it's taken me a very long time to finish this thing, but it's done. a lot few people had asked me what my top ten songs were and i had a lot of trouble answering the question (mostly due to a myriad of distractions), so i sat down and i composed the following list. enjoy.

in light of the triple j hottest 100 "of all time" and the ensuing "controversy" surrounding it, i've been trying to put together my "top ten songs of all time". Now, I, like the many thousands of others, attempted to make the deadline for the countdown, but I was too hung up on trying to remember songs I thought were awesome. The consequence being a half completed list that took somewhere in the vacinity of a week to produce, and, thusly, no entry from me.

For anyone unaware: triple j, a radio station that broadcasts nationally here in australia, hosted a “listeners poll” for the “hottest 100 songs of all time”. Now, this initially began way back in the early days of the station's life and became the fore-runner to the annual “hottest 100 ” countdown; a countdown of the 100 favourite songs of the year. Every 10 years, the station will then open up the voting for a “hottest 100 of all time” poll for the listeners to choose up to 10 of their “favourite” (note this) songs “of all time”.

The controversy surrounding this years countdown was the fact that out of the 100 favourites, not a single female artist was selected. Yes, there were representations where some of the bands may have had a female member or they were a guest vocalist on a song, but as an artist, the women were very clearly under-represented. There has been much speculation about this, and even lead to triple j's “hack” program, which is a half hour daily current affairs segment, to look at it and hunt for answers (with little success). It is this speculation that draws me to blog about my “top ten favourite songs of all time”.

Now, i'm not going to put them in any specific order. Given that my taste in music and artists is so fluid, i'm always finding a new “off all time” list. The following list, however, has been given a great deal of thought, and is the most solid representation of what I consider to be my personal “best songs of all time”.

1.cryingroy orbison. As a child, I listened to the “oldies” station, hearing songs from all the 'greats' such as “the big o”. I remember enjoying the sound of his voice and that pretty woman would grace the airwaves a LOT because of the movie of the same name, but this song reminds me more of the sadness I felt when I first heard about his death from a heart attack at... 56? I think (wiki now tells me he was 52). I don't know what it was that I was sad about as I was only 8, but I recall that I was taken aback. “in dreams” was the song that I recall more distinctly listening to as a child, but crying is the song I find wonderful.
2.Tupelonick cave and the bad seeds. This song has special significance to my life. A friend lent me a best of collection of nick cave on a cassette (how old school!) during one of the darkest periods of my life, and this is the standout song. It quite literally saved my life. Don't ask me how or why, just know that this song is so completely awesome you have no idea.
3.Levonelton john. It's simplicity draws me. The story is so simple and yet there is so much that could be found in them. The song also has a strong emotional connection to my first ever elton john concert, where he actually performed it. I did not expect to hear it. I was so overwhelmed by the experience and so happy that I could see my favourite artist live (something I never thought would happen in my lifetime) that I actually cried and sang every word loud and proud and full of so much awesome there are no words.
4.Dear mamatupac shakur. Tupac is an amazing wordsmith. Possibly one of the greatest wordmiths of the 20th century. He was writing awesome shit long before eminem came onto the scene and made “rap” “popular”. This beautiful ode to his mother proves that he was more than the gangster rapper he was touted to be at the time.
5.I touch myself – divinyls. I've loved this song for as long as I can remember! It wasn't until is was in my early teens that I discovered what the song was really talking about! I can generally not get enough of this song. Most recently seen on the “austin powers: international man of mystery” soundtrack...
6.bang bangnancy sinatra. It's such a beautifully tragic song. Mosy notably heard in kill bill. But listen to the lyrics. And the composition is so simple, so ghostly, so...amazing.
7.I will survivegloria gaynor. This song is just so awesome there are almost no words to describe it! There is a clear timeless quality to it, it's empowering (not just for the girls), and I can see myself karaoking to it (still) in 20 years time and shaking my bootay to it in retro night clubs in the future.
8.Ordinary World - Duran Duran. I'm not particularly into duran duran, but this song has always struck a chord (forgive the pun). It was released around the time I began highschool. I'd moved interstate to live in a caravan in my grandparents front yard with my parents and brother, had said goodbye to everyone i'd grown up with and was struggling to find my place in a new school with new people. Essentially, this song kind of described how I was feeling at the time, and also marked a change in my listening habits.
9.Two little boysrolf harris. Yes, you read right, I said rolf harris. This song reminds me of the family road trips from victoria to queensland, singing along to the entire rolf collection (there was other music as well, but rolf is the stand out). There are some fond and not so fond memories associated with those road trips, and rolf harris is one of them. There is just the simple awesomeness of the song: a beautiful commentary about war and friendship. Makes me teary every time I hear it.
10. Namegoo goo dolls. I really can't explain what it is about this song that is so awesome. It could be john reznicks awesome lyrics and vocals, the detuned guitar, or the memories of my first job since graduating highschool and leaving home...whatever it is, this song actually sits significantly higher on the list than the spot it's just been given.

