i'm not sure how many of you know, but the brisbane city council (bcc) has separated the water bill from the rates bill. when i first read this was going to happen, i rolled my eyes and cringed: it meant more money was going to be raped from us.

i was right.

our recent rates "notice" (read: bill) came in, with the newly separated water usage "notice". somehow, splitting the rates and water usage bills into two separte entities managed to reduce our quarterly rates bill by only $80, i don't understand how that is possible given the following:

our water usage bill is $181.

how is it the water usage bill is more than $100 greater than the reduction on our quarterly rates bill?

i'll break it down for you:

our water usage for that time came to a little bit over the staggering price of $13. that's right, for an entire quarter, we only used about $13 worth of water. the council then threw a ~$25 "tarif charge": that's about 200% (a little under, but whatever) of the usage fee. we then get thwacked by access charges to the town supply and the sewerage: ~$38 and a whopping $104 resepectively. so, out of the total bill charge, ~$168 of it was council/state governmentl charges and taxes.

and yet, they only managed to reduce our rates by a mere $80... which means they're making an extra $88 (or there abouts) each quarter from us care of our "new bill". and let's not neglect the fact that our rates will increase again soon due to "property value increases" and other such wankery.

so, even if we were to reduce our water usage (which we have - again), we're still getting robbed by all these "surcharges" the state government feels the need to thrust upon us.

anyone who says the council/state government are not theives, don't own a house.
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