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( Feb. 13th, 2009 01:30 am)
UPDATE!: turns out ebay has sent this person barking up the wrong tree. a return message clearly showed this to not only NOT be a scam, but also a case of "ebay appears to have fucked up". for some reason, ebay's research doesn't go into the detail of actually reading a registered user's information, because if they did, they would have quickly identified that i was not the person being searched for in this instance. big clue: i'm not a male! nor have i ever registered banking details with a male name. i wished this user all the best in their search, apologised for my tone and asked that they understand why it was needed.

what an exciting way to start friday the thirteenth! i kinda sense it to be a good day now!

post rehearsal insomnia brought on by a gurana beverage and a cup of tea, i check my email. sitting in my inbox is a message from ebay from a user who bought a book off me 12 months ago claiming to have mistakenly deposited a pile of dollars into my account. i read with dubiousness and do some research. piles of stated information are connected and yes, they do appear to be who they say they are, but there is no evidence of the so called "mistaken deposit". so i messaged them back. below are the transcripts, edited only to remove sensitive informations.

am i being scammed? i haven't emailed ebay about it yet, because i can't be certain this is a scam or not. opinions...

could this be a scam? )

til next....
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( May. 14th, 2008 12:02 pm)
i should check my ebay account more often. i've just discovered i've received my first non positive (neutral) feedback for an item i bought about 3 months ago. fair enough, i gave them neutral feedback, but i felt it fair, considering i had made several attempts to contat them for information regarding postage costs to BRISBANE and what not, only to have to wait forever for any kind of response from them. the icing on the cake was when i woke up to a call from the courier one saturday morning wanting to clarify my address, only to discover that he was in SYDNEY! the courier was hilarious when he re-read the delivery notes and found that my address info clearly stated that i was in fact in BRISBANE and not SYDNEY, and he assured me that i'd be contacted regarding correct delivery.

the item arrived the following tuesday morning, with no contact from anyone.

i was annoyed, but greatful that my expensive item had been delivered. after a great deal of consideration and waiting (i mean, my end of the bargain had been dealt with weeks ago, why couldn't they just leave feedback already!), i left my neutral feedback "item as described. did not communicate after attempted delivery to wrong address". i felt that was a pretty fair statement to make.

i log into my ebay account the earlier to find that they've finally left feedback: "tried to blame us for courier error. unreasonable"
i stare at it for a bit, stunned. then i troll through my feedback and discover this in response to my feedback to them: "It would help if customer gave correct address" - this statement is not true as my address information is correct, and email correspondance clearly states the city i require shipment to.

explain to me how it's a "courier error" if i allegedly supplied the "wrong address"? and if i supplied the wrong address, then, explain to me how the item was delivered without further contact to 'correct' alleged 'incorrect' information?

i really wish i could dispute this and overturn this feedback, simply because i don't believe the 'ethics' of sellers waiting until the buyer has left feedback before returning the favour (i have always left immediate feedback - aside from one occassion, but there was distraction involved). it seems to me that this sellers blatant incompetence and inability to read is their own fault, and they shouldn't be attempting to pass it onto me. i did nothing wrong. i opened communication with the seller when the incorrect invoice was sent, i paid in a timely manner when the correct invoice was <i>eventually</> emailed to me. i responded to all correspondence with the seller in an immediate fashion. i treated the seller with respect, but was never once treated the same in return.

ugh, i'm merely venting, i don't expect advice or responses. i'm just really upset that my perfect ebay rating has been tainted by this one fucktard in sydney who couldn't read.

til next....
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( May. 4th, 2006 06:18 pm)
things that shit me: eBay customers who refuse to give feedback or email you they've recevied the package.

til next....


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