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( May. 12th, 2009 07:54 am)
this place is really cool. kinda reminds me what lj was like back in the early days, when it was for all the cool kids to hang out and be cool.

[ insert period of time since this entry was begun ]

who remembers the animaniacs? i really miss that show. it was by far my favourite cartoon when i was a teenager. i've got some of the songs from the show on a cd, which i'm currently listneing to and belly laughing softly because it hurts my throat to be loud. are there dvds available? if there are, i must hunt them down and purchase them and introduce the monkey to them. and the bonus: there's actually education in the damned show! it's a bunch of idiots being idiots and making education so much fun it actually hurts! there's the "hello song" which i'm listening to right now, which lists all the various ways people say "hello" all across the globe. my favourite will always be "magellin" because it's just a brilliant little piece of musical history, and despite the fact that it was a pretty nasty tale, they made it fun. simply: i don't have anything bad to say about the animaniacs right now because i haven't seen it for years. :)

with luck, tonight i'll be sitting in a dark dark room in a super comfy chair with some popcorn and maybe maltesers or jaffas and hopefully a glass of red wine, watching with wide eyed wonder, school girlish joy and first night jitters: star trek xi. i've been very good with avoiding the spoilers for this film, except for this one bit regarding the music in the closing credits care of pvp online (which i'm not happy about, but can't wait for!). i just know i'm going to either cry with joy or pain when it's over and i may or may not applaud.

i'm most worried about the revisiting of my two favourite characters. i'm also scared about what they've done to the canon; did they just throw it out the window the way they did for "enterprise" (which thankfully doesn't actually carry the "star trek" prefix and is therefore (in my opinion) not technically part of the canon); did they 'tweak' it for their own benefit to make it 'popular' for the 'cool kids'. the fact that they've got jj abrams on board kind of makes me squee a little, but fear as well. quinto looks like a youthful nimoy, pine will have to be fecking brilliant to convince me (i'm also amused by how close his name is to the original captain of the enterprise: chris(topher) pike - oh yeah, there's my geek right there!), and i'm still dubious about karl urban as bones.

let's just say this: 9pm can't come quick enough right now.

til next....
~kits~ (can be a bit nerdy about some things)


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