whilst my techno knowledge has returned with awesometudity©, adobe premier has decided to chuck a hissy fit and cease to function. that's right folks, it's "attempting to edit production footage time" again!

without fail, whenever i have to edit footage of a production, or anything for that matter, something always manages to intervene and make it the less than desirable experience i would prefer it to be. usually it's adobe hanging itself because it's fed up with the world, or the upload connection betwixt 'puter and camera fails to get along, or there is a myriad of "post edit" fiascos involving, but not limited to: hair pulling, gnashing of teeth, yelling at and bashing things, printer meltdowns and empty ink cartidges. so, of course, this latest editing adventure is truly turning out to be one of the most exciting.

i've used two completely different cameras this time. one has a harddrive and the other is miniDV and uses tapes (which is annoying, but you get used to it). i didn't think this was going to be a major problem once i worked out where the files were on the harddrive camera (which i'll call HDC), i figured i could just import them into my ever so awesome* editing software and away i go! no such luck. turns out they're in an annoyingly stupid HD format my software doesn't recognise because i haven't updated it for the blueray awesomeness it can create, and so i had to use my googlefu in order to find a converter program so i can convert them into easily readable files my ever so awesome* editing software can read. here it is, nearly 4 hours later, and of the 9 files it needs to convert and process, it's completed exactly two. TWO! in FOUR HOURS! i had hoped to have the majority of the editing done today so i only had to do add in a few extras i needed to record tonight and then do the titles, render it and burn it tomorrow. clearly, this was never meant to be.

had i not been violently ill earlier in the week, this would not have been such a major catastrophe.

i apologise to everyone who was hoping to get their grubby little hands on my hot hot product tomorrow night, but it's looking likely that i'll be working on this thing for at least a week before it's ready to be distributed. do not fret however, as i will be in email contact with you all (assuming i can find your contact details, they're around here...somewhere) to inform you when they're ready and how the EXCHANGE shall be taking place. i also believe there is to be a screening of the footage after it's completion - which would be fabulous!

now i must return to the hell i have been living this morning and see if i can make any use of it.

til next....

*no it's not. not at all.

in the latest saga to try and get more tunes down into something solid, i installed adobe audition onto the laptop. the main reason for choosing this program is simply because i can't get cubase to run, or soundforge, so i went with a simpler program. i'm not keen on the userability (mainly because it's version 1.5, which is about a trillion years old), but given time, i'm sure i could get used to it. this means that the quality of the recordings isn't going to be grand because there is only one audio input jack on the lappy, so i'll be focusing on creating demos of my tunes in the hopes that i can improve them with awesomeness in the future sometime.

the one thing that's annoying is the fact that my midi keyboard hasn't arrived yet. it should have arrived by now as it's only being shipped from melbourne, and i got an email last week announcing it's postal. i've emailed the company i bought it from to try and source its location and hopefully work something out: i do not want to lose more than $300 on something i've taken a great deal of care selecting and finally choosing. but it was free money...NOT the point! argh! should the item ever arrive, then i'll be able to make some fuller sounding recordings, and finally get started on my new musical project. i'm going to remain tight lipped on the project for now until i know that it's fully underway, but if it does get its feet off the ground in time, then i may a gig set up! again, it's all relying on this damned keyboard!

along with my music, i'm looking to improve my skills as an actor. to do this, i am attempting to build a collection of acting learnering books to read and, well, learn from. in particular i'm looking for cicely berry's "the voice and the actor" and "the actor and the text". also, any texts regarding linklater or lessac techniques would also be favoured. if anyone has anything they are willing to give up, i will offer monies for the exchange, or a coffee or even a beer for pointing me in the right direction wherein i am able to locate them with expediency. any other suggested readings are also welcomed with open arms and cranial space. i've reached an impasse and i want climb out of this gully before it gets too deep. as i am fiscally limited, attending workshops is so ridiculously out of the question it's a pain in the proverbial. i may even be looking for a mentor in the near future, if anyone has suggestions or offers :)