There you have it: my “top ten “of all time””. It has taken me the better part of ten days to compose this list. This is, by far, not my difinitive top ten, but it's pretty close.
Your thoughts on this list are greatly appreciated.

til next....

i've neglected the blogosphere for other adventures that don't require as much thought or energy (twitter) or that take me far away from the keyboard (family, work), however, i currently have an entire week to myself and i have NO IDEA what to do with it!


that was a lie, i know EXACTLY what i'm planning to do with it, and how much of that gets done really does rely on how much work needs me this week, and whether or not the studio computer plays fair. the studio pc has been playing silly buggers lately with cubase (it is almost 5 years old, so that may be a factor) and pots has had to reinstall it twice in about as many weeks. mind, there has also been the issue of the malfunctioning second external soundcard, which COULD, and this is a stretch here, COULD have been a rather major factor in the f.u.b.a.r-y-ness of the whole situation.

anyways! the plan this week is thus (and this is in no particular order, unless otherwise stated):

1. record guitar and vocal tracks
2. perform on the valley mall on saturday 18 july
3. have dinner with friends
4. record flute/recorder tracks
5. record vague attempts at lead guitar (so basic they may as well have been played by my 14 month old!)
6. sleep.
7. work.
8. this is usually the part where i would state a random drunken/sexual adventure i plan to have.
9. this is then the part where i would negate the aforementioned random drunken/sexual adventure i plan to have.
10. go for a ride on the back of my mates bike. i've never been on a racer before and he owns one and has promised me a ride for almost a year, but we've both been either too busy or drunk.

in amongst all of that shenanigans i have to slave for my weekly wage and re-train my body clock into being up late at night and not early morning - again. but it's nothing i haven't done before, so methinks it'll be fine.

til next....
in the latest saga to try and get more tunes down into something solid, i installed adobe audition onto the laptop. the main reason for choosing this program is simply because i can't get cubase to run, or soundforge, so i went with a simpler program. i'm not keen on the userability (mainly because it's version 1.5, which is about a trillion years old), but given time, i'm sure i could get used to it. this means that the quality of the recordings isn't going to be grand because there is only one audio input jack on the lappy, so i'll be focusing on creating demos of my tunes in the hopes that i can improve them with awesomeness in the future sometime.

the one thing that's annoying is the fact that my midi keyboard hasn't arrived yet. it should have arrived by now as it's only being shipped from melbourne, and i got an email last week announcing it's postal. i've emailed the company i bought it from to try and source its location and hopefully work something out: i do not want to lose more than $300 on something i've taken a great deal of care selecting and finally choosing. but it was free money...NOT the point! argh! should the item ever arrive, then i'll be able to make some fuller sounding recordings, and finally get started on my new musical project. i'm going to remain tight lipped on the project for now until i know that it's fully underway, but if it does get its feet off the ground in time, then i may a gig set up! again, it's all relying on this damned keyboard!

