cretinlink is on my back again. claiming things i know to be untrue but which i can't prove because it involved a series of phone conversations over a period of months two years ago. the whole thing is munted. [ sigh ]
so while they go on the hunt for information i can't provide personally, i can't help but feel a little attacked/insulted/annoyed.

i'm not going to bother with that shit. it's just going to make me even more pissed off than i am, and i really don't want to get that pissed off.

minging and munted. munted. munted. ming. ming.


in other news:
i hate ipod. can't restore the bloody thing because of unknown errors that keep popping up. google troubleshooters. attempt EVERY SINGLE FECKING ONE OF THEM. decide i have a nice and shiny, useless piece of apple shit that would suffice as nothing more than a paper weight. it was free, i suppose i should have suspected something was a-miss there. [ sigh ]

currently looking for a FUNCTIONAL ipod. 20gb preferred.

i hate apple.

til next....
~Kits~ (stupids)
got chatting to the boss about my permenancy the other day: acted like he didn't know and told to me ask my line manager.
i told him that kevin had already asked me: three weeks ago, and that i'd like to know when it was all going to be done.
it's funny how a swift kick up the bum can get things moving.
unless he gets slothful on me again, i should get my permanent roster either next week or the week after.

the good and the bad )

i probably should think about going to bed now.
all the fun i've had on [ profile] stupid_free has exhausted me.. oh, and yay, i win the intartubens(tm). wow, i lurk on most comms, but the moment i decide to comment, i get all kinds... it's fun. someone even attacked me for the bad poetry i put in my bio...

til next....
~Kits~ (apparently it's this bit that's the bad part)
happy birthday [ profile] kcdl. rawk it!

fucking beaurocrats!
cunterlink is messing with my payments AGAIN! i'm trying to be a good girl and tell them that i earn money each fortnight and how much money i have earned, right.
pots has been informing them as well and has been doing this NEIS training thing, and the contract of payments is due to come into effect today.
with me?

well, as it so happens, the NEIS people have been screwed around by cunterlink giving them an invalid contract (due to some printing error) to sign, which then meant an extended delay while they fixed up the mistake and got pots back in to sign it again. also, during this whole fiasco, there's been a communication breakdown between cunterlink, the NEIS people and his job network folk which has further messed up things (thankfully less so). now, it would appear, i'm being thrown into this mess. because of that whole being partnerd thing, so are our payments (despite the fact we don't actually live out of each others pockets like we're alleged [and expected, most likely] to do [however, we are often forced to thanks to this bullshit]) partnered.

ugh, now i've lost myself... ah yes, right. this stuff up has now caused my payment to be suspended, and is disallowing me from reporting to them that i, once again, have earned money for the fortnight that will affect how much money they are to pay me. i can't do anything until i get some stupid reference number from pots (that he is yet to receive despite the NEIS people saying they would send him a copy of his contract) BEFORE i can DO ANYTHING!

if i were NOT working and RELYING on this payment, i would be in a HUGE pile of finacial WOE brought on by their stupid bungling and red tape crap. and WHY do they CHOOSE to do this TWO WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! it's already THE WORST time of year for families because of financial stress. i DO NOT NEED THIS ON TOP OF WORK STRESS.

why can't things just ease up for us for once? why the smeg can't pots just publish his smegging papers and get a real smegging job! guh!

that's a whole 'nother story.

til next....
~Kits~ (pissed off and supposed to be getting barded up!)
just so people know: I still hate cunterlink.

other news: seafood fest on sunday was great! it rained during RUSSELL CROWEs' set. his band is a whole lot of ordinary, with very little fear (of god). will he ever get over the TOFOG thing?

something new: i have a shiny new mobile fone courtesy of my provider. it's black and so light it practically floats! i love VODAFONE.

something 'different':i went to the chemist and got some nasal spray to try and help with my sinuses, only to develop a sinus infection before getting a chance to use it. i now feel ten shades of crap and twelve shades of 'bleh'. and the lethargy and shakes are a new part of this scenario. i hate my head.

where's the gravy boat?: i expressed interest in casual employment with UQ library today. with any luck they'll call and offer me a job in the next six months and hire me because i'm a: not a student, b: definitely not feral (see a:) and c: brilliant!

eggplant: connect the dots with a small tool in the employ of a midget.

til next....
~Kits~ (welcome to the non ratings period)
*cue triumphant music*

We've been granted payment!!!!

not 5 minutes ago did we get a call from cunterlink (on a Saturday!) stating that we've been granted payment.

so, eveidence to the fact that the wench i spoke to on the phone yesterday didn't have the faintest idea what was going on, and the chick from thursday did.

seriously. if the government is so annoyed with people being on the dole and whatnot, then, why don't they employ more staff in the cunterlink call centres? it would reduce the risk of getting an engaged signal when you desparately need information, and the twenty minute waiting time would theoretically be smaller as well. i mean, i'd be happy to apply, if their paying government call centre wages of roughly $22 and hour. it'd be piss easy work too!

til next....
~Kits~ (so very relieved)


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