til next....
~kits~ (cooking up something new)
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( May. 14th, 2009 06:26 pm)
i'm not sure what i'm going to use dreamwidth for yet. i may eventually end up using it as my arts/music blog should that ever pass through the teething stages and become something more than just occasional random bursts of manic energy followed by cyclonic depressions and lengthy spells la nina style droughts, or is it el nino that causes the droughts? i'm waiting on some new shiny musical equipment so that i can start getting serious about recording again. i also have a new project in my brain that shall soon be given some room in which to grow, but in the mean time, i need to get some of the stuff that's holding me back out of the way.

i think as time progresses, i'll be able to work out what this blog shall end up being, and consequently, the cross posting to lj may decrease over time. for now, i'm happy to keep both at pace with each other and see how things pan out. it's up to you whether or not you wish to keep following me.

til next....
~kits~ (transitional phase finally getting into full swing)
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( Feb. 13th, 2009 01:30 am)
UPDATE!: turns out ebay has sent this person barking up the wrong tree. a return message clearly showed this to not only NOT be a scam, but also a case of "ebay appears to have fucked up". for some reason, ebay's research doesn't go into the detail of actually reading a registered user's information, because if they did, they would have quickly identified that i was not the person being searched for in this instance. big clue: i'm not a male! nor have i ever registered banking details with a male name. i wished this user all the best in their search, apologised for my tone and asked that they understand why it was needed.

what an exciting way to start friday the thirteenth! i kinda sense it to be a good day now!

post rehearsal insomnia brought on by a gurana beverage and a cup of tea, i check my email. sitting in my inbox is a message from ebay from a user who bought a book off me 12 months ago claiming to have mistakenly deposited a pile of dollars into my account. i read with dubiousness and do some research. piles of stated information are connected and yes, they do appear to be who they say they are, but there is no evidence of the so called "mistaken deposit". so i messaged them back. below are the transcripts, edited only to remove sensitive informations.

am i being scammed? i haven't emailed ebay about it yet, because i can't be certain this is a scam or not. opinions...

could this be a scam? )

til next....
~Kits~ (i'm really not sure)
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( Feb. 7th, 2009 09:00 pm)
oh fuck! the palladium in london is doing sister act this year! grrrr... why does someone ALWAYS beat me to the frucking punch!

til next....
~kits~ (annoyed)
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( Feb. 7th, 2009 08:40 pm)
i want to get hold of the rights to sister act the musical, but i don't know where to find them, or where i could stage it.

anyone got any ideas for either of my dilemmas there?

til next....
~kits~ (in a creative mood)
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( Nov. 3rd, 2008 01:22 pm)
i have a shiny new windshield on my car now. not exactly the best thing i wanted to start november off doing, but unfortunately, due to the 36cm crack down the centre of said windshield, i had very little choice in the matter. however, it now means that my car has had three brand new shinys added to it since i bought it three years ago. soon to be four when i take it to the mechanic next and fork over the gdp of a small country.

my brain is dysfunctional today. number of reasons, the main one being that i didn't get to bed til after 5am, having walked home from clayfield where i had spent the previous evening chillaxing with some of my favourite actors and ingesting richard III. was nicely done. so right now i'm somewhat drowsy and can't remember most of whatever it was i wanted to say.

best try for a nap now while i still can. hopefully i won't get told off for doing that, like i got told off for having a piss earlier. but that's a story for another time.

til next....
~Kits~ (insert coherent statement here)
last night was the cast party for the witches. it was fun. i was (mostly) sober, but only because i had to drive home later. i shared the love of the "milky milk" and got several cast members drunk. then we pulled out the black russians. then there was the music. and the fire. and the boobies. all in all: not too bad a cast party. apparently there were more boobies after i left, which is either "just my luck - [ sigh ]" or "just my luck - [ phew ]". i am undecided as to which.

