i just joined my local PCYC. it was kind of an odd sensation. i don't know why. but, once they process the memberships for 2009, i'm officially a member of the Queensland Police Citizens Youth Club. it means i'm permitted to do anything at any pcyc in all of qld - woo!

now, now. calm down people. it's not that exciting :P
i kind of had to do it in order to continue doing spin classes, which i enjoy doing - even if the cute coach is switching to kickboxing for a while [ sigh ] :)


i was distracted by something and i can't remember what it was or what i was going to say. it could be that the huge puddle of puss-y snot build up in my head is making me imagine things again. either that or the mild pain in my knee is attempting some kind of global take over bid.

i'll let you decide.

til next....
~Kits~ (goooooooooooooooo)
last night was the cast party for the witches. it was fun. i was (mostly) sober, but only because i had to drive home later. i shared the love of the "milky milk" and got several cast members drunk. then we pulled out the black russians. then there was the music. and the fire. and the boobies. all in all: not too bad a cast party. apparently there were more boobies after i left, which is either "just my luck - [ sigh ]" or "just my luck - [ phew ]". i am undecided as to which.

the cast party marks the end of a less than wholly pleasant experience, which i have previously documented. i'm pleased that it's over, and am looking forward to not directing for a while. i need a break. in actual fact, i need a holiday: from everything. i'm looking at photos of places i've been and places i've never been and thinking "gosh it would be lovely if i could just take a week, maybe two, and bugger off somewhere and relax. forget about everything, everyone, and just be by myself for a while". of course, that's never going to happen. "never" may not exactly be the word i'm looking for, but it's close enough.

just looking for more 'experiences' to write songs about i guess. mind, i have a pile of material from the past week or two i could easily use...but haven't been able to yet. sometimes there just aren't enough words to describe the feelings and happenings. [ sigh ]

ugh. my head feels like it's full of cottonwool. everything is covered in this 'romantic' white light filter with softened edges and my eyes are heavy all the time. i hate sinus infections. i might try and find a corner and hide in it in an attempt to nap it off or something. likelyhood of this happening? slim to nil, leaning heavily on the "nil" side of "slim".

til next....
~Kits~ (snot monster of doom in the making)
kitsunegari: (Default)
( Nov. 29th, 2007 11:24 am)
anyone out there know of any kick arse monologues (contemporary australian) for an actor with laryngitis?
i've been roped in at the last minute to an audition on saturday, and have woken up with no voice.
any and all suggestions will be taken as seriously as they are intended :)

til next....
~Kits~ (strangely silent)  
kitsunegari: (Default)
( Aug. 14th, 2007 11:41 am)
would anyone know the chances of disputing an infringement notice where a detail concerning the colour of the car is wrong. for example: the notice states the car to be a BLUE sedan, when in fact the car is clearly a SILVER sedan. no other information is deemed incorrect.


in other non legal news:

the monkey is quite ill. spent almost 24hours straight without sleep looking after him as a continuously vomited. a brief trip to emergency last night got us nowhere as we were quite quickly forgotten about amidst the hordes of other concerned parents with their sickly kiddlies. he appears much better today, but still quite lethargic and not quite ready for solid food. but, i'm pleased that he's keeping his fluids down at least, so he's filling himself up on that. not sure what it is, but rumour around the emergency waiting room was a hint of gastric virus sneaking its way underneath the the heightened flu sensors. there was a little girl who had the exact same symptoms as the monkey, and she was sent home before we got a chance to be considered again. so we just upped and took the monkey home. seems to have been a good idea, as he's not as stressed as he would have been had we stayed.

oh well,must return to my coffee and hope the printer is up to task, finally.

til next....
~Kits~ (a head full of puss and feeling like crap)
after much annoyance and grr and argh and poobumcrap, i've managed to get the wireless on my new shiny thing to work!

i'm currently in the dining room writing this while the router sits in another part of the house being all helpful to my wirelessness.

oh, i should introduce you to my shiny. his name is quincy and he looks like this. everyone, please say hello to quincy.

in other news, i'm about to kill all things adobe for being crapper than crap and ruining my life! adobe encore 1.5 has decided to kill itself in the middle of a project and i've now been forced to hunt down version 2.0 in lieu of getting our hands on premier pro cs3.

in other other news, i feel like crap. icky gut and a swore throat makes kits a less than pleasant person to be around. i've had to call in sick for theatre in the hope i can be well enough for work tonight. i've not earned any sick leave yet and thusly cannot take the night off to be sick and sorry for myself. this is NOT going to be fun.

also. pan auditions on sunday and i'm 100% NOT prepared.

the embassy gig on april 22 has been canned because the embassy sucks.

