i'm not sure what i'm going to use dreamwidth for yet. i may eventually end up using it as my arts/music blog should that ever pass through the teething stages and become something more than just occasional random bursts of manic energy followed by cyclonic depressions and lengthy spells la nina style droughts, or is it el nino that causes the droughts? i'm waiting on some new shiny musical equipment so that i can start getting serious about recording again. i also have a new project in my brain that shall soon be given some room in which to grow, but in the mean time, i need to get some of the stuff that's holding me back out of the way.

i think as time progresses, i'll be able to work out what this blog shall end up being, and consequently, the cross posting to lj may decrease over time. for now, i'm happy to keep both at pace with each other and see how things pan out. it's up to you whether or not you wish to keep following me.

til next....
~kits~ (transitional phase finally getting into full swing)
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