the cast party marks the end of a less than wholly pleasant experience, which i have previously documented. i'm pleased that it's over, and am looking forward to not directing for a while. i need a break. in actual fact, i need a holiday: from everything. i'm looking at photos of places i've been and places i've never been and thinking "gosh it would be lovely if i could just take a week, maybe two, and bugger off somewhere and relax. forget about everything, everyone, and just be by myself for a while". of course, that's never going to happen. "never" may not exactly be the word i'm looking for, but it's close enough.

just looking for more 'experiences' to write songs about i guess. mind, i have a pile of material from the past week or two i could easily use...but haven't been able to yet. sometimes there just aren't enough words to describe the feelings and happenings. [ sigh ]

ugh. my head feels like it's full of cottonwool. everything is covered in this 'romantic' white light filter with softened edges and my eyes are heavy all the time. i hate sinus infections. i might try and find a corner and hide in it in an attempt to nap it off or something. likelyhood of this happening? slim to nil, leaning heavily on the "nil" side of "slim".

til next....
~Kits~ (snot monster of doom in the making)
roughly four months ago i set out on yet another theatrical journey in the guise of 'director'. i can't say it has been the best experience i have had. i can't even say it was remotely enjoyable. in fact, i can't say very much about it at all without offending someone (possibly even myself). the only definite things i can say about it: it was 'a journey' and 'an experience'. it is possibly best for me to not comment on it at all really.

so, four months ago i set out on this directorial journey, collecting bad vibes and hint of tourettes, in an attempt to figure out how to turn fully grown human beings into mice while an entire audience is watching (quite literally smoke and mirrors - minus the mirrors). along the way i clashed with egos, 'stalwart'-itis, and a significant pile of 'i know more than you', however, despite these obsticles, it would appear that i have pulled something together that works. outsiders who have witnessed the 'almost there' versions of the show are impressed, and really, what more do you want to hear as a director?

blah! i am so over this thing. thank whatever deities it's hitting the stage today, because quite frankly, i don't think i could have successully handled one more week of it.

please ignore the angst in this post, and come along (if you can) to:

Roald Dahl's
The Witches
Directed by Yours Truly

Brisbane Arts Theatre
210 Petrie Terrace

September 20 - October 4
Saturdays 2pm
Weekdays 11am

bookings essential

seats filling fast!

come along and have a look, then tell me what you think (i can take honest criticisms)

til next....
~Kits~ (quick workout, shower, then theatre for the 'grand opening')
i suppose i should do a proper update of stuff that has happened...

i've been grossly overworked with a million things that all have a similarly related theme - namely: me. the only thing that connects anything i've been doing is the fact that i am the person who is doing it; there is no other obvious crossover. that is not to say i haven't enjoyed it. it's all connected with what i'm most passionate about, and i'm so super happy about that there are no real words. the fact that it all decided to happen all at once is what's doing my head in. i don't do things by halves, that's for sure. i'm either doing nothing at all and feeling despondant, or i'm totally overwhelmed because the performance arts fairy is feeling generous and handing stuff out willy nilly.

most current is the tech for The Witches at the Brisbane Arts Theatre: which opens this saturday september 20. it's been a long and complicated rehearsal period with highs and lows, absences and 'higher' interference, but it looks good (and that isn't my biased opinion) and that's all that really counts at this stage. i'm exhausted, and just want this week to be over and done with. thankfully, tonight is the final rehearsal EVAR for this production. i need a break. a long calming break.at this stage, if i never have to direct another show again, i will be the happiest person you have ever met in your entire life.

when i did peter pan last year, i thought that was pretty difficult; working with a cast of 27 all under legal drinking age (except for two or three). that had nothing on this cast. a siginificantly smaller group (something like 13), but all over legal drinking age (except for the two 12 year olds) and a veritable sea of egos surging all over the stage. don't get me wrong, i love the cast. they are amazing and have turned what i thought was a frenetic brain fart of ideas into something that actually resembles a theatre production of awesome, but (and isn't there always one of these somewhere?) i've never had to fight my way through so much bullshit in my life. i've really had to work hard on this show just to get some of the really tiny things to work. fair enough, that's my job, but i'm really still a novice in the world of directors and the number of times i've had to hit my head against brick walls just to stop myself going crazy...i'm certain it's innumerable.

