whilst my techno knowledge has returned with awesometudity©, adobe premier has decided to chuck a hissy fit and cease to function. that's right folks, it's "attempting to edit production footage time" again!

without fail, whenever i have to edit footage of a production, or anything for that matter, something always manages to intervene and make it the less than desirable experience i would prefer it to be. usually it's adobe hanging itself because it's fed up with the world, or the upload connection betwixt 'puter and camera fails to get along, or there is a myriad of "post edit" fiascos involving, but not limited to: hair pulling, gnashing of teeth, yelling at and bashing things, printer meltdowns and empty ink cartidges. so, of course, this latest editing adventure is truly turning out to be one of the most exciting.

i've used two completely different cameras this time. one has a harddrive and the other is miniDV and uses tapes (which is annoying, but you get used to it). i didn't think this was going to be a major problem once i worked out where the files were on the harddrive camera (which i'll call HDC), i figured i could just import them into my ever so awesome* editing software and away i go! no such luck. turns out they're in an annoyingly stupid HD format my software doesn't recognise because i haven't updated it for the blueray awesomeness it can create, and so i had to use my googlefu in order to find a converter program so i can convert them into easily readable files my ever so awesome* editing software can read. here it is, nearly 4 hours later, and of the 9 files it needs to convert and process, it's completed exactly two. TWO! in FOUR HOURS! i had hoped to have the majority of the editing done today so i only had to do add in a few extras i needed to record tonight and then do the titles, render it and burn it tomorrow. clearly, this was never meant to be.

had i not been violently ill earlier in the week, this would not have been such a major catastrophe.

i apologise to everyone who was hoping to get their grubby little hands on my hot hot product tomorrow night, but it's looking likely that i'll be working on this thing for at least a week before it's ready to be distributed. do not fret however, as i will be in email contact with you all (assuming i can find your contact details, they're around here...somewhere) to inform you when they're ready and how the EXCHANGE shall be taking place. i also believe there is to be a screening of the footage after it's completion - which would be fabulous!

now i must return to the hell i have been living this morning and see if i can make any use of it.

til next....

*no it's not. not at all.



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