"...and as the sun went down over the cold wet sand, theresa sighed, wrapped her cardigan tighter around her body, turned and walked back toward her future."

ah, young theresa. she's gone through many incarnations over the years, mostly inside my head, and on random occasions she's attemtped to escape onto the page of a notebook or the keyboard of my various computers. she's only ever been a name, as her visage changes with every visit, not quite unlike myself really - but she is not a fictional representation of myself, that i can assure you of. i'm thinking, that with a few more hours of time appearing up my sleeves in the coming weeks, i might try bringing her to life again.

for the record: i am NOT participating in NaNoWriMo, but that is the reason why she's been floating about my head a lot more recently.

it smacks of effort and motivation, but i've been able to motivate myself in the past, so who knows.

to get off tangent: banana milkshake.

til next....


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