an interesting fascination.
it's messing with my head, because i can't decipher where it stands in the scheme of my thoughts.
perhaps i've just grown attatched to my own work, you know, become really proud of what i've done.
i worked hard and created something jolly.
i took a small thing, and made it as big as it would go.
maybe that's it.
pride is doing it.
and i really am proud of the work i've done.
i think i deserve to be.


i've worked so hard to do everything, and most often been left unappreciated.
this time, i think it's different.
people are starting to appreciate the hard work and effort i put into things.
it's an odd sensation, pride.
i don't know how to handle it.
i'm taking it in my stride, and trying not to let it get the better of me.
i've seen what it can do to a lot of people, and i don't want to become an arrogant egotistical shit.
but i can't help but feel very proud when i stand back and look at my own work.

i was so moved by one moment that i was almost brought to tears.
that's quite a feat.
well done.
and thankyou.

til next....
~Kits~ (thoughts are a-dribblin')
dear livejournal

why does today have to be the first day of the worst 14 of my year? why can't we be permitted to rehearse for at least one more week and start next monday instead? bump in/tech/dress rehearsal on saturday was a shambles, but not like most technical rehearsals. no, by far this is the scariest opening day i've ever had the (dis)pleasure of being involved in. let's cross our fingers and hope that the luck fairy is on our side and todays show isn't a complete balls up like it's been shaping up to be. i really do hope the luck fairy is unusually generous today.

for those who are unaware: i'm working (ha!) at StageDoor doing yet another kids show. THE EMPERORS NEW CLOTHES, opens today at 11am and will start at that time EVERY DAY for the next FOURTEEN DAYS STRAIGHT! i'd recommend sleeping in until midday or going to work or whatever. but, if you're so inclined: tix are $15 which includes light snackage. Call StageDoor for more info, i've managed to get rid of all the flyers i had.

i shall continue caffienating, and then leave the house and hope that my lines stay in my head long enough to get me thorugh the first gruelling two hours of the fortnight.

after this show. i am taking a well deserved break. so: from JULY 10 til AUGUST 26 i shall be available for early nights and long lie ins. unless something intervenes.
and from JULY 5 til JULY 18, i shall be without child or significant other.


til next....
~Kits~ (oh, it's a MUSICAL)
ok. i am now:
  • word perfect with my monologue.

  • i have chosen the characters i would like to audition for (though should prolly whittle a few out).

  • i have written my bio.

  • i just need to:
  • get a headshot together.

  • interpret my dialogue to get the best imagery possible from it. it's difficult when i can't find the script (or have time to read it). an out of context analysis could be a bad thing, then again, it may not.

  • figure out 32 bars of the two songs i have chosen. this shall be difficult when i have no working knowledge of music. i suspect that a verse and pre-chorus for Reflection and a verse and chorus of Forgotten shall be perfect.

  • i hate auditions.

    til next....
    ~Kits~ (dry mouthed and brain dead)
    OMG. has anyone actually ever LISTENED TO (let alone heard of) The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee: The Musical?
    it's scary. I've only heard a couple of tracks thus far, but WOAH! (as Joey from Blossom would say).
    Still undecided as to whether or not I like it... Will be back at a later date with more info on that... despite that, I'm kinda tempted to buy it, just to say I have.

    til next....
    ~Kits~ (pondering)


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