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( Mar. 2nd, 2007 11:03 am)
my two year old just grabbed my left breast, and proclaimed it to be my 'belly button'

let us not ignore the fact he quite clearly understands where the belly button is.

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~Kits~ (amused, and worried)

these stupid 'defined local catchment areas' when it comes to schools is a RIDICULOUS PAIN IN THE ARSE!

i've been researching schools for the monkey to go to, and so far i've just been hit with loads of annoying crap. because of where i'm located i can't send him to the primary school i want him to go to, despit the fact that it is only a 20minute walk from here. and the school just around the corner deals with multiage classes, WHICH I DO NOT LIKE HAVING HAD TO GO THROUGH THAT KIND OF EDUCATION WHEN I WAS IN PRIMARY SCHOOL. the real pain in the arse-ism about it is i'm only about a block and a half OUTSIDE this stupid 'defined local catchment' bullshit.
and when it comes to secondary school, unless he's brilliant and can score a huge pile of academic accolades wherein he can literally have the choice of which school he wants to attend, i'll be forced to send him to Grammar. i don't like the idea of being forced to send my kid to a private school, non denominational or not. i was already considering it, but if it were a case of finances, i'd rather send him to a state high school (BSH was my second choice, but again, it's a catchment thing).

and because of the introduction of prep, i probably won't be able to send sebastian to kindy until 2009, when in reality he should be allowed to go NEXT YEAR! but NO, they're phasing out preschool to introduce prep, and so they're changing it so kids don't need to go to kindy until they're 3 and a half. with the monkey being a 'first half of the year' birth, he'll be 4 before he starts any kind of schooling and socialising. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO FOR THAT INTERIM YEAR! it's bloody stupid!

i want to get my kid some social skills as early as i can, so i think to myself, "i'll enrol him in kindy when hes three, that's the usual age" then i discover there's nothing i can do, unless "there are unfilled spots on the list. but we're presently honouring our waiting list. and even if there are kids on the list AFTER you, if they turn out to be 3 and a half, they get priority". grrrrrrrr.

i don't know what to do now. at this rate i'm almost better off trying to home school him i think, but then that's going to mean me getting motivated and being a full time stay at home mum. *shudder*


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~Kits~ (really wishing i hadn't done this today)
ooh. birthday greetings to [ profile] jagwire. have an awesome day, and don't let too many of the stupids get in your way :)

in other news:
  • i'm back from three weeks in smokey victoria, where the weather started off kind (cool and requiring jumpers) and ended with much hatred (stinking hot with blackouts and lots of ick). overall the time was good. there will be pictures soon.

  • my first shift back at work was busy with excellent news: i've been asked to go permanent! knowing the advantages (and the disadvantages) i said yes.

  • pots music career seems to have hit the ground running. he's got two gigs this weekend which is teh cool and teh bad. but at least it's money.

  • the monkey has his second birthday tomorrow. sort of hard to believe it's been two years. i've done a lot of things in that time, and a lot of nothing. unfortunately for me, it's the nothing that shows.

i was going to gripe about a few things, but have chosen to do that another time. it's far to hot right now despite it being 1am (in the morning, for redundancy) and i really can't be bothered. the heat and work have taken away most of the energies i require to really express my dissatisfaction and annoyance at a thing or two. plus, it's unlikely that it'll affect anyone, it's more of a 'gotta get it out' kind of thing. you know how rants are :)

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~Kits~ (if only butterflies could wield machetes, the world would be a much more interesting place)
pots, monkey and myself went to sultan's kitchen in paddington for dinner.

i think we ate enough curry, pakora, somasa and naan bread to feed a small village (and there were only 2 of us - two and a half if you include monkey)!

it honestly didn't look like much at all when it arrived, but, by gumbo, were we mistaken!

the food is great, but the service and atmosphere is a little something less.
i don't mind it so much, but i'm not too keen on going back.
i think it's mainly to do with their main inability to deal with a toddler and a high chair.
i don't want to be thrust into an entrance way simply because i've got a small person who requires their own seat.
the most obnoxious thing of all: it wasn't a huge encumberance at all, as they tried to make out. we could in fact have sat ANYWHERE in the restaurant.
we were begrudged a table against the wall because it was 'for four people' despite the fact that the table they were originally seating us at was also for four people.

i think we'll just stick to take away from them from now on (if that).

til next....
~Kits~ (hmmmm)
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( Jul. 4th, 2006 05:23 pm)
what is there to update about when all i'm doing is pretending i care enough to entertain a group of people who'd much rather be elsewhere.
i think we'd get more reaction from a corpse.
i'd prolly have more fun performing to a morgue in fact.

Patrick and Sebastian fly to Victoria tomorrow afternoon.
I am to be a 'free agent' from then until the 19th.

i mean it when i say "Let's Hang"

til next....
despite having a restful night of sleep i still feel as though i've been awake since thursday.

my child now smells like coffee. Go here to find out why

i've given myself the hiccups by hanging out a washing.

i'm sure there are plenty of things to do today, i just can't seem to figure out what they are right now.

til next....
~Kits~ (i hate hiccups)
*giggles insanely*

I'm so glad someone got the deliberate mistake in my last post. i like it when i can be clever while still unable to think straight. =D

i'm now having a raspberry blowing competition with an almost 1 year old.

til next....
~Kits~ (thpbbbbbbbbbbb)
he wears a pillow on his head in an attempt to drown out the noise of a giggling infant while I'm forced to get out of bed and attend to said giggling infant. i suspect his version of 'sharing responsibility' doesn't stretch to 'getting up at a sparrow fart to feed and play'.
and it's far too warm to go cycling. i'd die before i got the bike down the cliff face to the street.
i've decided that once the renovations have been completed, and since we live on a hill that could be mistaken for a mountain sometimes, we shall name the house "Ward Lodge". there's already "Ward Falls", when it rains the stairs become a waterfall; "Mount Ward", which is the pile of dirt in the 'back yard' that looks like a jungle and possibly has weird and exotic wildlife hiding in its undergrowth; and soon we shall have the "Pat Cave", which will be the under the house bit with the granny flat and extra space for us PLUS a garage on the lowest level.
[ profile] frazicus and [ profile] ahbuggerit have the worst hill EVER in the history of ever at the end of their street, but the flat is cosy. never again shall I make that particular trek in any kind of weather, let alone the weather I decided to go power walking (with pram) in yesterday. many thanks for the icy poles and the beer and the ice and the general cooling downedness of stuff. we also now have black hair for the next six weeks.
i think i might go back to bed now that the wriggly one has drifted off for his early morning nap and return later for more Kingdom of Loathing and with details for Saturday for those interested parties.

til next....
~Kits~ (*yawn*)


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