so, because i've had to deal with so much, and also because so much else has stepped in and helped to add to my 'stresses', i've decided i'm not directing next year. i'm not sure when i'm going to direct again right now. i'm not sure if i'm actually really ready to direct. i'm almost certain i stepped in a little too deeply with this. actually, to be honest, i don't think i ever want to direct a kids show again. i've done it twice now, and that's more than enough. i'm at the stage in my career (and i feel so comfortable calling it that) now, where i've had all i can take of kids theatre. not because i don't like it, but because people don't take it seriously enough. it is greatly underestimated, and i understand why a great number of actors will refuse to do it. i also want to branch out into other things. i've been given opportunities in the past 18 months that have helped me understand more about myself as a creative person, and i think i deserve more than what i've been getting. so, i'm stepping out of my 'comfort zone' again and trying new things. i know it's not always going to work for me (parade was my first 'leap into the unknown' and i was unsuccessful), but i'm sick of sitting on my thumbs and wondering what i could have done. G&T has helped me a lot there also. they saw something in me that i didn't and that helped to boost my confidence significantly.

the thing is, i now don't know where my passions lie completely anymore. i'm doing so much music these days, that i'm not certain it's not my main passion. or it could be that performance is my passion, and it doesn't matter what form it takes, so long as i'm entertaining an audience: and that really does seem to work for me. i honestly adore those moments when i'm up on a stage (of whatever description) and providing entertainment for other people. i get joy out of that. sure, it's a job, but how many people out there are doing jobs they actually enjoy and have a passion for? i don't think i've ever had more motivation for anything than i do for this. it makes me feel alive. when someone i met a long time ago asked me "why do you want to do it?" i couldn't give them an adequate response because i was very young, and (by comparison) quite inexperienced, but if they asked me that very same question again today, i would tell them just that: it makes me feel alive.

i've successfully managed to get side-tracked, but that's okay. i think it just shows my head space at present. in fact, i think the past few entries over recent days has proven my head space - the fact that i've posted more often this week than i have the entire year kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?


it's the final tech rehearsal tonight with our opening show scheduled for Saturday September 20 at 2pm. the show is no longer in my hands. i don't know how to feel about it - honestly. with pan, i was okay with it, i felt really pleased and proud of the whole thing...this show is different. this could have something to do with the aforementioned "bullshit", or it could be that i'm just so over it, it hurts. whatever it is, i am virtually numb in the knowledge that i am no longer in control of the show. here's hoping it really is as good as people have been saying.

til next....
~Kits~ (off to find the pre-show music i've chosen)
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( Feb. 29th, 2008 01:22 pm)
oh dear gods. what the smeg have i got myself into?
i wonder if it's too late to back out now...?

til next....
~Kits~ (just read the script for "The Witches" and is scared)
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( Nov. 29th, 2007 11:24 am)
anyone out there know of any kick arse monologues (contemporary australian) for an actor with laryngitis?
i've been roped in at the last minute to an audition on saturday, and have woken up with no voice.
any and all suggestions will be taken as seriously as they are intended :)

til next....
~Kits~ (strangely silent)  
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( Aug. 30th, 2007 02:08 pm)
so... after being so busy i couldn't find my own arse with a torch, a map and a sherpa to guide me, i've discovered that the colour of the car is 'immaterial' to the infringement. that's fair enough, i didn't actually think it would be 'material', but wanted to ask and get clarification. what i don't like is that the issuing officer is too stupid to read a registration sticker very clearly and chose to 'interpret' the colour of the car rather than restate the registration description. [ sigh ]. add to that the dubious circumstances surrounding the issuing of said infringement...

well... i probably shouldn't be procrastinating on here (though i've procrastinated much more on facebook lately, that evil and yet so addictive place...) as i have a film to edit and burn PLUS an exam to study for.

i've also got erotic fiction to finish.

and a three gigs to rehearse for.

