just for the girls), and I can see myself karaoking to it (still) in 20 years time and shaking my bootay to it in retro night clubs in the future.
8.Ordinary World - Duran Duran. I'm not particularly into duran duran, but this song has always struck a chord (forgive the pun). It was released around the time I began highschool. I'd moved interstate to live in a caravan in my grandparents front yard with my parents and brother, had said goodbye to everyone i'd grown up with and was struggling to find my place in a new school with new people. Essentially, this song kind of described how I was feeling at the time, and also marked a change in my listening habits.
9.Two little boysrolf harris. Yes, you read right, I said rolf harris. This song reminds me of the family road trips from victoria to queensland, singing along to the entire rolf collection (there was other music as well, but rolf is the stand out). There are some fond and not so fond memories associated with those road trips, and rolf harris is one of them. There is just the simple awesomeness of the song: a beautiful commentary about war and friendship. Makes me teary every time I hear it.
10. Namegoo goo dolls. I really can't explain what it is about this song that is so awesome. It could be john reznicks awesome lyrics and vocals, the detuned guitar, or the memories of my first job since graduating highschool and leaving home...whatever it is, this song actually sits significantly higher on the list than the spot it's just been given.

There you have it: my “top ten “of all time””. It has taken me the better part of ten days to compose this list. This is, by far, not my difinitive top ten, but it's pretty close.
Your thoughts on this list are greatly appreciated.

til next....

i've neglected the blogosphere for other adventures that don't require as much thought or energy (twitter) or that take me far away from the keyboard (family, work), however, i currently have an entire week to myself and i have NO IDEA what to do with it!


that was a lie, i know EXACTLY what i'm planning to do with it, and how much of that gets done really does rely on how much work needs me this week, and whether or not the studio computer plays fair. the studio pc has been playing silly buggers lately with cubase (it is almost 5 years old, so that may be a factor) and pots has had to reinstall it twice in about as many weeks. mind, there has also been the issue of the malfunctioning second external soundcard, which COULD, and this is a stretch here, COULD have been a rather major factor in the f.u.b.a.r-y-ness of the whole situation.

anyways! the plan this week is thus (and this is in no particular order, unless otherwise stated):

1. record guitar and vocal tracks
2. perform on the valley mall on saturday 18 july
3. have dinner with friends
4. record flute/recorder tracks
5. record vague attempts at lead guitar (so basic they may as well have been played by my 14 month old!)
6. sleep.
7. work.
8. this is usually the part where i would state a random drunken/sexual adventure i plan to have.
9. this is then the part where i would negate the aforementioned random drunken/sexual adventure i plan to have.
10. go for a ride on the back of my mates bike. i've never been on a racer before and he owns one and has promised me a ride for almost a year, but we've both been either too busy or drunk.

in amongst all of that shenanigans i have to slave for my weekly wage and re-train my body clock into being up late at night and not early morning - again. but it's nothing i haven't done before, so methinks it'll be fine.

til next....
in the latest saga to try and get more tunes down into something solid, i installed adobe audition onto the laptop. the main reason for choosing this program is simply because i can't get cubase to run, or soundforge, so i went with a simpler program. i'm not keen on the userability (mainly because it's version 1.5, which is about a trillion years old), but given time, i'm sure i could get used to it. this means that the quality of the recordings isn't going to be grand because there is only one audio input jack on the lappy, so i'll be focusing on creating demos of my tunes in the hopes that i can improve them with awesomeness in the future sometime.

the one thing that's annoying is the fact that my midi keyboard hasn't arrived yet. it should have arrived by now as it's only being shipped from melbourne, and i got an email last week announcing it's postal. i've emailed the company i bought it from to try and source its location and hopefully work something out: i do not want to lose more than $300 on something i've taken a great deal of care selecting and finally choosing. but it was free money...NOT the point! argh! should the item ever arrive, then i'll be able to make some fuller sounding recordings, and finally get started on my new musical project. i'm going to remain tight lipped on the project for now until i know that it's fully underway, but if it does get its feet off the ground in time, then i may a gig set up! again, it's all relying on this damned keyboard!

along with my music, i'm looking to improve my skills as an actor. to do this, i am attempting to build a collection of acting learnering books to read and, well, learn from. in particular i'm looking for cicely berry's "the voice and the actor" and "the actor and the text". also, any texts regarding linklater or lessac techniques would also be favoured. if anyone has anything they are willing to give up, i will offer monies for the exchange, or a coffee or even a beer for pointing me in the right direction wherein i am able to locate them with expediency. any other suggested readings are also welcomed with open arms and cranial space. i've reached an impasse and i want climb out of this gully before it gets too deep. as i am fiscally limited, attending workshops is so ridiculously out of the question it's a pain in the proverbial. i may even be looking for a mentor in the near future, if anyone has suggestions or offers :)

til next....
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( May. 14th, 2009 06:26 pm)
i'm not sure what i'm going to use dreamwidth for yet. i may eventually end up using it as my arts/music blog should that ever pass through the teething stages and become something more than just occasional random bursts of manic energy followed by cyclonic depressions and lengthy spells la nina style droughts, or is it el nino that causes the droughts? i'm waiting on some new shiny musical equipment so that i can start getting serious about recording again. i also have a new project in my brain that shall soon be given some room in which to grow, but in the mean time, i need to get some of the stuff that's holding me back out of the way.