along with my music, i'm looking to improve my skills as an actor. to do this, i am attempting to build a collection of acting learnering books to read and, well, learn from. in particular i'm looking for cicely berry's "the voice and the actor" and "the actor and the text". also, any texts regarding linklater or lessac techniques would also be favoured. if anyone has anything they are willing to give up, i will offer monies for the exchange, or a coffee or even a beer for pointing me in the right direction wherein i am able to locate them with expediency. any other suggested readings are also welcomed with open arms and cranial space. i've reached an impasse and i want climb out of this gully before it gets too deep. as i am fiscally limited, attending workshops is so ridiculously out of the question it's a pain in the proverbial. i may even be looking for a mentor in the near future, if anyone has suggestions or offers :)

til next....
~kits~ (cooking up something new)
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( May. 14th, 2009 06:26 pm)
i'm not sure what i'm going to use dreamwidth for yet. i may eventually end up using it as my arts/music blog should that ever pass through the teething stages and become something more than just occasional random bursts of manic energy followed by cyclonic depressions and lengthy spells la nina style droughts, or is it el nino that causes the droughts? i'm waiting on some new shiny musical equipment so that i can start getting serious about recording again. i also have a new project in my brain that shall soon be given some room in which to grow, but in the mean time, i need to get some of the stuff that's holding me back out of the way.

i think as time progresses, i'll be able to work out what this blog shall end up being, and consequently, the cross posting to lj may decrease over time. for now, i'm happy to keep both at pace with each other and see how things pan out. it's up to you whether or not you wish to keep following me.

til next....
~kits~ (transitional phase finally getting into full swing)
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( Nov. 29th, 2008 09:04 pm)
i went busking today. it was fun. i didn't expect to earn much, if anything at all, so was pleasantly surprised when my one hour of solo jamming raked in some serious dollars. might have been luck, i don't know, but i'm tempted to do it again.

also bumped into old record label guy. chatted business and stuff. nothing seems acrimonious there.

anyways. the monkey is anxiously awaiting a story. so i'm offon a seussical adventure!

til next....
~kits~ (on beyond zebra!)
so i'm currently sitting on my verandah, virtually locked out of my own house because pots' band are in my loungeroom recording a demo and i've been delegated "child shut-uppererererrer".
this sucks for many reasons, least of which being that i was supposed to be at a hens afternoon for my lovely friend [ profile] haruko_fixation, but i was forcibly detained with little, acutally, NO choice in the matter. other reasons include the fact that i'm being bashed up and slobbered all over by the crawly slobbery one, and the monkey is bored shitless. it's also stinking hot, and ui have to wait until i'm certain that it's silent in the house before contemplating going to the toilet, which is quite 'inconveniently' placed at the back of the house, on the other side of the 'recording studio'. i also need a shower, which is difficult with a house full of blokes and a bathroom door that doesn't lock, or close properly for that matter.

because of this situation, i'm reminding and informing pots that i am out of the house this evening to at least pay my respects to the soon to married [ profile] haruko_fixation and her soon to be husband. plus, i haven't seen most of these people since i first found out i was pregnant with the bee, so not being there tonight would be horrnedous on many many counts! i totally miss these guys and wish i had more time to spend on socialising. especially with another of the group vanishing off to 'greener pastures'.

hmmm, there are almost the distinct sounds of packing up going on inside, so i think it's once again safe to enter my own house! oh gods do i need a beer. and a shower. a beer in the shower! ooooh yeah! then i shall raid the penny jar and try and scrum up enough coin for a scotch or some bubbly or something alcoholic for the stag and doe party i MUST NOT MISS!

til next....
~Kits~ (actually remembered to blog today!)
hey guys!

this place is turning into either "pimp central" or "emoville" at present. this post is not going to change that :P


(that's THIS wednesday)

10PM (headliner!!)


supported by
Ben Wharton
Miranda Camille

come along and hear some great tunes.


