calling for help:

anyone got a whipper snipper of any kind i could borrow this week?
gotta tame the wilderness before we leave on sunday or risk yet another council threat care of the neighbour. ours just decided to become FUBAR in the middle of some serious sweating.

currently attempting to attack it with an old fashioned manual push mower. if i don't get fit with that, then nothing can help me :)

til next....
~Kits~ (desparately seeking assistance)
well, as i suspected, i really should have just had the accountant transfer my entire return to my mechanic. the good thing being that it should run a lot better than it had been, and probably even save me money on fuel - not that it was a guzzler before hand. at the recent prices it's cost me around $50 a month to FILL the tank =D

however, until the problems are fixed, i am carless until tuesday or wednesday, which is cool. i live inner city, i can walk wherever i need to go, and if i have to go any further, there are buses and trains, and beyond that, pots has a car i can use. so i'm hardly stranded. it just means i'm kind of commited to keeping this car for a bit longer than i had hoped because the repairs are costing about half the price i paid for it.

[ distraction ]

OMG! i don't watch rovelive, for obvious reasons, but i stumbled across this video. chas (from the chaser) defiled himself! i can't believe it! that crazy, crazy little italian boy. [ shakes head ]
i also thought that the 'break down' blog was a bit lame, but then, it is rove. [ shrugs ]

well, i'm officially distracted from whatever it was i was trying to say - no, i haven't bothered to read back :P

i think i'll go and make some marinated chicken burger type things and drink a beer.

til next....
~kits~ (it is friday after all)
my car is seeing the doctor today.
it's having some ankle surgery done, and hopefully that'll mean the clunking and squeeking will cease, and there may be a slight improvement in the handling.

it's also heading in for a minor checkup.
this is the bit that worries me most.
the car is, lemme think...13 years old, has over 200k on the clock (as of about september 25 this year), and i just KNOW it's gonna need a huge pile of stuff fixed/replaced/burned/raped/pillaged.

now, i can thank "uncle tax man" for my juicy end of tax year bonus for getting the car as far as the mechanics today, but i'm not certain how far uncky's dollars are going to go. the surgery alone is going to cost (quoted) $ i might be able to get a few other things done, if they're cheap enough.

i hate having a car. they're such a liability. a huge, annoying, smelly liability.

what would make this a little bit easier on my bank balance: if i knew more about the mechanics of the darn thing, then i could get in there, spy the issue and fix it myself. but no! i can tell you where my air (non functional) air conditioning unit is, point to the radiator, the battery and i could probably change the oil myself should i ever need to. oh! and i'm capable enough to change a car tyre, but that's about it. and, i probably would have replaced my car stereo by now if it didn't have an incompatibility issue with the new one that needs a little bit more knowlege of electrical wiring than i currently have (which is zero. anything greater than that is considered "hero worthy" and "worshipful").

this brings me to my second though: five thirty ay em. when did that occur? see, i've been recently informed that it's been around "forever, it's when you go home", but i don't think that actually counts because i've not been asleep yet. who else agrees with me?

and my final thought for this 'fine' morning: andre rieu. he performed at lang park these past two nights. got rained out unexpectedly on wednesday, and had time to prepare for yesterday's stormy weather. well, i'm assuming he performed. there was the usual "there's an event at lang park - get the smeg away" shenanigans that usually goes on when there's something going down there. police officers on motorbikes, flashing lights, taxi's everywhere, parking fines, the lot! the only thing that was missing from an event such as a "concert" was the noise. this would have to have been the quietest concert in the history of stadium performance! i think i heard some bagpipes last night, and a crowd cheer comparable to that of a golf crowd, but where was the orchestra? where was andre's mad violin skills? i heard none of it. i was expecting to hear some awesomely amplified classical tuneage coming from a place that's well known for it's bogan-esque qualities, and i was left bitterly, bitterly disappointed.

i also don't believe that andre rieu really has the pull for a stadium show either. i honestly think there are more attendees at a kiddies football game than at the 'concert'. even the a-league in it's foundation year were pulling bigger crowds. they should have just stuck him in the lyric. he would have been perfect for the lyric. but i'll bet it was one of those "but i have a HUGE stage set up, i must have a HUGE space in which to put it" ego bee ess things that tends to happen with musos. just cuz he's HUGE in europe, doesn't mean it's going to translate that well out here. someone should tell his promoters.

anyways. i must dash off and find some clothes and jump into my car. i hope i've had enough coffee.

til next....
kitsunegari: (Default)
( Nov. 29th, 2008 09:04 pm)
i went busking today. it was fun. i didn't expect to earn much, if anything at all, so was pleasantly surprised when my one hour of solo jamming raked in some serious dollars. might have been luck, i don't know, but i'm tempted to do it again.

also bumped into old record label guy. chatted business and stuff. nothing seems acrimonious there.

anyways. the monkey is anxiously awaiting a story. so i'm offon a seussical adventure!

til next....
~kits~ (on beyond zebra!)
i've been getting these odd feelings of jealousy lately and i have no right to be getting them, but i do anyway.

i wish i could say why.