AND an rsvp to make.

toooooooo much stuff....

til next....
~Kits~ (overworked and underpaid)
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( Jul. 29th, 2007 08:38 am)
good morning all!
not that it's particularly 'good', i'm awake far too early for a sunday after a mildly late night, after a relatively boistrous and mostly sobre cast party for pan (but that's a story for another occasion), AND i have WAY too much to do in a horribly long 12 hour period.

anyway, it's shameless promotion time :)

Grin and Tonic Theatre Troupe

A Winter's Tale

August 1 & 2

bookings essential!
3862 1181

i shall be playing the wonderful Perdita, so get along and watch me be a GIRL! that's right, i'm portraying a character of the FEMALE persuasion! this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch me play a challenging role! there will be no tight lycra body suits and face paint on me in this production! no sexual ambiguity either. just plain and simple girliness! get in now, you never know when it could happen again!

til next....
~Kits~ (off to rehearsal in about 40 minutes)
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( Jul. 11th, 2007 09:04 am)
i've been getting caught up in this whole facebook thing the past few days. it's a complicated and much more excellent than myspace sort of thing. it's security is far superior that's for sure! i think i'll be tweaking it for a short while at least. i wonder if i can use facebook to pimp my tunes...? hmmm....

the biggest problem i'm facing just now, not related to facebook, is that i have a lovely crisp script called "A Winter's Tale" sitting on the dining room table off to my left, and i can't find the motivation to read past the opening two or three statements about visiting bohemia or sicily! this is a problem, because i've got the task of playing Perdita when the company performs it on August 1st and 2nd. i really need to focus, but i can't. i'm worried that if i do a horrible substandard performance on this one, that'll i'll lose out on further, grander opportunities and be relegated to the amateur stages for the rest of my life. not that they're a bad place, they just don't PAY.

once upon a time, i had all the motivation a person could have in relation to my chosen path. i lived and breathed it, thought nothing else but it, and did everything in my power to get myself more involved. this was a difficult task, because, despite what most people see of me (the surface Kits), i'm a  rather shy and modest person who really needs to slap herself hard in order to get done what she needs to do. i love the buzz i get from performing to an audience, but it takes so much effort to simply force myself to make the first step in getting there, that it exhausts me. however, once i make that leap, it's all smooth sailing. i just don't know why i'm having to work so hard in order to get this to work. maybe i'm not used to the lack of direction and rehearsal. perhaps i need to call bryan and organise private workshopping of the script. perhaps i need to find out why i've begun reverting to the shy little girl i was 15years ago.

i think this stupid day job i have is the main cause. it takes up so much of my time and energy, i simply don't have enough left to do what i know i have to do in order to progress further in acting. it leaves me feeling mostly worthless. it's tedious and boring, and the store is ALWAYS cold. what have i done to anger the gods to be given the horrible task of checking for use by and best before dates? whatever it was, i apologise and am repentant, please make it stop and give me a task worthy of my skills! i'd much rather be doing checkouts than this job. but i'm not trained and therefore am not permitted to attend priority one calls. blech.

so, what can i do in order to motivate myself back towards entertainment as my sole focus? what can i do in an attempt get back on track? do i need a good kick up the arse for being so flakey and girly about it? suggestions please, I REALLY need them.

til next....
~Kits~ (close to full caffienation)
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( Jun. 26th, 2007 04:47 pm)
to all who are inclined:

on the Kookaburra Queen
performed by Grin and Tonic Theatre Troupe

July 1st and 2nd

tix are $25 (i think),
contact G&T for  more information

i shall be playing a few small parts, including the daughter of Antiochus and the Goddess Diana.

if you can't make Pericles, you can always come along and see me strut my stuff in a much larger role in A Winter's Tale in early August. more details as I have them.

