in a spot of sheer laziness and lack of brain cell function due to stupidly busy days and not much sleep in between while packing to go on holiday, i give you "something i prepared earlier":

season's greetings to all.

whether you celebrate or no, i'm wishing you all a safe and happy time during this "festive" season.

as for me, i'm not big on the whole affair. i kind of lost interest in christmas when i returned from scotland in my late teens, and having kids just hasn't helped to 'rekindle the spirit' so to speak. that said, i still partake in the going to family thing that tends to happen at this time of year, and as a consequence, a well earned holiday and road trip is in the traps for yet another season.

since i was a child, road trips have been a part of my life. i was born in brisbane and my father's family lives here, but when he joined the RAAF, he was posted down to laverton in the western suburbs of melbourne and that's where i spent my formative years. so, each christmas my brother and i would get out of school a week early, we'd pack up the car (whether it be the gemini we had for the first two trips or the urvan we had for the remainder) and hit the road for the "three day drive of doom".

one year we were caught in a massive storm outside of moree in northern new south wales and the car broke down. so there we were, on the side of the newell highway, visibility is limited because of the downpour, there are semi-trailers speeding past and dad's out under the bonnet of the gemini (in the pelting rain) trying to figure out what was wrong with the car. turned out to be a loose earth wire (or something mechanich speech like that). all kind of exciting and scary when you're only seven years old!

when dad retired from the RAAF, we moved back to brisbane and had little reason to do that road trip again...that was until i met my pots. pots' family live in central victoria and we live here in brisbane, so, if you're capable of doing the math...that's right! ROAD TRIP!

once again the annual road trip is a factor in my life, though this time it is in reverse. i love getting in the car and just driving. road trips are beyond awesome, and now that i have my own family, my kids get to experience the same exhileration of getting in the car, driving to somewhere you've never been before and putting up a tent.

anyways, as of this weekend i'm outta town for a few weeks. hitting the road with family, camping at whatever locations we end up in and probably not showering for upwards of a week! i'm going to have a smelly christmas this year i think :)

til next....
~Kits~ (gonna be without easy access internets for about a month or so)


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