A German doctor has been ordered to pay for a child that 'was not wanted' due to what appears to be a botched contraceptive implant procedure. what i find fascinating is that there was apparently NO EVIDENCE of the device found in the womans body.

i don't really know what to say. having gone through my very own 'unwanted pregnancy', but appearing to be dealing with it fairly well, and having been contemplating some sort of chemical contraception in order to prevent another 'accident', this kind of, i don't know, opens up a few doors of questioning? i've been disuaded in the past simply due to my own laziness and phobia of MDs. there have been some side effects to some of the devices that have been less than enticing also, and then there are those cases where there are people who have become pregnant while implanted (and the device clearly noted) BUT NOT pursuing some kind of retribution. i really don't know.

i know where some of my feelings lie, but i'm not of the kind who freely expresses this information, even after a post work wind down drink. but i do know that i can't understand this want or need to sue for EVERYTHING that goes wrong. is it not simply enough to understand that sometimes mistakes can happen, and that it may be a case of the doctor was NOT at fault (referring to the lack of implant found)? that perhaps her own body was fighting against her? it sounds like some kind of hocus pocus crap of sorts (and i know there are people out there who may think that), but what if this woman's body simply digested the implant? just because it's never previously been documented doesn't mean it can't happen. seriously, everything that is documented HAD to have a beginning. perhaps this is the beginning of something. perhaps there are other women out there whose bodies will absorb and discard the implant the way i imagine this womans body did. makes for some great sci-fi doesn't it?

i don't think i agree that the doctor should pay for the childs maintenance (as it seems the father is being compensated financially for this whole thing). it's setting a precendent now for other cases to go ahead in the 'oh no my contraceptive didn't work and i'm pregnant' scenarios. geez, it's almost the same as suing your local supermarket for selling you that packet of condoms that had one break during one of your 'experiences' and resulting in you becoming a parent. it's almost absurd! but then again, they are germans, and they don't tend towards doing things by halves now, do they?

i still don't know. it's mind boggling. and my brain has been mostly frazzled thanks to the past week or so of not finishing work til the not-so-wee hours of the morning. when people get back from their holidays i may be able to think more clearly, but then again, we are talking about ME. :P

til next....
~Kits~ (cor blimey its cold this morning)
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( Jan. 18th, 2005 05:30 pm)
amusment from open mic last night:
cute little gay boy doing cute little gay dance to entertaining performer singing CHISEL. yes, CHISEL. it was cute. he then told me later on that if he were a woman he'd have flea's children.
*sigh* i'm gonna miss moments like that for a while....

in news:
*runs around (more like a fast waddle) screaming madly at the mostly non existant walls* however, he's slid down the slide a little further, so hopefully this means not too much longer.... *crosses fingers and erects as many lucky charms as she can find*

meme-age )

til next....
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( Jan. 14th, 2005 05:22 pm)
Kill me, kill me now.

Either that, or just send me lots and lots of labour inducing vibes.

much appreciated. (",)

til next....
so, what's happened since the waffles?
good question. I ate them, and they were tasty. Patrick thinks they tasted great too.
He has however been branded a "Waffle Killer" for his blatant decapitation of the last waffle.

New Year was a simple occasion. A couple of Champagnes with friends before midnight, a beer and fireworks with Patrick after midnight. Sleep arrived around 3am.

Since then...not much.

Two and a half weeks to go and I've got a case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (which is really fucking annoying!), the weather is out to get me (assuming I don't get it first), I have a bruised ribcage thanks to a certain unborn individual believing it to be a fabulous place to practice karate (or other physical art form incorporating kicking) and i'm quite possibly at my most uncomfortable, and therefore, grumpiest.
Life is just peachy! *attempts a smile, but only manages a grimace*

so now, while I sit and listen what may be rain (or the humidity messing with my fragility), i shall ... uh ... think of something to do. Quite prolly sleeping with a bottle of ice attatched to various parts of my overheating body.
(thankfully, the cooling system will be installed soon...though, the walls have only just started being put up, so 'soon' could mean 'a while'. *sigh*)

til next....


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