i've neglected the blogosphere for other adventures that don't require as much thought or energy (twitter) or that take me far away from the keyboard (family, work), however, i currently have an entire week to myself and i have NO IDEA what to do with it!


that was a lie, i know EXACTLY what i'm planning to do with it, and how much of that gets done really does rely on how much work needs me this week, and whether or not the studio computer plays fair. the studio pc has been playing silly buggers lately with cubase (it is almost 5 years old, so that may be a factor) and pots has had to reinstall it twice in about as many weeks. mind, there has also been the issue of the malfunctioning second external soundcard, which COULD, and this is a stretch here, COULD have been a rather major factor in the f.u.b.a.r-y-ness of the whole situation.

anyways! the plan this week is thus (and this is in no particular order, unless otherwise stated):

1. record guitar and vocal tracks
2. perform on the valley mall on saturday 18 july
3. have dinner with friends
4. record flute/recorder tracks
5. record vague attempts at lead guitar (so basic they may as well have been played by my 14 month old!)
6. sleep.
7. work.
8. this is usually the part where i would state a random drunken/sexual adventure i plan to have.
9. this is then the part where i would negate the aforementioned random drunken/sexual adventure i plan to have.
10. go for a ride on the back of my mates bike. i've never been on a racer before and he owns one and has promised me a ride for almost a year, but we've both been either too busy or drunk.

in amongst all of that shenanigans i have to slave for my weekly wage and re-train my body clock into being up late at night and not early morning - again. but it's nothing i haven't done before, so methinks it'll be fine.

til next....
the following is a response to the latest email about the rising fuel prices. You know, the one that tells you NOT to buy fuel on a certain day because if a whole bunch of us did, then the petrol companies would lose a pile of money?

i've received about a million emails of that ilk for the past few years. every time there's a rise in the price of petrol, for whatever reason, people chuck a hissy and decide that not buying it will solve all the problems.

face the fact that prices are going to continue to rise regardless of your efforts, and that this kind of action (if it ever actually occurs) never works. it's as effective as an ePetition.

the only time the cost of petrol affects me is when I a use public transport (which is rare to never when I can walk to where i need to go) or b buy something from a shop (because they use trucks to get the stuff there).

oil is finite. it started to run out after the first geyser was found. just learn to deal with it and try to find alternatives. in the bush there are people using vegetable oil to run their diesels. it doesn't work for everyone, but at least they're looking to the future.

I'm not flaming or saying you're all f***wits for bothering with this kind of thing, i'm just trying to point out the essential futility of such action in as nice a way as i can.

all the best with your petition.

til next....
~Kits~ (considering cow farts as an alternative fuel source)


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