til next....
~Kits~ (but obviously i can't)
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( Nov. 28th, 2008 03:09 pm)
i'm making gingerbread cookies!
nothing exciting, there are no men or women shaped dough blobs in my oven, just palm pressed dough splats. but they're made of gingerbread cookie dough that i made ALL BY MYSELF!

yesterday i made a rather successful (mostly) vegan banana loaf (mostly because i used moo juice instead of soy). i've never made banana loaf before. i'm not able to eat bananas because of the allergic reaction in get in my mouth and throat (which is sad as i do so love a good 'narna'), so i may have found a nice method of banana consumption. might try fritters later, there's about three over ripe bananas left in the pantry that really need to be eaten before the fruit flies get them or they just become mushy piles of potassium enriched goop.

i wonder what i can make tomorrow...


til next....
~Kits~ (mayhaps it'll be orange flavoured pancakes or something)
today is my birthday.

i have had to make my own birthday cake.
i have had to cook my own dinner.

in fact, the only thing i haven't had to do today is make my morning coffee - that was given to me in bed.

yeah. happy birthday.

til next....
~Kits~ (shouts of thanks and hugs to all who sent birthday wishes tho, they certainly made up for heaps)
i'm not certain what happened to yesterday's post, i did make one, but it appears to have vanished into the ether [ shrugs ]

i took several photos of that which is behind the cut, but only two of them are really worth looking at because the thing moved a lot. as you can see, it's quite the show off. it literally posed for these shots! the big pics are just crops of the original to give you an idea of how cute it is.

this is what was spied on my front verandah early this evening. isn't it cute? NOTE: IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPIDERS DONT CLICK )

i have to go silence a bee now. [ sigh ]

til next....
~Kits~ (oh, and i finally signed up to twitter)
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( Nov. 22nd, 2008 10:02 am)
i'm tired thanks to a small person deciding that 6am is a good "playtime" hour and that 3am is a perfect breakfasting hour. this shall make todays wedding interesting, more so because of the threat of more storms on the horizon later. with luck the weather will hold until after the ceremony is complete and the photographs have been taken, and everyone is making their way to their various eating places before heading to the bowls club for the reception and barefoot bowls.

my inner monkey is telling me to have some breakfast, i guess i shall go eat some breakfast...after i chase my outer monkey.

til next....
~Kits~ (monkeys to the left of me, monkeys to the right)
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( Nov. 21st, 2008 09:56 pm)
a short video of the storm from last night as it headed out to sea. just be warned that the soundtrack contains profanity and is considered NSFW - so turn off your sound and you'll be fine! =D  )

i took this with my trusty mobile phone! how smegging awesome is that?
oh, and i should not be permitted to talk on the soundtrack of a homemade video clip, it's quite obviously a wrong thing.

til next....
~Kits~ (like THAT's ever gonna happen :P )
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( Nov. 20th, 2008 11:26 am)

edit: fixed stupid issue with it not playing.
edit the second: electric boogaloo: i don't understand why it's such horrible quality. it didn't look that bad when i uploaded it initially.

til next....
~Kits~ (sometihng different)
blokenstein is to be no more! [ wails ]

the majority don't have a clue what i'm talking about, but for those few who know of it, this is a tragedy befitting of a state funeral.

as a friend put it "It's the final sign the end is nigh and our youth is over".

many an awesome night was spent there. rivers of alcohol have been consumed, innumerable games of kings have been played, and i'm almost certain more flesh than a roman bath house has been seen. the party house of youthful undulgence is to become no more.

december 19 marks the final foray into the world that is castle blokenstein. i never thought this day would come this soon. it was inevitable yes, but it just seems so sudden. here's to a top place with many memories caked to its termite ridden foundations, staining the walls and ceiling and most likely clogging the drain in the shower downstairs.

i'm now curious to know what arian and druscilla's new place shall be called...and where exactly it is.

til next....
~Kits~ (is pissed that she'll miss the final farewell!)
i love rain, i really really do. this may have something to do with my scottish background, it may not, whatever the reason: i love rain.

in a relation to my previous post about the weather, i hate that folk around brisbane like to bitch regardless of the weather. "oh noes, it's too hots". "poo with this rain, can't it just feck off?" "brrrrrr, it's tooo cold!" (though it be mid teens!) there's no satisfying these people. there are times when they're worse than poms! and it's common knowledge that poms like to whinge, i know many (the "being a brit" think helps there ;) ).

the worst part of it at the moment is the fact that we're in a severe water shortage. so, the more rain we get (and preferably in catchment areas) the better! but that doesn't stop people from having a cry when there is even the first sign of a hint of drizzle. as soon as the sky goes grey brisbane folk are grabbing for their car keys and clogging the roadways because it might rain. nine times out of ten it doesn't: that's essentially a fact. this doesn't stop the morons of my home town being tools.