yes, it is a school night.
no, i don't care :P

if you can't make it, then convince others they can.
the more people there, the more likely i am to get enough money to cover the cost of my pint.
(it's bar percentage takings split 3 ways)

spread the love (please)

til next....
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( Sep. 10th, 2008 03:10 pm)
wangst posts aside:

kitsunegari ep launch (pre-launch)
friday september 12
QUT guild bar
gardens point campus

this is also the qut gardens point live originals session gala opening.
so, if this venue kicks off and brisbane can handle original music; i shall be the first ever 'official' performer at this venue! 
let's kick on with how awesome this is!

come along if you can, don't worry, there'll plenty of other opportunities for you in the future, they'll just be less likely to be HISTORY MAKING!!!

there is a limited quantity of cds available for the night. VERY limited.
there will be a 'mailing list' of sorts made up for anyone else who wishes a copy.

i'll even give you an eFlyer i created...
(i don't know why it's so small...)

til next....
~Kits~ (come along if you can)

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( Jul. 17th, 2008 09:38 pm)
got creative the other day (yesterday i think, can't remember because of all the french attempting to escape from my head). lyrics can be found at [ profile] git_phuqd.

please note that this is only a demo :)

also: if you listen close enough, you can hear the hefty one 'singing along' in the background.

a movie like thing of me singing my new song to a video camera in my kitchen )

til next....
~Kits~ (should get back to her books...)
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( Jul. 15th, 2008 05:37 pm)
not only can you hear KITSUNEGARI on downunda thunda radio but you can also catch her on community brisbane radio station 4zzz FM

wanna hear more of her tunes over the airwaves? then why not REQUEST tunes from KITSUNEGARI's EP bootpolish&babies to be played on 4zzz FM.

PHONE THEM: (07) 3252 1555

FAX THEM: (07) 3252 1950




let's figuratively spam them and get KITSUNEGARI heard!

til next....
~Kits~ (shameless just isn't a strong enough term)
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( Jun. 21st, 2008 10:44 am)
for anyone not attending the matinee of Edward Scissorhands (which is AMAZING! [ droolgasm ]), have no plans, or just happen to be wandering past at the time:

(off Valley Mall)



this event is FREE
til next....
~Kits~ (awaiting her drummer to arrive with his kit)
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( Jun. 13th, 2008 08:55 pm)
Fete de la Musique, a festival of music for music lovers and performers. Held in France for decades, and in countries the world over, makes it's debut in Brisbane on June 21, 2008.

The BCC website has information about the festival and you can find the official Fete de la Musiqe website here, but it's in French.

I'm stoked to be offered a performance slot for this inaugural event!

So, on June 21 at 2:20pm I hit the Licorice Lane Stage in the Valley Mall for a 20 minute set. Consider it a warm up set for my big come back gig in early July (details of that available soon i hope). I'll even have a few copies of my EP for sale for those who don't have one but want one.

But Fete de la Musique isn't just about me (surprisingly! :p), it's about the music. So, don't just come see me (but don't forget to!), wander around the city and the valley and sample all the music styles that are on offer.

Let's all celebrate the music!

til next....
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( Apr. 23rd, 2008 01:28 pm)

LVL2 building 21 UQ ST LUCIA





til next....
~Kits~ (amusing herself)
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( Apr. 18th, 2008 01:11 pm)
kitsunegari at the red room




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( Feb. 18th, 2008 05:47 pm)
in a fit of domestic cooking excitment, i went out and bought myself a hand mixer, a latex baking dish, some missing ingredients and have just pulled out of the oven what i hope to be a tasty tasty chocolate cake. i was bored, and hungry, and well, that combination never bodes well for the kitchen :)

i've also been adding a few new songs to myspace. a few of the songs that are to appear on my up and coming EP bootpolish&babies can now be found (in their unmastered glory) over here. take a wee trip over and sample the goods of the as yet to be completed recording, i hope you won't be disappointed :)

now i must go back to the kitchen and cook real food. for some reason chocolate cake is not considered a legitimate dinner time meal. go figure!

