as a child, my mother introduced me something i would later grow up to geek on about with fangirly glee: star trek. i was weaned on gene roddenberry's original dream and i swear that james kirk is my real dad (or so i probably wished). as a teenager, living with my mother and grandmother, i ditched church on a sunday morning once i turned 16 for two reasons: the first being that i was 16 and was legally permitted to make my own decisions and the second being that star trek was on the tv. i even dated a star trek geek who had the ENTIRE series of star trek: the next generation on vhs in his bedroom!

i've seen all the star trek movies ever made, but only the last few in the cinema. i was vastly disappointed with all the TNG films (with the exception of first contact), even nemesis and it made me cry! so when i first heard about star trek i was of course, scared. i know that it's just a television show, but i knew all about these characters, and here was someone coming along and attempting to retell it for me: of course i was apprehensive. anyway....

i found the back story lame, rushed and not well thought out. i felt it was attempting to re-write the canon. i am almost certain that it HAS re-written the canon, simply because everything that has happened in the past (previous films etc) is now no longer valid within this new timeline. they have created (in my opinion) and 'alternative reality star trek'.

i did not like the way they made out that kirk was just some bright spark gung ho hick who joined starfleet on a dare from captain pike. i i'm not so certain about the love story angle they took with spock and uhura. kirk and mcoy just 'happened to join starfleet at the same time'? ...rrrriiiiiight. and (i may be hazy on this) when was scotty relegated to some isolated planet? and i don't recall him being the inventor of warp transport capabilities. i also believe that spock had too many emotions, even for a youngster (in vulcan terms) he would still have been able to control them with the same capacity as he did in the tv series.

that said, i really enjoyed the film. the storyline was a little weak, but it was entertaining. eric bana was crap, in fact, the whole romulan contingent of the film was crap, but it was entertaining. it was lacking some of the cheesy qualities that made kirk trek what it was, but it was entertaining. and most of all: i missed the slash, but i guess they can put that in for the 'prequel sequels' (what do you call a sequel to a prequel?).

what i enjoyed about the film: zachary quinto. aside from the obvious emotion, he was spock. i was never a huge fan of spock, but i have changed my mind thanks to this film. young spock is just amazing. young kirk is lacking the charisma that got kirk to where he was.

my favourite part of the film (the bit that sparked the biggest emotional response): leonard nimoy's mission statement; the original theme. this was the start trek i grew up with, and here's the proof.

i plan to see it again.

til next....
~kits~ (could go on and on and on and on and...)


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