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( Mar. 29th, 2007 01:35 pm)
I'm wondering if this is going2work.i'm2lazy&my jaw is giving me2much pain4me2bother gettn out of bed,so i'm trying this on my fone.this shld explain the worse than usual ~Kits~ (y won't the drugs work?)
just so people know: I still hate cunterlink.

other news: seafood fest on sunday was great! it rained during RUSSELL CROWEs' set. his band is a whole lot of ordinary, with very little fear (of god). will he ever get over the TOFOG thing?

something new: i have a shiny new mobile fone courtesy of my provider. it's black and so light it practically floats! i love VODAFONE.

something 'different':i went to the chemist and got some nasal spray to try and help with my sinuses, only to develop a sinus infection before getting a chance to use it. i now feel ten shades of crap and twelve shades of 'bleh'. and the lethargy and shakes are a new part of this scenario. i hate my head.

where's the gravy boat?: i expressed interest in casual employment with UQ library today. with any luck they'll call and offer me a job in the next six months and hire me because i'm a: not a student, b: definitely not feral (see a:) and c: brilliant!

eggplant: connect the dots with a small tool in the employ of a midget.

til next....
~Kits~ (welcome to the non ratings period)

i have just successfully made contact with the company and cancelled the deal!

i like that he tried to make me stay by telling me that it's a 'good deal', but i took control of the conversation quite rapidly and stated my reasons.

poor guy sounded mighty disappointed when i told him, i almost felt sorry for him, then i realised i didn't.

til next....
~Kits~ (teh winnaaaah!)
talk about 'convenient'

i've just spent the last half hour trying to get through to the company wot appears to have fucked me around, only to discover that the number i have been given is "Experiencing heavy call volume and is unable to take (my) call. Please leave (my) name and number and (they'll) contact (me) shortly." and when i wait for the tone to leave my details i'm told by a harsh female american voice "The intended recipients mailbox is full. Goodbye."

i'm going to try again after 9am to see if there's any change.
if i still can't get through...then i'm not sure how to proceed.

til next....


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