i'm making gingerbread cookies!
nothing exciting, there are no men or women shaped dough blobs in my oven, just palm pressed dough splats. but they're made of gingerbread cookie dough that i made ALL BY MYSELF!

yesterday i made a rather successful (mostly) vegan banana loaf (mostly because i used moo juice instead of soy). i've never made banana loaf before. i'm not able to eat bananas because of the allergic reaction in get in my mouth and throat (which is sad as i do so love a good 'narna'), so i may have found a nice method of banana consumption. might try fritters later, there's about three over ripe bananas left in the pantry that really need to be eaten before the fruit flies get them or they just become mushy piles of potassium enriched goop.

i wonder what i can make tomorrow...


til next....
~Kits~ (mayhaps it'll be orange flavoured pancakes or something)

From: [identity profile] james72.livejournal.com

I may be a little sleepy but I read "there are no men or women shaped dough blobs in my oven" as blow jobs.



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