til next....
~Kits~ (in need of a holiday)
well, i've managed to score myself an uncomfortable case of tendinitis in my left wrist. this leaves me wrapped in a brace, rubbing goo all over it and eating nurofen for the inflammation. it also means i have the most boring job at work. ugh.
on an up note, i don't have to pay for any of the medical or medicinal expenses :) even the klms spent to get to and from the doctor next week are paid for :) i almost love coles.

i don't know what this is going to mean for the future of my nightfill 'career', perhpas it gives me a decent case to argue a transfer to a daytime department where the workload is less heavy lifting and more something else. think i might wait until my permanent part-time status is actually put through (that's a complicated scenario that is) before i start making those sorts of waves. until then, i have to try and not aggravate this stupid wrist tendon. ugh.

why couldn't it have been my knee, or my ankle, or a piece of my torso or face threatening to decompose and fall of? why my bloody wrist? i NEED that wrist. thats my fretboard hand, and i need the flexibility. yeah. things are looking oh so fabulous for my music now. not that they were looking particulalry brilliant to start with...

ugh. stupid negative thoughts. stupid cynic. stupid stupid. guh

til next....
~Kits~ (if you want me, i'll be in the corner ignoring the caffiene withdrawal)
it's 3am saturday december 23.

i've had a sporadic 5 hours sleep since 10am thursday.

i'm feeling sick, i'm incredibly tired and i've got far too much work to do.

it doesn't matter how much forward preparation i do, i still end up having to cram the majority of anything into the final hours before a due date.

i think i'm going insane.

i'm losing weight, which is bad as i'm already a waif. it's also a bad sign when i notice it. i NEVER notice any weight loss.

my right ear has been sore and swollen for 4 days now and i've had absolutely no time to organise a trip to the doctor. i'm also out of pain killers.

my sinuses have decided to get in on the act and are acting a little swollen and irritated as well.

i've at least go my christmas shopping out of the way a few days earlier than usual this year.

i have to find the energy to cook and prepare food for christmas day on sunday. i'm hoping i'm not dead by then.

i'm wondering how much longer before the hallucinations begin.

concentration is a bitch, and i have a headache.

i wonder if i'll start having blackouts soon.

it's kinda cold.

didn't i say i was confused by the orange blossoms on the laundry floor?

where's YOUR head at?

til next....
~Kits~ (stupid song)
oh please kill me now.

tonights rehearsal is going to be *great*.
attempting to play guitar while hacking parts of lung and throat onto everyone.
and not be able to apologise for it because it would appear that my vocal chords were coughed out at some point yesterday afternoon.

could this week get any worse?
yes, it probably could.
we'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

til next....
~Kits~ (cold coffee even hurt, not the swallowing, the liquid itself)
so, no voice and the beginnings of a low grade fever.

methinks i'm not at all well.

til next....
~Kits~ (hallucinations to follow?)
just so people know: I still hate cunterlink.

other news: seafood fest on sunday was great! it rained during RUSSELL CROWEs' set. his band is a whole lot of ordinary, with very little fear (of god). will he ever get over the TOFOG thing?

something new: i have a shiny new mobile fone courtesy of my provider. it's black and so light it practically floats! i love VODAFONE.

something 'different':i went to the chemist and got some nasal spray to try and help with my sinuses, only to develop a sinus infection before getting a chance to use it. i now feel ten shades of crap and twelve shades of 'bleh'. and the lethargy and shakes are a new part of this scenario. i hate my head.

where's the gravy boat?: i expressed interest in casual employment with UQ library today. with any luck they'll call and offer me a job in the next six months and hire me because i'm a: not a student, b: definitely not feral (see a:) and c: brilliant!

eggplant: connect the dots with a small tool in the employ of a midget.

til next....
~Kits~ (welcome to the non ratings period)
i'm sitting here hoping i fail a credit check so that i don't have to feel so bad about being pressured into a new mobile phone contract with a company i've never heard of (leeching off the optus network) and getting a phone i've just discovered is less than what it was being touted as.

also, i discovered that despite the fact that he wasn't actually 'selling' me anything, he didn't like it when i told him he worked in 'telesales'.

i even told them i didn't want to change, and yet somehow they made me feel like i should. i should have tweaked when they bagged my network unashamedly and didn't listen properly to me, but i assumed because i appeared to be talking to a call centre in india that it was a language barrier and time difference thing.

yet another reason why i hate telemarketers of ANY description.

in other news:
the right side of my jaw is sore, slightly inflamed and messing with my tonsils and ear. stupid frelling wisdom teeth.

could my day get any 'better'?

til next....
~Kits~ (my old phone is better than the 'new' one)
the worst part about being domestic and giving the house a good makeover, is that i can't sing along to the girly tunes i've got playing because i've got either laryngitis, or severely strained vocal chords. either way, it sounds like i'm a 'singing phone sex worker'.

til next....
~Kits~ (getting sweaty)


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