til next....
~Kits~ (domestic wench and singy person)
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( Feb. 13th, 2008 11:57 am)
i have a pair of brand new shinys. i'm using the the first, and have been listening to the second.
i've come to the conclusion that sony vaio is AWESOME, and acer is some kind of mutated and malformed devil spawn that has yet to figure out how to spit, or drool for that matter. the new laptop shits all over the old one, even in appearance! [ makes love to new laptop ]

my other new shiny is the unmastered mixdown of my EP. it's oh so very shiny. even if it is unmastered. i think it could make me famous! or at least sucessfully help me to pay back the studio for helping me record it. oh, on that note, for those who don't know: as of February 7, 2008 at approximately 4:30pm, i was signed to independent record label Lempicka Records. that's right folks, i'm a signed recording artist! it's kind of exciting, and i know for a fact that i wouldn't have the freedom i've got with these guys had it been some larger label. but i'm happy that we came to an agreement that suits both parties, and helps me retain the intellectual property rights of all the recordings! there's no way sony, or emi or warner would let me do that as a nobody...or a somebody at that rate. but yay! [ makes love to new EP and strokes record label affectionately ]

for any and all folks interested in their copy of the EP when it's released, let me know, either by leaving a comment here or emailing me, or attacking me in the street by sticking your tongue in my ear (preferably NOT the latter, unless we've got some kind of agreement related to the exchange of bodily fluids :P), with your email details (i'll screen comments) and i'll create a little mailing list of sorts to keep you updated on a release date and what not. there's rumour of an EP launch at some stage, but i'm not entirely sure. i shall keep you posted.

i should be thinking about doing something productive, or sleeping, but i'm too tired to do that, so i'll just sit here in my easy chair (which may not actually be an easy chair) and vegetate until i get an idea what i'm going to do next. or at least until the monkey or pots pokes me with a stick or a spit covered fist.

til next....
~Kits~ (rock and roll star minus the rock and the roll)
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( Feb. 10th, 2008 11:44 am)
a great many thank yous to everyone who came to the gig last night!
it was awesome to see you all walking in the door as i started my set.

you guys rock!

til next....
~Kits~ (chuffed)
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( Feb. 8th, 2008 08:59 pm)
Lempicka Records Showcase Event 2008

THE GLOBE THEATRE (brunswick st valley - next to valley train station)

doors open 8pm.

cost: $10 at the door
tix also available at,, skinny's and rocking horse

be prepared for an eclectic mix of sounds from both local and interstate acts.

first act (that's me!) hits the stage at 8:05, so be sure to get there when the doors open or you'll miss out on one of Brisbane's finest emerging singer/songwriters.

bring friends and be prepared to PARTAY!

til next....
~Kits~ (gettn pimpy wit' it)

that's right folks! for all you brisbanites (brisvegans? brisneylanders?), the inimitible KITSUNEGARI (that's me!) will be kicking up her heels on the stage at THE GLOBE in fortitude valley as part of the LEMPICKA RECORDS SHOWCASE EVENT.

she shall be sharing the stage with the likes of LAURIE AGAR, LINXSTER, DAVID BOURKE, MATTHEW HOFFMAN, LILLY'S ETHER and SUGAR TOWN, so mark the date down on your calendars and in your diaries, stick post-it notes all over your kitchen appliances, tattoo it to your arm! whatever you do, don't miss this, the beginning of something new and exciting in the world of KITSUNEGARI.

tickets are on sale now!


if you only ever have one night out this year, make this the night!

til next....

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( Nov. 14th, 2007 10:24 am)
i have decided (this may change when something better comes along), to name my first ep (when and if i ever get it finished)

"Boot polish and Babies"

so, stay tuned to this channel (or at least check back at infrequent moments) for further news on the release date of this breakthrough record!

til next....
~Kits~ (in the midst of a band and record naming frenzy)


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