so...not to say goodbye to livejournal, but i've caved and bought some dreamwidth accountage. there have been many reasons why i've not been posting and the like, and most of it being that i think i've outgrown the whole LJ thing. i've been there since 2001 i think (if i bother to look i'll know for certain) and i just feel that it's not doing what i would like it to be doing. the fact that i'm being spammed by russian spam journals is the main reason. i don't mind if people want to be my friend, but when you're just gonna spam, GTFO! so here's to making the brave new step towards moing on...

...this being made harder by a track that only brings tears to my eyes because of all the memories associated with it: "friends" by scooter. ... [dream sequence including white filter] ...

it's highschool 1995 and i'm in the very epicentre of my scottish highschooling 'career'. i'm lining up in the dinner queue waiting for my dinner ticket (cuz we wuz poor enuff to be eligible fer ut) talking to my younger friend amanda and listening to this song on her WALKMAN! i'd left mine at home: it had TETRIS! on it. that's right, i once owned a walkman that had a tetris game on the front so i could listen to my cassettes and link up a bunch of pixellated blocks! I AM TEH UBER GEEKNESS...i just wish i knew what happened to it so i could prove it to you all.

anyway, my paella is awaiting and if i don't wrap this up now, well, there'll be burnt rice to deal with.

til next....
~Kits~(onwards to new things)


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