in the latest saga to try and get more tunes down into something solid, i installed adobe audition onto the laptop. the main reason for choosing this program is simply because i can't get cubase to run, or soundforge, so i went with a simpler program. i'm not keen on the userability (mainly because it's version 1.5, which is about a trillion years old), but given time, i'm sure i could get used to it. this means that the quality of the recordings isn't going to be grand because there is only one audio input jack on the lappy, so i'll be focusing on creating demos of my tunes in the hopes that i can improve them with awesomeness in the future sometime.

the one thing that's annoying is the fact that my midi keyboard hasn't arrived yet. it should have arrived by now as it's only being shipped from melbourne, and i got an email last week announcing it's postal. i've emailed the company i bought it from to try and source its location and hopefully work something out: i do not want to lose more than $300 on something i've taken a great deal of care selecting and finally choosing. but it was free money...NOT the point! argh! should the item ever arrive, then i'll be able to make some fuller sounding recordings, and finally get started on my new musical project. i'm going to remain tight lipped on the project for now until i know that it's fully underway, but if it does get its feet off the ground in time, then i may a gig set up! again, it's all relying on this damned keyboard!

along with my music, i'm looking to improve my skills as an actor. to do this, i am attempting to build a collection of acting learnering books to read and, well, learn from. in particular i'm looking for cicely berry's "the voice and the actor" and "the actor and the text". also, any texts regarding linklater or lessac techniques would also be favoured. if anyone has anything they are willing to give up, i will offer monies for the exchange, or a coffee or even a beer for pointing me in the right direction wherein i am able to locate them with expediency. any other suggested readings are also welcomed with open arms and cranial space. i've reached an impasse and i want climb out of this gully before it gets too deep. as i am fiscally limited, attending workshops is so ridiculously out of the question it's a pain in the proverbial. i may even be looking for a mentor in the near future, if anyone has suggestions or offers :)

til next....
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