i think as time progresses, i'll be able to work out what this blog shall end up being, and consequently, the cross posting to lj may decrease over time. for now, i'm happy to keep both at pace with each other and see how things pan out. it's up to you whether or not you wish to keep following me.

til next....
~kits~ (transitional phase finally getting into full swing)
as a child, my mother introduced me something i would later grow up to geek on about with fangirly glee: star trek. i was weaned on gene roddenberry's original dream and i swear that james kirk is my real dad (or so i probably wished). as a teenager, living with my mother and grandmother, i ditched church on a sunday morning once i turned 16 for two reasons: the first being that i was 16 and was legally permitted to make my own decisions and the second being that star trek was on the tv. i even dated a star trek geek who had the ENTIRE series of star trek: the next generation on vhs in his bedroom!

i've seen all the star trek movies ever made, but only the last few in the cinema. i was vastly disappointed with all the TNG films (with the exception of first contact), even nemesis and it made me cry! so when i first heard about star trek i was of course, scared. i know that it's just a television show, but i knew all about these characters, and here was someone coming along and attempting to retell it for me: of course i was apprehensive. anyway....

this may contain spoilers, read at your own risk )

i plan to see it again.

til next....
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( May. 12th, 2009 07:54 am)
this place is really cool. kinda reminds me what lj was like back in the early days, when it was for all the cool kids to hang out and be cool.

[ insert period of time since this entry was begun ]

who remembers the animaniacs? i really miss that show. it was by far my favourite cartoon when i was a teenager. i've got some of the songs from the show on a cd, which i'm currently listneing to and belly laughing softly because it hurts my throat to be loud. are there dvds available? if there are, i must hunt them down and purchase them and introduce the monkey to them. and the bonus: there's actually education in the damned show! it's a bunch of idiots being idiots and making education so much fun it actually hurts! there's the "hello song" which i'm listening to right now, which lists all the various ways people say "hello" all across the globe. my favourite will always be "magellin" because it's just a brilliant little piece of musical history, and despite the fact that it was a pretty nasty tale, they made it fun. simply: i don't have anything bad to say about the animaniacs right now because i haven't seen it for years. :)

with luck, tonight i'll be sitting in a dark dark room in a super comfy chair with some popcorn and maybe maltesers or jaffas and hopefully a glass of red wine, watching with wide eyed wonder, school girlish joy and first night jitters: star trek xi. i've been very good with avoiding the spoilers for this film, except for this one bit regarding the music in the closing credits care of pvp online (which i'm not happy about, but can't wait for!). i just know i'm going to either cry with joy or pain when it's over and i may or may not applaud.

i'm most worried about the revisiting of my two favourite characters. i'm also scared about what they've done to the canon; did they just throw it out the window the way they did for "enterprise" (which thankfully doesn't actually carry the "star trek" prefix and is therefore (in my opinion) not technically part of the canon); did they 'tweak' it for their own benefit to make it 'popular' for the 'cool kids'. the fact that they've got jj abrams on board kind of makes me squee a little, but fear as well. quinto looks like a youthful nimoy, pine will have to be fecking brilliant to convince me (i'm also amused by how close his name is to the original captain of the enterprise: chris(topher) pike - oh yeah, there's my geek right there!), and i'm still dubious about karl urban as bones.

let's just say this: 9pm can't come quick enough right now.

til next....
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so...not to say goodbye to livejournal, but i've caved and bought some dreamwidth accountage. there have been many reasons why i've not been posting and the like, and most of it being that i think i've outgrown the whole LJ thing. i've been there since 2001 i think (if i bother to look i'll know for certain) and i just feel that it's not doing what i would like it to be doing. the fact that i'm being spammed by russian spam journals is the main reason. i don't mind if people want to be my friend, but when you're just gonna spam, GTFO! so here's to making the brave new step towards moing on...

...this being made harder by a track that only brings tears to my eyes because of all the memories associated with it: "friends" by scooter. ... [dream sequence including white filter] ...

it's highschool 1995 and i'm in the very epicentre of my scottish highschooling 'career'. i'm lining up in the dinner queue waiting for my dinner ticket (cuz we wuz poor enuff to be eligible fer ut) talking to my younger friend amanda and listening to this song on her WALKMAN! i'd left mine at home: it had TETRIS! on it. that's right, i once owned a walkman that had a tetris game on the front so i could listen to my cassettes and link up a bunch of pixellated blocks! I AM TEH UBER GEEKNESS...i just wish i knew what happened to it so i could prove it to you all.

anyway, my paella is awaiting and if i don't wrap this up now, well, there'll be burnt rice to deal with.