in relation to the "severe water shortage", am i the only person in this "gosh darn it"* city who thinks the relaxation of water restrictions was fucking daft? just because we hit 40% total storage for THREE (count them, THREE) dams doesn't mean we should be allowed to start 'being silly' with the water again. all that means is that the 'reserves' are going to be used up quicker. is bligh really that much of fuck wit? i'm still more annoyed that the "recycled water plant" is servicing a fucking POWER STATION!!! and not the dams! WTF does a POWER STATION need with RECYCLED water? SFA as far as i'm concerned, that water should be for us to consume as water consumers; from drinking to cooking et al...but NO! they feed it to the hydro plant. STUPIDEST IDEA EVAR! (and that's merely my opinion).

anyways, i'm more than pleased that it's raining, even if i am going to be heading out in it very shortly, umbrella in hand. i still love the rain!

til next....
~Kits~ (quite clearly likes the rain)
it rained all day which was rather nice. i did mostly nothing. dinner was reheated leftovers, but i cooked up some fresh rice with lime and chilli and garlic butter. it was tasty. i now have a combination of kangaroo/garlic breath. i am teh sexay!

tomorrow i have to attend the post office in order to post the first of a couple of packages i need to send to friends in foreign lands. before i do that though, i think i might go to bed.

i'm sleepy and full of uninterestingness.

til next....
~Kits~ (boring today)
i kind of feel like i was the only person today who didn't whinge about the weather. i live in a sub-tropical climate, it's do the math!

i did however LOVE the storm that drove through earlier. despite the devestation i know it has caused (my parent's area was affected by nasty weather, and thankfully they don't have much more damage than a broken windscreen and a fallen tree - that fell into the neighbours yard and not onto any houses), i enjoyed its ferocity. watching it come over and discussing the various shades of green the clouds turned on its travels over and the oooooh-ing and aaaaaaaah-ing at the impressive lightning displays, while sipping on fancy red wine and eating posh foodstuffs from antipasto, to pesto, to a blue vein red leicester(sp?) and homemade red pepper dip, was just amazing. i don't get to do that too often!

last night was [ profile] haruko_fixation and her soon to be hubby's "stag and doe" party. it was lots of fun. there was heaps of retro tuneage, pool, alcohol and plenty of cuddles and random awesomeness. a very good night indeedy, even if it was all over by midnight (not my call). there was some mild discussion on the title of the new bond film "quantum of solace" and the spreading of cooties. it was a great night!

right now i'm just enjoying this glass of homebrew beer-verage and listening to the rain pitter-pattering on my roof. the main advantage of having a tin roof is the awesome sound of the rain falling on it; a combination of awesome, romance and relaxation all in one. the kind of thing you can really only get in queensland i think.

til next....
~Kits~ (can't think of anything for the parenthesis tonight)
so i'm currently sitting on my verandah, virtually locked out of my own house because pots' band are in my loungeroom recording a demo and i've been delegated "child shut-uppererererrer".
this sucks for many reasons, least of which being that i was supposed to be at a hens afternoon for my lovely friend [ profile] haruko_fixation, but i was forcibly detained with little, acutally, NO choice in the matter. other reasons include the fact that i'm being bashed up and slobbered all over by the crawly slobbery one, and the monkey is bored shitless. it's also stinking hot, and ui have to wait until i'm certain that it's silent in the house before contemplating going to the toilet, which is quite 'inconveniently' placed at the back of the house, on the other side of the 'recording studio'. i also need a shower, which is difficult with a house full of blokes and a bathroom door that doesn't lock, or close properly for that matter.

because of this situation, i'm reminding and informing pots that i am out of the house this evening to at least pay my respects to the soon to married [ profile] haruko_fixation and her soon to be husband. plus, i haven't seen most of these people since i first found out i was pregnant with the bee, so not being there tonight would be horrnedous on many many counts! i totally miss these guys and wish i had more time to spend on socialising. especially with another of the group vanishing off to 'greener pastures'.

hmmm, there are almost the distinct sounds of packing up going on inside, so i think it's once again safe to enter my own house! oh gods do i need a beer. and a shower. a beer in the shower! ooooh yeah! then i shall raid the penny jar and try and scrum up enough coin for a scotch or some bubbly or something alcoholic for the stag and doe party i MUST NOT MISS!

til next....
~Kits~ (actually remembered to blog today!)
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( Nov. 14th, 2008 11:04 pm)
i tasted good wine, and it was good.
then i drove home.
probably shouldn't have.
oh well.

til next....
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( Nov. 13th, 2008 10:27 pm)
feeling kinda icky after greasy asian food.

going to bed.

til next....
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( Nov. 12th, 2008 01:50 pm)
appears to have missed a day. poo. that wasn't meant to happen, but yesterday was so stupidly hectic and i was sleepy, so i forgot.

however, here is todays entry. complete with pimp.

behind this here cut be a poster pimping my gig tonight. look at it. )

i'm now going to have a nana nap before getting ready to play guitar for students finishing their exams.

til next....
~Kits~ (yep, i'm a grandma!)

it's getting late and i should blog now before i forget.

been busy as all buggery today. not that i really know what that phrase really means. "busy as all buggery". well ,i guess "buggery" is a busy, uh, business? i don't know.

all i know right now, is that i'm missing someone, as you do at times.

so much for "worthwhile" posts.

til next....
~Kits~ (oh, i have a gig on wednesday. i'll blog about it tomorrow)



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