watch this space

til next....
~Kits~ (busy busy busy)
my studentiality became much more solid today; i now have a student card (again). i'm almost convinced i should have kept the old photo, but an updated image isn't going to end the world. the most interesting part of the excursion to confirming my studential status (aside from discovering first hand how badly people drive in the rain), was going back to the old campus. i had butterflies as i drove around to the car park at the back of the old library and student centre and wasn't entirely sure if they were a result of nerves on returning, or the place making it's presence known. considering my experiences at the place in the past, it may have been a mixture of fear and anxiety, mixed with the overbearing history of the location. whatever the cause, they soon took a back seat as i stepped carefully around the visiting high school students and their inflatable balls and judging stares.

yes, inflatable balls. i don't know what they were doing having pizza and playing mini beach games (on grass, in the rain), in uniform on a university campus, but that's what they were doing. it took all my effort not to run and hide behind shrubbery to avoid their teenage judgment of the 'old sheila' hobbling agedly near their youthful space. i swear i saw some of them mumble an 'anti-aging' chant at my presence as i passed. a few even laughed at me, knowing i'll be dying before them. of course, i could be exaggerating this reaction somewhat, i was surviving on only one cup of coffee at this point. i may not have been functioning on all thrusters.

shouldn't they have been at school?

the fact that i now hold a student card again makes this whole study thing much more real than it was before. it also means i'm eligible for CHEAP PUBLIC TRANSPORT!!! WOOOOOOOOO *dances* let the perks ROLL!!!

i also need to find me a modern british monologue of approximately two minutes length. if anyone can help me out with this little problem, i'll be muchly appreciative.

back to our regular programming

til next....
~Kits~ (IT'S RAINING!!!!)
timon of athens was fun.
final show began with rain and we had to move the audience from the back yard (which is MASSIVE) to the main room of the house (also MASSIVE) for the first scene. then the rain stopped and we relocated to the back yard and went the full distance of the play.

am hobbling around like a lame horse thanks to a botched entrance on my behalf. rather than leaping over a wall on cue as i was meant to, i lost my footing and tumbled (rather cat like in nature) 8-12 feet to the ground, before leaping, frog like, back up the wall in order to make my entrance. i must thank paul sherman for extending his cue line to give me time to make my entrance (finally). i think i've pulled a few glute muscles and strained a hamstring and possible some tendon damage in there as well. it didn't help that in my brilliant drunken state on saturday night, i felt it would be perfectly alright to WALK home. from CLAYFIELD to PADDINGTON! i blame andrew, nadine and rob for it all :P

i probably should have taken bryan up on his offer to crash on the floor beneath a pile of costumes. oh well, i did play a fool in the production, perhaps i hadn't quite removed myself from the character.

next month sees me bit parting in pericles, with eugene gilfedder among others, on the kookaburra queen (allegedly. there's nothing mentioned on the events page, but according to the poster...). i'm looking forward to it, and i know i've at least got one more show with the troupe after that. we'll see how things look in the future post winter's tale.

til next....
~Kits~ (finally profiting from a life long hobby)
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( May. 26th, 2007 07:05 pm)

Peter Pan
, the immortal tale of a boy who never grows up, returns to the Brisbane Arts Theatre stage by popular demand.

A musical production adapted from JM Barrie's original fairytale by Piers Chater-Robinson, featuring exceptional voices and boistrous performances.

Opens June 27

    June 27 - July 28

    Tuesday to Friday (June 27 - July 6) at 11am
    Saturdays at 2pm


call 3369 2344 to book your tickets. seats are selling fast.
Bryan Nason rang on saturday afternoon.

he wants me to be involved in a paid rehearsed reading of the Grin and Tonic variety.

how cool is that?

it's all supposed to happen on June 1 and 2, i'll provide more information when i have it.

but yay!

Grin and Tonic!


til next....
~Kits~ (can things get any better?)


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