til next....
~Kits~(onwards to new things)
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( Feb. 13th, 2009 01:30 am)
UPDATE!: turns out ebay has sent this person barking up the wrong tree. a return message clearly showed this to not only NOT be a scam, but also a case of "ebay appears to have fucked up". for some reason, ebay's research doesn't go into the detail of actually reading a registered user's information, because if they did, they would have quickly identified that i was not the person being searched for in this instance. big clue: i'm not a male! nor have i ever registered banking details with a male name. i wished this user all the best in their search, apologised for my tone and asked that they understand why it was needed.

what an exciting way to start friday the thirteenth! i kinda sense it to be a good day now!

post rehearsal insomnia brought on by a gurana beverage and a cup of tea, i check my email. sitting in my inbox is a message from ebay from a user who bought a book off me 12 months ago claiming to have mistakenly deposited a pile of dollars into my account. i read with dubiousness and do some research. piles of stated information are connected and yes, they do appear to be who they say they are, but there is no evidence of the so called "mistaken deposit". so i messaged them back. below are the transcripts, edited only to remove sensitive informations.

am i being scammed? i haven't emailed ebay about it yet, because i can't be certain this is a scam or not. opinions...

could this be a scam? )

til next....
~Kits~ (i'm really not sure)
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( Feb. 7th, 2009 09:00 pm)
oh fuck! the palladium in london is doing sister act this year! grrrr... why does someone ALWAYS beat me to the frucking punch!

til next....
~kits~ (annoyed)
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( Feb. 7th, 2009 08:40 pm)
i want to get hold of the rights to sister act the musical, but i don't know where to find them, or where i could stage it.

anyone got any ideas for either of my dilemmas there?

til next....
~kits~ (in a creative mood)
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( Feb. 5th, 2009 01:18 pm)
i had a one on one with GOD today:

i think he's a little confused... )

til next....
~Kits~ (yeah, things have happened, just can't be arsed blogging about them)
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( Jan. 22nd, 2009 03:09 pm)
is there anyone out there who can get me a copy of todays MX? i'm not able to get into the city today.
pretty please?

til next....
~Kits~ (it's an ego thing)

i got creative in the kitchen today. unintentionally.
in an attempt to make dinner seem different to usual i created something unexpectedly delicious!
the ingredients and method are below. unfortunately i didn't think to take a photograph so there is no pic spam of the deliciousness, but let me assure you, it IS delicious!

chicken esfahan

it doesn't have anything to do with esfahan as i made it up as i went along, but the name sounds cool and since it's a persian style dish... )

til next....
~Kits~ (cuisinier extraordinnaire!)

in a spot of sheer laziness and lack of brain cell function due to stupidly busy days and not much sleep in between while packing to go on holiday, i give you "something i prepared earlier":

season's greetings to all.

whether you celebrate or no, i'm wishing you all a safe and happy time during this "festive" season.

as for me, i'm not big on the whole affair. i kind of lost interest in christmas when i returned from scotland in my late teens, and having kids just hasn't helped to 'rekindle the spirit' so to speak. that said, i still partake in the going to family thing that tends to happen at this time of year, and as a consequence, a well earned holiday and road trip is in the traps for yet another season.

since i was a child, road trips have been a part of my life. i was born in brisbane and my father's family lives here, but when he joined the RAAF, he was posted down to laverton in the western suburbs of melbourne and that's where i spent my formative years. so, each christmas my brother and i would get out of school a week early, we'd pack up the car (whether it be the gemini we had for the first two trips or the urvan we had for the remainder) and hit the road for the "three day drive of doom".

one year we were caught in a massive storm outside of moree in northern new south wales and the car broke down. so there we were, on the side of the newell highway, visibility is limited because of the downpour, there are semi-trailers speeding past and dad's out under the bonnet of the gemini (in the pelting rain) trying to figure out what was wrong with the car. turned out to be a loose earth wire (or something mechanich speech like that). all kind of exciting and scary when you're only seven years old!

when dad retired from the RAAF, we moved back to brisbane and had little reason to do that road trip again...that was until i met my pots. pots' family live in central victoria and we live here in brisbane, so, if you're capable of doing the math...that's right! ROAD TRIP!

once again the annual road trip is a factor in my life, though this time it is in reverse. i love getting in the car and just driving. road trips are beyond awesome, and now that i have my own family, my kids get to experience the same exhileration of getting in the car, driving to somewhere you've never been before and putting up a tent.

anyways, as of this weekend i'm outta town for a few weeks. hitting the road with family, camping at whatever locations we end up in and probably not showering for upwards of a week! i'm going to have a smelly christmas this year i think :)

til next....
~Kits~ (gonna be without easy access internets for about a month or so)
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( Dec. 9th, 2008 03:54 pm)
new writings over at [livejournal.com profile] git_phuqd, the demo video version can be found on the tube of you.

no embed, and i'm not sorry :P

til next....
~Kits~ (gotsa go do stuff now)


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